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Author: Bryce Harris

Are you a good match for a sagittarius?

When you’re looking for the right sign to go with your personality it’s important to know just what to expect. Choosing someone who has the same nature as you are is important, especially if you are looking toward connecting with a Sagittarius. How do you know if you are a good match for a Sagittarius? One of the first things you need to ask yourself is whether you are a stay at home kind of person or like adventure. The Sagittarius is an active, adventurous sort who doesn’t like to be confined to one space. That doesn’t mean you will never have a solid relationship with a Sagittarius, but you will need to be able to compromise and cater to their adventurous nature.

Do you like to travel? Do you enjoy sports? Do you like to engage activities such as hiking, swimming, horseback riding and other similar activities? If so then you will probably get along well with a Sagittarius. On the other hand if your idea of fun is to come home from work and crash in front of the television, curl up with a good book or take in a movie you probably are too laid back for a Sagittarius. Does that mean you have no chance of building a relationship with this sign? You could be very happy with a Sagittarius as long as you are willing to allow him or her the freedom to explore their adventurous nature. On the other hand you would be happier if you would take the time to engage in some of the activities the Sagittarius enjoys.

If you’re looking for someone who is faithful and loyal you will certainly have no problem with those attributes in a Sagittarius. In fact they are sometimes so loyal it can be considered overwhelming to some people. They make wonderful spouses for those who are able to find someone willing to put up with their adventurous nature and though they make nurturing parents they are also rather indulgent so they require someone else to make sure they don’t overdo it. Their loyalty can also make them seem cold as they tend to overdo it in their careers. They often let their loyal to their careers go beyond what is necessary to the point their families often feel left out.

Sagittarians are also very modest, moral and often religious. They are also very ambitious and optimistic even when things don’t seem to go the way they had expected. By their very nature they need someone who is willing to make all the compromises because they are very set in their ways and will not bend to suit other people. Their quick tempers can make them very difficult to handle for those who are expecting someone who is mild mannered and even tempered. If you are looking for someone who will offer a challenge in both the relationship area and in life itself you will certainly find that with a Sagittarius.

Living With A Sagittarius

It can be difficult to live with a Sagittarius though they can be very loyal and devoted spouses or friends. The key is learning how to deal with their sudden outbursts of anger and frustration or their tendency to put their careers before family and friends. It’s one of the traits that often make them very difficult to live with, especially for those who are opposite in nature. The Sagittarius is also very adventurous and finds it difficult to stay put, so he or she has the need to do something that is active. You don’t want to confine a Sagittarian—this sign has the need to be free in order to be happy.

Do the traits of a Sagittarius mean they are destined to live alone and not be married? No, not at all—in fact, they will be faithful and loyal partners to the person who is fortunate enough to find the right combination of strength and endurance to tame this active breed. Remember, you will need to be able to find things to keep a Sagittarius interested—they do not like the feeling of being confined or tied down even in a relationship. Their need to have some freedom can sometimes be seen as restlessness and in a way perhaps it is just that. However, those who are willing to overlook the restlessness of this astrological sign can go a long way toward finding a good relationship within marriage and family life.

The Sagittarius does have a tendency to be prone to anger and can fly on the handle over little things. This can sometimes cause problems for those who have the same nature, but if you are willing to work through it having a Sagittarius as a partner or friend can be a rewarding and fulfilling experience. Those who are also adventurous are the best choices for the Sagittarius though you can certainly find ways around the problem as long as you are willing to share in some of the adventure or allow your mate the freedom to exercise his adventurous nature.

When it comes to loyalty you will not find anyone better than a Sagittarius. However, they are also very indulgent parents, so there may be a need for the other parent to learn to lay down some ground rules for the children. Their homes and families may suffer because of their need to be adventurous and in some cases perhaps they show a tendency to be married to their careers rather than their spouses. Even the Sagittarius wife who does not have a job outside the home can find it hard to express affection thus making it appear she is frigid.

The key to living happily with a Sagittarius is learning to accept them for what they are and being willing to compromise with them so they do not feel confined. If the Sagittarius feels constrained in the relationship he or she is likely to become frustrated and maybe even begin look for other ways to express the adventurous nature that is native to this sign.

Fun and Adventure with the sagittarius

If you have an adventurous nature you will get along well with the Sagittarius. While they are by nature restless, they can be tamed as long as you do not attempt to remove their adventurous nature. They have the need to feel free and participate in activities that can often be construed as dangerous. Do not try to confine a Sagittarius to the home front or you will find him to be a very unhappy soul and more apt to look for adventure on his own. Although we use the male gender loosely here, this is just as common with the Sagittarius female.

It’s essential for both male and female Sagittarians to have the freedom to be adventurous, and the perfect mate for a Sagittarius is another Sagittarius though they can learn to live with another sign as long as there are compromises. Do not expect your Sagittarius mate to be willing to make the compromises; it will be your job as the other party in the relationship to do whatever things are necessary to make your relationship work. You will need to be able to engage in things in which your mate enjoys if you expect to spend any time together; the Sagittarius will not be happy sitting at home in front of the television.

If you enjoy sports either to watch or play you have a perfect partner in a Sagittarius. They can be quite athletic and would be happy with a partner who is willing to share in those interests. Their adventurous nature would provide perfect company for the partner who is into things such as camping, hiking, swimming and anything that allows nature to play a part. A day at the beach is probably not a good cup of tea for the Sagittarius but a day of surfing or swimming will certainly do the trick.

If you are looking for a loyal partner, however, the Sagittarius is certainly very loyal and faithful. You cannot tie him or her down, however; they must be able to explore their adventurous side and engage in activities they enjoy. They may appear to be married to their careers because they take their jobs seriously and are very detail-oriented. They are great conversationalists and love to begin topics of discussion on areas that interest them. Sagittarians make great scientists and astronomers because of their nature—they enjoy nothing more than getting “down and dirty” and “into the heart” of things.

On the down side Sagittarians are very outspoken and have a tendency to say just what they think. While this can be good in some instances because it shows their honesty and integrity, it can also create problems in some places. Since they also have a tendency to become angry at the smallest thing, the combination of the two of these can create chaos if they are exercised at the same moment. Keeping a Sagittarius away from situations that may cause an angry outburst is an important part of learning to live happily with a Sagittarius.

Make Your Sagittarius Relationship Work

How to Make a Relationship Work with a Sagittarius

For the most part Sagittarians do not like to be died down domestically but that doesn’t mean you will never find one you can marry or even with whom you can form a permanent relationship. The key is to not make them feel tied down and allow them the freedom to pursue those things they enjoy. If you happen to enjoy the same things you will find yourself spending more time as a couple. Sagittarians are adventurous and will not be content to stay home and sit in front of the television nor are they likely to enjoy something as simple as just going shopping. You have to allow them the freedom to do those things they enjoy doing—hunting, fishing, hiking and sports are several areas in which they excel.

Because of their adventurous nature you have to either participate with them or allow them the freedom to go alone without you. This takes a great deal of skill and even self-control because failing to give in to their adventurous nature can mean the end of your relationship. Learn to be compromising or develop a love for the things the Sagittarius enjoys and you will find your relationship blossoming. They are very loyal and faithful to those they love, so you do not need to be concerned that allowing them freedom will create the need for additional male/female interaction. The choices you make will determine the longevity with a male or female Sagittarian.

Should you learn to participate in the activities your partner enjoys just to keep peace in the family? It would be in your best interest to learn to enjoy some of the activities your Sagittarian does if you expect to spend any time together. For instance, you are more likely to vacation in places where there are a great deal of activities rather than renting a condo at the beach and hanging out at the pool for the duration. That doesn’t mean a Sagittarian doesn’t enjoy swimming as an activity, but he or she will not be content to lie on the side of the pool and sunbathe. They may also enjoy sports such as horseback riding, skiing, bicycling and other strenuous activities.

If you have a successful marriage with a Sagittarian he or she will be committed and devoted but may also tend to drive hard into his career. Even women who lack a career can become overzealous to the point of lacking ability to be affectionate and perhaps earn the title of frigid. It can be very difficult for anyone to live with another Sagittarius, and almost impossible for two Sagittarians to form a successful relationship. It’s important to understand the importance of understanding your Sagittarian partner in order to make the relationship work. They are highly prone to anger and you have to learn to expect and accept this phase of their personality. Work with them rather than against them while at the same time accepting the deep love they have to give to the right person.

Relationship with a Sagittarius Work if Your Signs Are Incompatible

Can You Make Your Relationship with a Sagittarius Work if Your Signs Are Incompatible

Incompatibility of horoscope signs is one of those areas in which there are many differing opinions. While some people doubt the validity of signs when it comes to personalities, there are some traits that tend to work in favor of the sign under which you were born. If you read the information about Sagittarius and then compare it to people you know, it is highly likely they will exhibit at least some of those personality traits. Whether you accept the validity of the information, there is little doubt that it often turns out to be correct. You need to weigh the odds and decide if you are willing to face that struggles that you may face in this type of relationship.

Sagittarians tend to be very adventurous and hard working even to the point of neglecting their families. In order to make a relationship work with a Sagittarian you have to be willing to overlook these defects in their nature and pick up the slack. Even if your sign is not compatible with Sagittarius, you can make it work if you make the choice to fill in the voids and accept them for what they are. You cannot make demands that will interfere with their ideals such as telling them to slow down or spend time at home relaxing. You have to meet them on their level—you have to be the one willing to make compromises rather than expecting your Sagittarius partner to do it.

One area in which they are adamant is loyalty and faithfulness. You will not have to worry about what they might be doing when they are away from you, but at the same time unless you are willing to become a part of their active and adventurous lifestyle you can expect to spend a lot of time on your own. While this doesn’t mean you need to become a part of everything they do, the more you can learn to enjoy with them, the more time you will spend as a couple instead of being home alone. If you are the kind of person who is content to stay home glued to the television or reading a book you will not be content with a Sagittarius.

It takes a great deal of willpower to learn build a relationship with someone who is not compatible with your astrological sign. While it is possible to make that kind of relationship work it takes a great deal of willpower and determination from both partners with the other person being the one to make sacrifices. Can you make it work with two Sagittarians? That can be very difficult if not impossible, but again, it depends on how much the couple wants to stay together and how strong their feelings are. However, you must be prepared for a lifetime of struggles and compromises, not something that is easy for two people who are prone to anger and driven to career goals to accomplish.

Personality Traits of a Sagittarius

How Common Personality Traits of a Sagittarius Can Affect a Potential Relationship

For those who believe in weighing the astrological signs before entering into a relationship, you might consider some of the highly strung and strong personality traits that affect the Sagittarius. While some of the traits are admirable, it’s important to weigh them as a whole in order to know whether you are a good match. One thing to remember is not to attempt to combine conflicting personalities or your relationship will end before it begins. You want to make the right choice relying not only on the stars for your answers but also the distinct personality of the person in whom you are interested.

Sagittarians are loyal and committed friends and lovers. They love strongly and deeply and are completely faithful to their loved ones. In addition they will also be very good husbands/wives and parents if they marry. The key is in the “if” because many Sagittarians do not marry because of their active nature. They are unable to remain in one place for very long which doesn’t make for a good potential marriage partner. That doesn’t mean that all Sagittarians exhibit this trait, so you will need to look at each individual in order to ascertain whether a potential partner has the same ideals you do.

Sagittarians are also very active and adventurous. They will not be happy in a relationship with someone who is content to be sedentary or whose idea of a great date is dinner and the movies. While there is no reason to think this would not be enjoyable on certain occasions, do not think it is something you can do all the time. Dancing, hiking, swimming, horseback riding and sports activities are more in line with the lifestyle of a Sagittarian. He is content to have many projects going on at the same time but you want to make sure he doesn’t leave one to begin another just because there is something delaying the completion.

This sign is also very career-oriented even to the point of losing the love or family in the process. This may cause them potential health issues as they struggle to work harder in order to achieve the success they desire. Even if it involves a woman who does not have a career she may tend to be unable to provide affection and may be seen as frigid, a trait that doesn’t combine well with a happy relationship or marriage. They also tend to be very religious though they do not believe in God as much as they believe in his teachings. These of course go together on one hand and are separate on another—belief in God depends on beliefs in His teachings.

The traits of a Sagittarius are very strong and most are not open to compromise. That leaves friends, family and potential partners having to make concessions for the things they cannot change. You can expect to make compromises yourself rather than expecting a Sagittarius to do so.

How to Ensure a Fulfilling Relationship

Sex and the Sagittarius Male: How to Ensure a Fulfilling Relationship

One has to be very careful of the Sagittarius male because of his sense of adventure which also can cross over into his love life. He doesn’t looking crying or brooding women as with a Scorpio or Capricorn. He may also begun bored with a relationship very quickly and be ready to move on to his next sexual encounter. In order to keep this man at your side you need to be able to fulfill his needs completely while providing him with a sense of adventure at the same time. A foreign woman would fulfill his need for both adventure and travel.

While this is a far cry from the part of him that is faithful and loyal, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t exhibit those traits as well. Remember a Sagittarius man will not always be interested in marriage and thus he may look toward a variety of partners in the sex department. He enjoys nothing better than having a variety of women on his arm as he heads to the local pub for a beer or two. His choices in this area are also part of his adventurous nature and his tendency to become bored very easily. If you keep it exciting for him you will be able to retain his interest longer and may even permanently.

The Sagittarius male is not looking just for sex but is looking to fulfill his need for adventure. This may mean he is not a likely candidate for the traditional sexual role and may look for a little bit of spice in order to keep things exciting. The spice may consist of different women or different ways of fulfilling sexual needs—these are things you will need to find out from an individual partner. The key is remembering the Sagittarius male will help you make the transition smoothly and with a bit of laughter along the way. Nothing relieves the tension of a first time sexual encounter quicker than humor, and you can depend on the Sagittarius man to provide more than you can handle no matter what you are doing.

The sense of humor of the Sagittarius male will add excitement to any relationship and he will keep you laughing. Humor is good not only for a regular relationship but can also be the spice of life in the bedroom as well. The sense of relaxation it provides can help break the ice for a new relationship and thus relieve the nervous tension that comes from wondering if you will be able to fulfill each other. Sex is always difficult when you have a new partner, one of the reasons many people will stay in a bad relationshi0p. They are in a comfort zone and do not want to go through the steps involved with “breaking in” someone new. The sense of humor and jokes that are the nature of the Sagittarius male will help you cross this hurdle easier.

Living with a Sagittarius

Living with a Sagittarius: How to Ensure Peace and Tranquility

Living with a Sagittarius is probably one of the most difficult things you will have to face. With their strong personality and hard driven career goals, you can expect to assume the majority of the work involved in raising the family. A Sagittarius often puts his career above his family in his or her struggle to succeed, and if you attempt to interfere with these goals and efforts you will lose the sense of peace and tranquility that exists in your home. There are many sacrifices you will expect to make in order to assure the longevity of the relationship or marriage, and you must be willing to make those sacrifices.

The adventurous nature of a Sagittarian will prevent him or her from being content to sit home and relax. He always needs something to do and will likely become involved in a great many sports activities. Your vacation time will be spent in spots where there are many activities: swimming, hiking, skiing, golf, horseback riding and the like. You will not interest a Sagittarian in sitting along the beach and soaking up the sun though swimming, surfing or waterskiing may be quite appealing.

What if you are not an active person by nature? Your relationship will go downhill quickly unless you learn to participate in some activities with your active partner. You cannot always spend time doing only those things that appeal to you without putting a strain on the relationship. There is a great deal of compromise involved in holding any relationship together, and this is especially true when you have two personalities so different. It can become any more difficult if there are incompatible signs involved—that leaves more obstacles a couple must overcome in order to make the relationship work.

Since the Sagittarius has such a strong and well-defined personality, you must be willing to accept him or her at face value. When you are dating do not expect things will change if you marry—this is untrue in any situation even with signs that are fully compatible. Be willing to assume the responsibility in any areas in which the Sagittarius fails or neglects to do his or her part. Remember although there will be deep love and commitment to spouse and children there is also the Type A personality that will also “marry” the career and spend time away from spouse and children to do so.

Maintaining peace and tranquility living with a Sagittarius means being willing to overlook the things he or she neglects and being content with the time you do spend together. Do not attempt to change your Sagittarian and allow him or her to pursue those activities that make him happy while participating in as many as you possibly can as a compromise. If you compromise instead of trying to force your partner to do so you will find life will run much smoother and both of you will be happier and more at ease with each other.

Psychic Ability

A psychic is a person that has an uncanny ability to perceive information that is influenced by the paranormal and supernatural. A psychic gathers information that is not common by normal senses. Psychics have an extraordinary sense of extrasensory perception. Extrasensory perception sometimes referred as ESP is a “sixth sense” that many psychics proclaim they possess. The word “psychic” derives from the Greek word “psychikos”, which means mental or of the mind. The history of psychics date back as far as the ancient times. When people are asked what a psychic is, they usually reply “a fortune teller”. Astrology was the first incarnation of fortune telling. Early psychics proclaimed that the celestial bodies in the universe could predict the future. Many of these psychics did not use Astrology to predict the future. These psychics were later called “prophets” and “seers”. As time went on, the word “psychic” and “clairvoyant” became common place. The word “seer” means to predict the future. Seers in ancient times were priests, advisors and judges. Many stories of seers and prophets appeared in the bible. A clairvoyant is a person that has the ability to retrieve information about a person, object or a location without using normal human senses. Parapsychology is used to investigate the existence of psychic abilities.

One of the most famous psychics of all time is Nostradamus from France. He is notorious for writing over 6,338 prophecies (quatrains) called “Les Propheties” in 1555. This book has become the best known book of prophecies in history. Many people believe Nostradamus predicted several world events that he had little knowledge about. Nostradamus’ prophecies are seen as inaccurate and any prediction that was made can be about any event. Psychics and psychic abilities are commonly used in Science Fiction books, films and other forms of entertainment. Psychics are often criticized for manipulating naive people to gain a profit. Many psychics have their own television shows and radio shows exploiting their abilities. Famous psychics such as Miss Cleo, Sylvia Browne and John Edward. If you are interested in a psychic reading from Bryce Harris. Click Here for your Psychic Reading today.

Many ancient historians had a belief that psychic abilities were available to everyone. Dreams were believed to be a form of psychic abilities. Critics of psychic powers perceive psychics to be very self-delusional and use trickery to gain confidence from the those who believed in psychics. Magicians sometimes use psychic techniques. Magic is a form of the paranormal. Magicians are not seen as psychics in the general public or in the scientific community. Many studies have been conducted and the results are inconsistent. Researchers do agree that there is no scientific justification or evidence that psychic powers exist. Many of these powers are said to be coincidences. Skeptics proclaim that psychic powers are not coincidences but mere manipulation to make money off of what powers they claim to have. Only a small percentage of the population believe in psychics. The world of psychics is a world of wonder and only a chosen few have these abilities. The mind is unique. Our psyches are complex.

Keeping your Sagittarius Man

Do you know why most men – not just Sagittarius men but this really applies to them – stray? Because they are bored. They get tired of the monotony of doing the same thing day in and day out. Eating the same food, hanging out with the same couples, eating at the same restaurants – it will drive anyone nuts eventually. Women do not express their boredom in the same way but a man? He is going to go looking for something more exciting.

So, the key to keeping a Centaur man is to not leave room for boredom. And if you are boring he’ll get bored. Many couples fall into a lifestyle and sometimes that is mistake for having a life. It’s not the same thing. In fact, having a lifestyle can be pretty boring. A lifestyle is based on existing and getting through the days but a life…that’s another matter. If you are life is filled with yacht cruises and parties and impressive people and it is that way ALL THE TIME it is going to get boring. That’s when you need to start thinking outside the box. Break out of your lifestyle and start having a life.

The Archer will always be a sucker for a woman that has a great life filled with challenges. He loves and adores a woman that is learning new things and ready for some adventure. But do not wait for him to initiate it all the time. Even after you are a couple you should have your own life – not his life. You should be able to go off on your own and have a good time. If he asks to join you then welcome him but the chances are he’ll be thrilled because that means he can have his own life as well.

Having his own life is important to a Sagittarius. When people start to think of the two of you as “them” and not as individuals, he starts to feel caged. So make sure that he has the time he needs to do things on his own or with his buddies. He has friends that are just his friends and you should, too. Do not just have couple friends. Have single friends and do things with them. Belong to organizations and club and do activities with your girlfriends. Not only will this prevent him from feeling caged but knowing that you have a life – not just a lifestyle – will make you so much more attractive to him. You know how couples fall into this routine where they come home, have dinner, watch television, and never seem to have things to talk about? Well, that won’t happen to you if you have a life because you’ll be doing different things, on your own, and you’ll always have new things to talk about and experiences to share. One of the worst things you can do with a Sag man is become one of those couples who knows all of each others’ stories because you’ve heard them all before and you have no new stories since you became a couple. Create new stories and you’ll always have things to talk about and he won’t be bored by you.