The Lesbian Sagittarius is smart, sexy and vey confident. She brings life to a boring party and often has a trick or two up her sleeve. She doesn’t walk around with a chip on her shoulder and although she needs babying at times, she knows how to take charge and usually does so.

A Sagittarius – Aries lesbian relationship is one mainly built on friendship and understanding. It is also about companionship and although most relationship is based on that, these two seem to take the cake. Everything seems to fall into place inside this relationship. Both actually wants a bit of babying and they provide a healthy size of it for each other. She enjoys taking care of the Aries (and vice versa). They aren’t very physical in public (then again, most Aries aren’t), but very intimate in private. They do find ways to be intimate outside by the tone of their voices and eye contact which is something so sweet that every couple should learn from them.

Although the Aries relies on her for most decision making, they actually agree for the Aries to take charge of the finances. They are both good when it comes to handling money but there’s a tendency for the Sag to spend more too so her partner tries to keep her spending habit manageable.

Surprisingly, she can be very domesticated when paired up with her lesbian Aries lover. Most Sagittarius would leave a big chunk of the chores to their partner but not this one. She enjoys having a fair share of the work load or sometimes even more provided she gets pampered afterwards whether it be some time at the spa or just a nice cup of coffee and a foot rub from her partner.

These two are all for pampering. They both love the finer things in life and would save up for their next weekend getaway either with friends or just by themselves. No cheap vacations for them too. They love going to exotic places and having fun under the sun trying out the area’s food specialty and exploring the attractions. If they can’t get away a nice and quiet restaurant will do before they go out shopping.

In terms of trust, an Aries knows the Sag likes to flirt once in a while but understands she is the one the Sag comes home to every night that she just doesn’t mind at all. They also try to have as much good times as they can with friends together. You’ll find these two are often hosts to small intimate gatherings among common friends and most their friends are common because they embrace each other’s lifestyles and acquaintances.

The Aries on this relationship has enough patience for both of them and the Sag, in return, gives life to a would be monotonous day to day living of an Aries. In a nutshell, these two has just the right amount of what each other lacks and a lot of good things to share that their relationship is bound to work out well from beginning to end.