Generally, Sagittarians are of very generous nature, accept faults, have good intentions and will not wish to harm anyone. This sign is the friendliest sign in the zodiac. They are always full of energy and larger than life. Talking about Sagittarians as teachers, here are some of their traits:

Fun and inspiring: A Sagittarian as a teacher is one of the best combinations. Though they are a little chaotic and are also not too good to get into minute details, they are still good in making learning fun as they see it as an adventure and they love to teach. They also have a good sense of humour. They like work which demands high amount of physical strength and activeness.

Self-centred people: They like to serve humanity. They usually isolate themselves from frustrations of double standards. They are also intellectually very high. They are generally considered as a warehouse of knowledge and wisdom; very much apt for a profession like that of a teacher or professor. Sagittarian teachers will teach their students to initiate and move forward in life on their own. They have an optimistic approach to life.

Honest: They are very positive, enthusiastic and like to take up a job which needs foresight. They would be very honest; be it anything good or bad. They are very good in making friends because of their easy going nature, and the important part for teaching profession is that a teacher needs to understand their students and should be friendly with them to make learning fruitful.

Freedom: The Sagittarians who love adventure would love to travel a lot. They need freedom to do things in their way and do not like to be tied down. Too many rules and repetitions are not a Sagittarian’s cup of tea. Their fiery nature makes them suitable as travel guides, teachers or even salespersons.

Social bees: They love public and social interactions. They enjoy meeting people and so they would flourish in the job like a teacher’s where public interaction is required. They also enjoy sharing the knowledge they have and also like to learn new things every time. This makes teaching jobs perfect for them.

Meaningful tasks: They like to get involved into activities which give some meaning to life. Money will not motivate them. They would be suitable for a job that serves their community or for public welfare. They would put their heart into a profession like a teacher’s which gives an idea of serving society as a whole.

Hence, they have a natural ability to understand people and so they can be very good teachers. Education always plays a significant role in their lives. They are high in intellect and so they learn new things easily. Sagittarians rule in the professions which benefit society. Their only purpose is to learn from various experiences of life and even like to share them. Hence they are the ones who wish to bring the world together, and make it a better place to live. It is said that they are natural born teachers.