Sagittarians are known as the adventurer and they have to deal with a lot with travelling, sports and foreign cultures. They are joyful people and display a great like for the above activities. They are also fiery. Hence they are an inspiration to all.

Health summary:

They are prone to diseases, disorders and injuries of the hips, thighs, liver, gall bladder and the iliac arteries.  As the sign is called a fiery sign, complaints of fever are also observed. They are likely to be affected by more of

  1. High blood pressure
  2. Jaundice
  3. Hip disease
  4. Liver disease
  5. Spinal cord disease
  6. Hepatitis

They also can experience injuries related to falling from horse, sport related illnesses, burns and sprains, as they act rashly. Even ailments related to obesity, lower back problems related to spinal cord, and gallstones are common among them to suffer. Liver is their sensitive area as they can be affected to hepatitis and jaundice.

Hip pains and problems: Generally, female Sagittarians are more prone to hips and thigh related diseases and inappropriate body structures. As the Sagittarians are adventurous and sporty, they are more inclined to have athletics related injuries. Due to their heavy consumption of rich food and drinks, they suffer arthritic pain in the hips. Sometimes muscle-spasms can be a huge problem for Sagittarians as it can occur frequently or even daily and it can be much painful.

Backache: Back related problems are associated heavily with this sign. Sciatic nerve problems are mostly seen in this sign.

How to overcome the diseases:

They should avoid excessive consumption of alcohol and cigarette to ensure a healthy and fit body. Daily walks are recommended for them and even stretching exercises can help them a lot. Stretching exercise is mostly recommended after performing any kind of physical activity.

Free soul: They require adequate of amount of fresh air and leg exercises. They yearn for independence and freedom and also they like to be active all the time. They will get suffocated indoors, inside closed rooms. So they can suffer illness if they are not given enough room, space and air to breathe openly. They need to travel and wander around and are incomplete without that. So if you restrict Sagittarians from travel and movement, they will not be happy and sadness will cause harm to their health. Mental stimulation is an essential part for Sagittarians.

Active: Their health will receive a great benefit if they remain active. If they feel restless, they may act rashly and do things which can cause them injuries and which will mostly affect their hips or lower body. They need to get enough rest at night.

Recommended diet: Foods which are preferable for Sagittarians are bananas, berries, oats, wheat and barley.

Sagittarians are normally seen as healthy human beings as long as their blood pressure is controlled and proper body posture is maintained. Otherwise, they usually enjoy a healthy life because of their positive attitude and lively nature.