A psychic is a person that has an uncanny ability to perceive information that is influenced by the paranormal and supernatural. A psychic gathers information that is not common by normal senses. Psychics have an extraordinary sense of extrasensory perception. Extrasensory perception sometimes referred as ESP is a “sixth sense” that many psychics proclaim they possess. The word “psychic” derives from the Greek word “psychikos”, which means mental or of the mind. The history of psychics date back as far as the ancient times. When people are asked what a psychic is, they usually reply “a fortune teller”. Astrology was the first incarnation of fortune telling. Early psychics proclaimed that the celestial bodies in the universe could predict the future. Many of these psychics did not use Astrology to predict the future. These psychics were later called “prophets” and “seers”. As time went on, the word “psychic” and “clairvoyant” became common place. The word “seer” means to predict the future. Seers in ancient times were priests, advisors and judges. Many stories of seers and prophets appeared in the bible. A clairvoyant is a person that has the ability to retrieve information about a person, object or a location without using normal human senses. Parapsychology is used to investigate the existence of psychic abilities.

One of the most famous psychics of all time is Nostradamus from France. He is notorious for writing over 6,338 prophecies (quatrains) called “Les Propheties” in 1555. This book has become the best known book of prophecies in history. Many people believe Nostradamus predicted several world events that he had little knowledge about. Nostradamus’ prophecies are seen as inaccurate and any prediction that was made can be about any event. Psychics and psychic abilities are commonly used in Science Fiction books, films and other forms of entertainment. Psychics are often criticized for manipulating naive people to gain a profit. Many psychics have their own television shows and radio shows exploiting their abilities. Famous psychics such as Miss Cleo, Sylvia Browne and John Edward. If you are interested in a psychic reading from Bryce Harris. Click Here for your Psychic Reading today.

Many ancient historians had a belief that psychic abilities were available to everyone. Dreams were believed to be a form of psychic abilities. Critics of psychic powers perceive psychics to be very self-delusional and use trickery to gain confidence from the those who believed in psychics. Magicians sometimes use psychic techniques. Magic is a form of the paranormal. Magicians are not seen as psychics in the general public or in the scientific community. Many studies have been conducted and the results are inconsistent. Researchers do agree that there is no scientific justification or evidence that psychic powers exist. Many of these powers are said to be coincidences. Skeptics proclaim that psychic powers are not coincidences but mere manipulation to make money off of what powers they claim to have. Only a small percentage of the population believe in psychics. The world of psychics is a world of wonder and only a chosen few have these abilities. The mind is unique. Our psyches are complex.