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You were sent this link because you were interested in getting a more indepth psychic reading. Bryce is a world renowned Dating Coach and Psychic with 100's of clients all around the globe that rely on his advice. Bryce's normal rate for a psychic reading is $49.95. We are so confident that he can answer any of your questions about dating, relationships, men, women, your future! or anything you ask. If for some reason you are not happy we will give you an additional email consulation with Bryce completely free of charge Or YOUR MONEY BACK!. How is that for confidence in our product?

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* Psychic readings by phone are done instantly. if you wish to have your reading via email, it can be done very quickly once I recieve your question.


Bryce was incredible, he told me my husband had been cheating on me for 3 months with a girl I would know. Sure enough I started to dig around and one day I checked my husbands phone while he was in the shower. I went through the text messages and saw he had been chatting with a girl named Megan who was a waitress at a restaurant we went to every sunday. Needless to say, we do not go there anymore, i am not sure where he eats anymore lol. - Carolina - Kentucky

-I was amazed at the indepth answer I receieved from my Psychic at, it was very thorough and best of all on point!
- Carla W.- Vancouver, Canada

-I am very happy with my psychic reading, Jean answered a question that was stuck on my mind for 3 months. Not only did she answer my question but she gave me some great advice on how to deal with the problem in my life. I have recommended this service to a lot of my friends, Thanks again Jean
- Tyler L. - Trenton, New Jersey

- I was given my gift as a reading for my 40th birthday, I was a little skeptical as I have never believed in this sorta stuff, I asked him so very difficult questions about my future and I am actually writing this email 6 months later to say so far, many of it has come true and i am still counting on the rest of it to happen also. I am very impressed and have been referring my friends.
- Leanne. - North Carolina

- My whole life I always wanted to meet a good guy, settle down and have a child. It was my 35th birthday when I turned to Bryce for the answers I needed. He told me I was looking in all the wrong places for men and he was right. He told me I would meet a dark haired short european man named "Roald". Bryce said I would meet this man at an art show, weeks later in new york I went to the Alexander Mcqueen art show and the line must have been 2 hours long. Low and behold everyone in line started talking because we had nothing better to do. That's when I met him, my heart nearly dropped, name, build and everything. It's still a new dating/relationship at this point but I really think this guy will be the one I have my child with.
- Cheryl. - Manhatten New York

- You helped diagnose and foresee my girlfriends mental ilness, For that I will be forever appreciative, with this information I will be able to get the help she needs.
- Spencer. - New jersey

- I was so sick of my job and I really wanted to find out what the best career was for me. I had never told anyone in my life about my passion for photography, not even my husband nor my children. The minute I talked to Bryce, he questioned me why I am not following my passion for photography. I honestly was floored, I invested my own personal savings into all the gear and lessons and 6 months down the road, I am in the top 3 photographers for weddings in Reno. Bryce, you changed my life
- Charlotte. - Reno Nevada

- I had been dating this girl online for a while and I just felt like something was not right. Although I thought she was being true to me, I had to ask a psychic. I ended up asking Bryce. He told me my gut instinct was correct and that the key to her deceipt would be found on her facebook page. I was friends with her on facebook ofcourse and nothing looked out of the ordinary. During the summer, she visited me for the first time, I saw her facebook page open while she was out and I took a look. She was in a relationship with another guy this whole time and her privacy settings were set so I could not see him and he could not see me. Thank You Bryce, at first I thought you were way off because I had seen her facebook page a million times, but sure enough, you were dead on
- Steve. - Miami, Florida

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