This topic might just get controversial if one does not misread the lines here. It is known to all and sundry that Sagittarians are adventurous seekers. And it is like a common myth that those people who are outgoing seldom make good house keepers. It is not all true. Sagittarians have different sides to them but people are more in tuned with their adventurous side. So they forget that they too have certain whims and wishes too. And that includes perfecting themselves to all the skills even cooking. Everybody likes to settle down someday but each person takes their own sweet time and it is the same with Sagittarians. They are likely to come to terms with the conformity but in their own way. But one needs to tackle with them with a lot of patience and understanding. They might not be the greatest of cooks also, but with time they will master that as well. And there is a study that shows that certain Sagittarians can whip a good meal so you cannot rule out the possibilities too.

There may be certain times a Sagittarian would not know how to put up a feast together but at the same time they will make sure that it is presentable even if not great. They may not possess skills of meal makings but they are quick learners at the same time so maybe the next time around, you might just get surprised and knock off your feet.

If a Sagittarian learn the trades well then they will be unbeatable. They have a lot of ideas in them and they think out-of-the-box. So, even with cooking there is a strong possibility that they will do experiments to come up with new scrumptious recipes. If they will be able to take control over their adventurous side, then they will be unstoppable.

It is hard to tame a Sagittarian especially when it comes to the routine way of life. They lack patience to sit quietly in a corner and do things the normal way. They do not like re living the normal over and over again. This hunger and thirst for adventure is what kills their mark for certain things. Agreed that their house is the liveliest and buzzing for they love entertaining people. But they have this knack of being impatient and are very unstable people.

If they are able to balance the instability in them, they will experience the thrills in cooking as well. They will just be brilliant if they slow down their pace and work out towards doing sober things sometimes. It should be remembered that Sagittarians works best when their likings are not restricted and are left alone to work independently. Just let them to their own thing. That inclination towards cooking should come naturally. It is not like they cannot develop the skills. All they need is a little bit of patience and understanding. After that, they just might master the skills of cooking as well.