The word Zodiac literally means “Circle of Life” since most of the Zodiac signs is represented by animals or people. There are 12 Zodiac signs i.e. Sun signs, in which the Sagittarius is also a part of. Sagittarius is a ninth sign of an astrological year represented by Archer symbol. Those people whose date of birth lies between november22 and December 21 are known to be the Sagittarians. They also follow a normal profile i.e. they have their own fashion statement, style, affection towards others and can be intimidating. Sagittarians are also afraid of many things and one of them is Love. Due to their positive attitude towards life, they always find the way out from the obstacles and thorns posing in their life and try to find something good behind it which can be beneficial in their future. They never lose heart and confidence during difficult situations.

Sagittarians are actually afraid of real love, commitment, and don’t want to marry. Since they expect a lot from their friends and never come forward to help others, a Sagittarian does not have a long list of friends. They are always in search of an open relationship and step back from a serious relationship because they are afraid of it as they tend to be more on the practical side. Whenever they are in a position to fall in love, they are likely to be worried and wishe to get rid of it. Sagittarians on one side are very much afraid of expressing their emotions but it does not mean that they are careless. For them, their career and success in their professional field and life is of foremost priority.

Sagittarians are sometimes very fond of the achievements and appraisals but are afraid and disappointed if they are not praised or appreciated accordingly. Being afraid of something always becomes a weakness for any person and therefore the Sagittarians don’t want to be troubled with it because it can pull them down and make them weak. Another major concern for a Sagittarian is that they don’t want those people around them who think of him or her as weak in any case.

Since a Sagittarian is a freedom lover therefore he never wants to fall in a situation where commitments for a particular thing are expected. This is the main reason for people born under this sign to be afraid of love and looking for a way out of such relationships as soon as possible. They believe that love comes with a package full of worries and after some time it tends to fall into a space of commitment, marriage and relationship.