Every woman, once bears a child learns her own way to bring up a child. Sometimes she is guided by her closed ones and in certain cases, she is left alone. Pregnant women or those who have given birth to a child often take parenting classes, read up books or write ups, research on the internet and talk to their mothers to find out more about the dos and don’ts. There is no mother who does not want to give her child the best care possible. Astrology also provides some very useful and technically correct tips since it uses the scientific traits of the mother to help her out. The traveler and the explorer, Sagittarians are caring mothers who like to show their children anything and everything new. Here are a few tips to help a Sagittarian mother and to guide her for a better performance:

  1. Sagittarians are rarely slow. They are always on the lookout for something new. Get your kids along with you on your search to know more about the world. Get them to recognize the birds, to smell the flowers, to find out the history of the building on the opposite lane.
  2. Though you might excel at gauging the turn of events, try to avoid lecturing your children all the time. Set them on their journey with a few question, the answers to which they will find out themselves.
  3. Give your children an idea of the bigger picture that you see before you and teach them how to practice seeing it themselves. This will help them take life decisions correctly.
  4. Try to stretch your attention span. Children require a lot of attention, a heavy dose of patience and immense calm to be handled properly.
  5. Spend time with them doing things they want to do instead of piling on your interests.
  6. You might need a zipper for your mouth once your child is born. Many Sagittarians are crude and this does not only mean using curse words but also being rude and mean or plain annoying. Lest you want your children to be unkind from childhood, you need to check yourself often.
  7. Sometimes, the Sagittarian mother can become stressed over their child’s development – both mental and physical. All you need to remember is if the doctor says he or she is healthy, she probably is. She might be lean or he might not be too keen to play football. That is fine. To each his own.
  8. Since you yourself might be a lover of travelling the world of knowledge and delving deeper into things, you might be ending up giving your child something tough to read or think about – he or she might not be of the age to think about world climatic changes. Let it be. Let them choose what they want to know about, at least sometimes.
  9. As a Sagittarian, you might not like doing the chores at home, but once the baby comes, you will have to take up certain responsibilities. It is better you divide your time and plan.
  10.  Share some of the overwhelming confidence you have in you with your child. It will do wonders!