While it is natural to assume that because Sagittarians are so difficult to live with they might avoid marriage and relationships, but this is far from the case. It is surely difficult to live with a Sagittarius, but those who are willing to compromise in order to avoid extensive conflicts within the home will discover they are very loyal and devoted to their spouses and children. The key to making a marriage or any other relationship with a Sagittarius work is learning to expect the unexpected, especially when it comes to their moods which can often change from being happy and upbeat one minute to angry outbursts the next. These angry outbursts often come with no
provocation and certainly have no warning.

Another thing many people will find difficult with Sagittarians is they have a tendency to place their careers before their family and friends. This can be very difficult, especially for those who do not share this trait. It can also be very frustrating for the spouse who makes plans and then has to cancel because the Sagittarius spouse suddenly decides there are things at work he or she must handle that cannot wait. This tendency to place work before the children can be very disappointing, especially if it causes the parent to be unable to attend functions that are of great importance to the children. While a spouse is likely to express frustration, these things can be
very traumatizing for the children, especially young children, who are unable to understand why they must take a backseat to the career of their parent.

On the other hand Sagittarians are very indulgent parents who often need the spouse to lay down ground rules for the children. While the children are not likely to mind the lack of parental control, it is not a healthy situation for growing up. One of the parents has to assume the role of disciplinarian in order for the children to grow up healthy, happy and able to handle all of the things life will hand them once they are on their own. The Sagittarius parent doesn’t always understand this concept, so it is important for the other parent to assume this role and make sure the children follow their lead and direction.

Sagittarians are also very adventurous individuals who find it difficult to stay in one place. This doesn’t mean they have the need to move from place to place like nomads but rather that they always have to be busy doing something active. You won’t usually find a Sagittarius spending time sitting around watching television in his or her leisure time although this may occasionally happen at the very end of the night. Sagittarians needs to be busy whether it is playing sports, working in the garden, doing necessary home repairs, camping/hiking, or doing something that is intellectually stimulating. The important thing to remember is never attempt to confine a
Sagittarius—this sign requires freedom of movement in order to be happy.

Although Sagittarians are capable of living on their own, they can also live happily in a committed relationship or marriage provided they find someone who is strong enough to tame who is a very loyal and faithful spouse or partner. If you want to keep a Sagittarius happy and interested you will need to find things that will allow them to stimulate their minds and engage in activities that will allow them to exercise their adventurous nature. Even in a relationship they do not like to feel confined or smothered—they need to have the freedom to move and do things they find interesting and stimulating. Some see this need for freedom as a type of restlessness,
but it is something on which a couple can compromise in order to build a good relationship with both the spouse and children.

Since Sagittarians are very adventurous by nature you can expect to take vacations that involve exotic locations or a great deal of activities. Camping and hiking are two activities that will certainly keep Sagittarius happy while at the same time giving him or her the outlet for quality family time. This is especially true when they spend time in the mountains where there is the likelihood for many other activities including hunting, fishing, water skiing, hiking, and various types of active sports activities. While it is certainly helpful for two adventurous types to develop a relationship, it is also possible to build a relationship as long as the non-adventurous one is willing to share in some of the activities the Sagittarius enjoys and allow him or her the freedom to participate in other activities alone or with other friends.

Being in a relationship of any kind with a Sagittarius requires a great deal of compromise. This is not just because of their adventurous natures but also the fact they are quick to explode over the least little thing and devote so much time to their careers. This means there is a great deal of compromise required of the family in order for them to accommodate the needs of this sign. It is clearly not the Sagittarius that is going to make the sacrifice or compromise because he or she will not feel it is necessary nor will they feel there is anything wrong with the way they are handling their family issues.

If you want to spend more time with your Sagittarius spouse or parent you will need to learn to participate in some of the things they find important and exciting. That doesn’t mean you have to like all of the same things they like, but if you overlook your distaste for some of those activities, you will be able to spend more time with your spouse or parent. For instance, go hiking sometimes just for the outdoor adventure and quality time instead of complaining you never have time together.