Ever wondered how your favourite celebrity handles a badly burnt toast, a spilt wine on their posh carpet, or how they deal with unwanted friend requests on Facebook? Well, they are all just humans like you and me, which means they could flare up and kill (pun intended) easily to situations like these too. Yes, despite the friendly façade you see on your tubes or whenever you watch their movies. Ok, maybe they can be as nature-loving or warm-hearted as the characters they play onscreen but do keep in mind that there are always two sides to a coin. So, flipping 1 over now, let me introduce to you the other side of these famous people’s dime by extracting their supposedly innate characters through their Sagittarius Zodiac.

Looky here (and lucky you!), we got quite a lineup of actors who were born under this sign: Brad Pitt (December 18), Lucy Liu (December 02), Katie Holmes (December 18), and Brendan Fraser (December 03) just to name a few. They are four different persons but the one dominant thing they have in common is the fact that they all possess the characteristics of a Sagittarius. You may have seen them smile and laugh or get angry, whether it’s on film or TV show or when they are tied down on a hot seat, getting interviewed by whoever. Then again that merely says much about them. Let’s take a look at what makes them “unique” to everyone else.

A Sagittarius person, whether they are simple beings with simple careers or they are paparazzi-ridden creatures, will almost always have the same effect on other people and on themselves, plainly because they possess the same characteristics. But since we’re talking about four different personalities, let’s take a peek at at least two of them and check out what really their astrological charts say about them.

Brad Pitt’s moon is in Capricorn, meaning, he is an ambitious person who wanted to be taken seriously. He’s practical as well, and this says a lot about him with regards to choosing his partner. Given the wide array of gorgeous women he’s had relationship with, he ended up with one of the sexiest and most sought-after mother slash ambassadress, Angelina Jolie, while adding to her already full-to-the-brim gene pool. Brad, as we all know, is famous not just for his great acting skills but we also love him for being that hot sexual icon. Since Mars is often associated with sexual energy, it is actually one of the strong points in his chart (go figure!).

Another celebrity who most girls with an ugly-duckling-turned-beautiful-swan story would most likely be a fan of is Katie Holmes. She is best described as an independent and high-spirited Sagittarius. She’s got a whole lot of fire in her, with both Neptune and Jupiter surrounding her moon, Leo. This explains why Tom Cruise won her heart, since Tom is also a Leo and has got a lot of charm and straightforwardness to burn. With Sagittarius Katie, who is ever a mature damsel in this relationship, she will remain with a responsible attitude towards life in general if only she could avoid going overboard with expectations at times.