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Love Marriage with a Sagittarian

High in energy and loving to introduce new things in life every single day, Sagittarians are known to be passionate but flexible lovers. They are passionate when they find the partners alike, sharing time doing similar things, and staying busy; but get loose when they find themselves stuck with a partner of opposite choices. If you are getting into a marital bond with Sag, there are some things that might clear off some confused clouds inside your mind.

There might be the very first doubt in one’s mind when it comes to a Sag and marriage. Why do Sags decide to get married? What is their motivation to get into a bond, when they are known to be anti-commitment people? The major reason behind Sags getting married is their strong belief into religion. If religion commands everyone to get married and make a complete family, Sags won’t decline that, and would try to do their best to find a perfect partner to fulfill this. Now, once they are sure about getting married, they come across two options. One, arranged, and two, love marriage. Here, we would analyze about their performance, idea and suggestions in terms of love marriage.

Sagittarius & Love marriage

As a love marriage requires the family indulgence later, it leaves more room for the partners to understand each other first and decide on the wedding later. So, you might have already tested some basic instincts of a Sag by now, and think you are ready to start a life. But, there are some differences that you may face.

A Sagittarian loves to see the spouse busy. As a love partner, you might have spent little time together versus the time you are going to spend after wedding. So, you might have to keep that energetic impression consistent after marriage as well.

Another thing you need to keep in mind is that, you need to keep patience while your Sag partner becomes socially active. Till now, being a love partner you were always fine to see the person mixing up with people along, but now being a husband or a wife you might see jealousy and doubt peeping in. Rather than letting doubt seep in, better is to convince yourself that only thing that would keep the other to love you and be with you is to show your entire trust and motivate the person to live the life he/she chooses. A strict or restricted atmosphere is the first step to ruin the entire settled relationship.

Also, while you were not married but loved the high energy of the Sagittarian partner, wedding might get the thought inside your head wherein you want your partner to be more responsible now. Try to understand that the Sag might look hyperactive in terms of being social and devoting a lot of time outside, but that doesn’t fail him/her as a responsible person. Rather, ruling as a boss might make the person feel bonded slave, which is a very unhealthy feeling with Sag, and is most likely going to kill the love in the long run.

Arranged Marriage with a Sagittarian

Marriages, be it arranged or love, have got majorly to do with the personality of the people. And when it comes to Sagittarians, arranged marriages have some caution- and probability-points. First of all, the term ‘Marriage’ is something that needs to be re-looked at, if you are getting into a bond with a Sagittarian. If you haven’t known any Sag till date, and wonder as to why it’s a big deal to know how Sags perform in an arranged marriage, let’s help you get a glimpse of how they are as a personality.

Sagittarian & Marriage

Marriage means commitment, and those who know a Sag would be confused with the very thought of seeing one living with commitment. This statement doesn’t mean that Sags aren’t great partners in marriage but it’s better to not show them a strict schedule for the rest of the life. Keep it flexible, keep it energetic and full of energy and it would be a great time marrying Sag.

When you plan a wedding with a Sagittarian partner, what they would seek from the ceremony and entire setup would be to have fun, brightness, lot of energy, friends, and family.

To remember: While marrying a Sagittarian

They are not very comfortable to marry people who aren’t very busy and social like them. If you don’t have a lot of things on your plate to keep you busy, you might consider sharing the interests, hobbies, or profession of the Sagittarius partner. It would not just help both of you to stay close due to sharing common interests, but would also save the Sagittarius to look for things to keep you busy with. Also, in the long run, they might be tired of doing this as well. This might be looking like a challenge to non-Sag, but it’s rather going to keep both the individuals busy, and prevent their relationship from entering into the phases of boredom.

On one side, the Sagittarian would need a complete attention and emotional support from the partner, on the other hand, they would also like to keep their friend-circle and lifestyle-before-marriage intact as it always was. It is very important to avoid the feeling of suspicion from entering into the marriage. A socially active partner doesn’t always mean a cheating-partner. This would only create stressful situation between both, slowly creating spaces and differences, which would just spoil the marriage and create more distances. It’s rather advisable to get involved into the friends’ things with the Sag partner, and it would not just help you stay away from any unnecessary suspicion, but would also make the Sagittarian have better love and faith on you.

How Do Sagittarians Handle Relationships

Sagittarians usually attract the crowd around very easily, as they are born with the innate power of a confident and charming personality. If you see a socially-smart, verbally active, and overall polished personality, it’s most likely going to be a Sagittarian. Now, while imagining this kind of personality, being a reader you must have made a quick idea about how the love-life of Sag might look like. Well exactly, a Sagittarian is very less likely to have one affair. They usually catch eyes very soon and therefore they usually have access to more love than most of the other sun-signs. If you have got a date with a Sagittarian coming ahead, or just had a confusing break-up about why everything got messed up, take a look at how we have defined the Sagittarian in terms of relationships.

Sagittarian & the Present Relationship

It might take a lot of time for a Sagittarian to touch the other person emotionally, because of their flamboyant nature, but they are great charmers as well. They go any distances to please their present partners. Living in the present, and looking forward to the future, the Sagittarians usually try to invest a lot of love, time and care into the present relationship, trying to give their entire self to handle it well.

They do know in the dark corners in the mind, that they are generally not option less people, so in case of any present love-relationship-related issues, they would still be able to escape well and revive life soon. But, if you make an irreplaceable or non-replicable position in the life of Sag, you probably are going to stick around for a long time.

Do keep in mind that you might love the word ‘commitment’ in relationships, but Sag is probably going to get suffocated in a great-going relationship with even the name of it.

Sagittarian & the Past Relationships

In most cases, the Sags don’t really care about the past relationships. So, if you are a present partner of Sag, good news for you. But, if you are an ex, and wondering if your ex-Sag misses you or not, you probably have only one way out to make that happen, i.e. create necessary and unavoidable reasons for the person to be unable to avoid you. Otherwise, a Sagittarian is a happy soul, and stays busy in the present life.

They mostly don’t revisit the past partners, unless they find it absolutely comparable to the present, or have some other good reason. Without any beneficial purposes, that’s close to not possible. In terms of holding back to the relationships, Sagittarians aren’t very keen.

10 health tips for Sagittarians

Being active and vibrant in nature, the Sagittarius ideally keeps their diet healthy, rich and nutritious. This helps boost their routine activities. They are smart to understand it very fast as to how much value food adds to their metabolism. They not just love eating, but consciously keep it healthy. The sun sign primarily rules the liver, thighs and hips, and ideally have long legs and well-toned physique.

The Sagittarians are confident, lively and colourful socialites who are high in energy and always game for adventure. Understanding these aspects of the Sagittarian, it would be easy to streamline some health-related ideas.


10 Must-know Health Tips for a Sagittarian

1) In terms of eating habits, adding nuts and fruits to the diet is not just good for a Sagittarius, but would happily add it to the daily food. The reason is not just that they are high-energy foods, and that’s what a Sag needs; but also because the image of this category of food goes with the image of the people of this sun-sign.

2)  Physical activities and exercises would help the Sagittarian stay toned and impressive. Being a high-energy sun-sign, it is mostly part of the routine for lot of Sagittarians, but if it’s not, get on some energy-diet and put on your sports shoes. Keeping exercise in the list of scheduled health-related tasks would not just help the Sag stay fit, but would prevent illness.

3) There is a high tendency of Sag to gain weight at the latter part of life. This happens due to the lifestyle of being energetic, social and active among people, but declining in burning the fat. Also, the weight would be found settling around the thighs and the hips. Keeping an eye on what you eat would help, if exercise isn’t still on the list.

4) Sagittarians usually have a healthy and active liver, which is mostly put down by the individual at the latter part of life. This happens due to use of alcohol in get-togethers. Keeping alcohol consumption in control needs to be kept under monitoring.

5) Generally on the brighter side of health, the Sagittarius may come across some stress-related issues caused due to their being hyperactive. This is also more likely to happen with Sagittarius women.

6) Hepatitis is another caution-point, which is very likely seen in Sags. Taking care of diet and a few medical checks would help you escape this disease easily.

7) Special focus should be given to liver, because any ignorance in terms of good diet is likely to cause liver-related illness to Sags, as they possess a sensitive liver.

8) Consuming fruits and vegetables would retain silica to Sag, which is very likely to cause issues causing dull skin, dry hair and gum-problems.

9) Fats, oil-based elements like butter, sweets primarily including chocolates and candies should be avoided by Sag. This not only helps them stay toned, but also avoid laziness.

10) Poultry, fishes and high-protein content should be very importantly added to the food-list of Sag. This would help maintain the balance of dietary elements to retain energy to Sag.