The stars seem to be all in favor for Sagittarians this 2014 and it is predicted that they will have a successful and prosperous year. It is predicted that this year the people born under this star sign will have a flourishing career throughout. You sun sign predicts that success is highly favorable this year so you should pursue your ambitions. The star points out that they will come to your aid and give you the assistance to think rationally and logically. If you hold on to these beliefs then you will have a strong surge of confidence than ever before.

In the first few months at the beginning of this year, your stars point out that you should have high tolerance level. You must be patient even if things are developing slowly but it is building towards your progression nonetheless. Take one small step at a time during this phase and do not rush for anything. Just be level headed. This year the stars promise you good health, better love life and a promising career.

When you start moving on the next phase till the month of August, you will have better stead and control over your life. This phase promises to be the most successful time of the year. You will have to gather your wits and try not to reach out to the highest stars. Your foundation and footing should be on solid ground and you should be well versed with all the trades therein to take on the world. Those with more analytical and sharper skills will find their way to success by the beginning of this phase only.

You just might receive stiff competition from people and for that you have to buckle up but the stars reveal that this is not a thing to worry of at all. With time, you will have you way out to success.

When you are at the peak of your success, you might just want to risk yourself of investments but your stars point out to steer clear of high end investments. You can do your investments but only after weighing all the pros and cons of all risk factors. If you take these precaution measures, then you just might be the promising star of ’14.

Coming to your love life, this year single Sagittarians will experience new love interests which is fulfilling. Lovers too will enjoy a blissful time this year. Minor tiffs and issues won’t affect the strong love quotient that will be coming your way this year. Love life for all Sagittarians will be strong and wonderful this year around.

You will be full of energy this year and overall health will be good. But you should make sure not to exert your energies. Rest when you are in need of it. Erratic sleeping hours might complicate your health. And there is no excuse for binge drinking also. Relaxation is called for every time you overwork yourself.