It is hard to find a way to categorise a Sagittarian into being exclusively amongst the adventurists or the escapists. To put it in simple words, on one hand Sagittarians live, love, seek and breath adventure and would never escape from an adventurous escapade and on the other hand Sagittarians might not be that adventurous when it comes to bearing the risks of work, inconsistent as they are, an escape route will most definitely be a preferred choice for all Sagittarians. So to say Sagittarians are adventurists as well as escapists. But more often it is the adventurists in them that come to precedence in their life events while the escapist often takes a back seat or at sometimes is nowhere to be seen.

Analysing the common traits of Sagittarians is an easy way to foretell how they would go about in their lives. Their positive and negative traits often find a sound balance and as such there is no abundance of anything in a Sagittarian. Sagittarians are optimistic, fun loving, straightforward, honest, intellectual, generous and above all adventurous. Their negative traits- inconsistent, careless, tactless, restless, superficial and overconfident- are benign but often can be detrimental if not handled properly.

As people who would literally go to the world’s end seeking adventure no shipwreck or no pirates can thwart a Sagittarian once he has set sail for adventure. Fun is what they associate most with adventure and fun lovers as they are, engaging in heights of adrenaline rush is a thrilling event for them.  They are fearless in the face of calamity and remain level minded when faced with risk situation so when they head out for their adventure trip it is in full preparation for whatever obstacle may lie on their course. Though it may seem like a brazen fearlessness, the Sagittarians are actually prepared and adventure for them is their life’s religion. It is quite likely that a Sagittarian will feel incomplete if he is devoid of adventures.  One reason Sagittarians want themselves to be in the realm of adventure is because mundane realities and dull events can inject boredom to the core, making them feel lifeless and deprived of fun. Given a chance to choose between adventure and anything else, the Sagittarian would already imagining travel plans and packing his or her bag mentally. With regard to adventure Sagittarians are never the escapist and you can find them leading the way of the adventurists.

How much ever an adventure freak a Sagittarian might be, this attribute of theirs is never reflected in their work sphere. Their levels of determination and enthusiasm will be not as high when it comes to completing some assigned tasks. At work them can be finicky and shifty and as a result will be in a constant state of confusion as to what to do. They keep changing their decision and it is difficult to rely on them to get some work done. If this is to be seen as shirking away responsibilities, then Sagittarians are escapists when it comes to fulfilling work demands or responsibilities.