Being the ruling planet of the zodiac, Jupiter has great effect on Sagittarius people. Every decision and move they make may not be based on their Sag characteristic but the effects may vary depending on the planet’s position. Jupiter is huge and it represents growth and changes. This is a huge reason why Sags are big risk takers. They embrace change and presume things to expand according to their expectations.

When Jupiter enters its home sign, the results are even bigger. It is when the planet is completely powerful. During this time Sags will have so many ideas that they want to put into action. Their energies will be raw and high so it would be hard to stop them. They feel a great urge to take a leap towards “greener pastures.” They will be restless if they don’t put their concepts into action. Sags can be great people cause they have what it takes to achieve things. What they need to figure out is what way to go. Jupiter usually represents philosophy, travel, truth and also luck.

The Archer likes to learn continuously and they try to absorb what they can from people around them. Moreover, they like to try to understand different cultures so they like going on holidays to travel to far off places. The more exotic, the better. These are one of the most non-judgmental people around. They are genuinely interested to meet people so they will want to go on parties and social gatherings more (yes, more than the usual) when the Jupiter hovers over their sign. They make friends fast even when in foreign place. They also try to find reason for everything. They constantly try to figure out if the meaning of their (or people in general’s) existence. They strive to improve themselves thinking they have a greater purpose in life. They like to exchange ideas and give their point but they don’t mind getting proven wrong either. This means they learned something new so they take it in a good way. A Sag can expect a lot of big things during this time but it doesn’t necessarily come in the way they want it to happen. Sags has a lot of soul searching and growing up to do before they finally realize what they want in life. Sometimes they get sucked in by shiny things only to realize it’s only a facade. This can be true in relationships and career but they will learn to realize what they really need eventually. When Jupiter is in Sagittarius, the Archer feels lucky. Luck makes them feel that they can attract good fortune in whatever they enter. As far as finances go, you might feel like working on a new investment. It could be a new business or stocks to buy or even gambling. You may try to get that new job you’ve always wanted or go on an adventure.

When Sags do something they go big because they want all of the good things in life. Jupiter signifies growth and expansion but when you are ready for these two make sure you keep things balanced and try not to take whatever you already have for granted because most great things come from something small.