Tomorrow's Horoscopes

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  • Aries Aries

    Your ruler, Mars, has awoken from slumber that started in April. As it now starts moving forward, so too will you, or at least a way in which you've felt hampered will start to diminish in strength. You do, however, have a particular challenge to rise to and this might be connected with your hunches or instincts being correct in a way you might wish they weren't. Don't fear or worry about what's presenting itself now. It's helpful, positive, timely and necessary.

  • Taurus Taurus

    A situation might be instilling a sense of cautiousness, hesitation or even fear but hopefully, you can see what's equally as exciting and reasons why you ought to be feeling optimistic. You might be entering unknown territory in some way but that has to be preferable to the predictable state a certain situation has remained in for some time. Change presenting itself now has the ability to free you in a way you've needed for a while. That alone is reason enough to embrace it.

  • Gemini Gemini

    Words coming your way could be clearly understood on one level but you might need to apply some Geminian astuteness to truly understand what someone's trying to tell you. They might be choosing to drip feed certain facts or 'test the water' by gauging your reaction to snippets of information relayed to you. You appear keen to want the truth and the whole truth. It might require you to request or demand someone stops dancing around an issue and comes clean.

  • Cancer Cancer

    It appears, in one area of your world, there sits a Devil. On the other side, is what could be described as deep, blue sea. And in the middle? Well, you know that's where you sit. You might feel stuck in some way that is the result of not being particularly enamored with options available to you. You have an obligation in one way. You have a duty in another. It won't be long before circumstances dictate what your next move must be. For now, enjoy the view from where you are.

  • Leo Leo

    If our arms grow weary from carrying something heavy, we usually recognize the need to put down whatever it is we're carrying. If we know we must continue to solider on carrying it, then we're usually grateful for a brief chance to regain our strength or enthusiasm. In a similar way, you're being granted brief respite from a burden you've likely grown weary from carrying. You also don't need to continue carrying it. A bit of courage and foresight could make this clear now.

  • Virgo Virgo

    Opinions and suggestions could be coming your way from more than one source. Might it be possible those offering either or both know more than you about a situation that concerns you? Is it possible they can see something within it that you're failing to see? As much as you might feel you're being pushed a particular direction or to make a particular choice, there can be no denying that a decision is yours and yours alone to make. Yours is the only advice worth heeding now.

  • Libra Libra

    We can feel frustrated and annoyed toward those we believe have made a glaringly incorrect choice or decision. Think of how many people shout discouraging words at game show contestants who get what appeared to be an easy or obvious question wrong. No matter how strong our belief is toward knowing answers to what appear to be obvious questions, we do nobody any favors for belittling them for getting it wrong. Remember the Golden Rule today.

  • Scorpio Scorpio

    Those who believe themselves to be cleverer than anyone else or claim to be more knowledgeable are often interesting to watch. They don't see mistakes they're making from believing their own hype or being too close to what they're trying to impress everyone with. As a sign that often delights in being cleverer than an individual or organization renowned for being difficult to 'get one over on', smile at someone's arrogance before showing how it should be done!

  • Sagittarius Sagittarius

    Spontaneity is called for in an area of your world now. If you can't muster that, then simply be willing to be a bit more flexible where you might be inclined to be less so. You could have some fixed ideas about how a process should unfold and be focusing too intently on it matching every expectation. What you're likely to discover is a plan won't go entirely to plan but that, as you'll see if you're willing to be accepting of that fact, can be positive and very helpful.

  • Capricorn Capricorn

    Do yourself a big favor in some way now. This will involve taking a small but important risk. It will also involve you being more accepting of how fluid and flexible a certain situation, arrangement or commitment is where you see only limitations and immovable boundaries. If it isn't becoming clear that you can benefit much more from an arrangement by simply choosing to be less concerned about and focused on its perceived shortfalls, then proof will come your way soon.

  • Aquarius Aquarius

    Eureka Moments have a tendency to make themselves known at precise times. It's as if they wait, lurking or hovering in the background to see if an idea dawns on us without their help and, if they're not reassured this will happen, choose the perfect time to arrive. We know very well how unsubtly they can appear, too. Have faith in the fact that a revelation coming your way is doing so because its timing couldn't be better. You'll know precisely what to do when it comes.

  • Pisces Pisces

    The tiniest insects can appear terrifying under a powerful microscope. A shadow of a small, harmless animal can appear a bloodthirsty beast if magnified in a certain way. To see situations in the right perspective, we need to first accept conditions that could be causing them to be inflated or exaggerated. We can then see what's scary or daunting as very manageable. Consider what you might see as daunting now and then consider how unhelpfully exaggerated it really is!