Tomorrow's Horoscopes

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  • Aries Aries

    The winds of change appear to be blowing in an area of your world now but you might be aware only of a gentle and refreshing gust. You needn't expect them to become a gale, causing you to protect yourself or seek shelter. You could be reacting defensively or anxiously to a subtle change unfolding now that has no intention of causing chaos. It will likely bring a brief period of upheaval but in ways you'll welcome, not resent. Let it grow gradually.

  • Taurus Taurus

    You might be asking yourself how you 'fit' within a certain grand plan or if you have what it takes to offer what it or possibly someone else needs. You involvement and what you can offer require you to be more confident but that might be more easily said than done. If you sense you're questioning your abilities in some way, then that's good news. It's what will help your confidence levels to increase to the point where you can feel able to do what's required from you.

  • Gemini Gemini

    An old saying goes, 'quitters never win and winners never quit.' Are there not benefits to quitting when we know we're 'ahead' in some way? We know there's both truth and logic in the belief that, if we push our luck in a way we hope will exceed what luck has already brought us, then we invariably end up wishing we hadn't. Where you feel inclined to withdraw your involvement in some way now, the decision might actually be a timely and enormously helpful one.

  • Cancer Cancer

    It could be time to assess a particular plan and how far-fetched you believe it to be. More importantly, it could be time to consider why you believe it to be little more than a pipe dream or fantasy best left in the recesses of your mind to be drawn upon when you could do with a bit of inspiration. You have recently embarked upon a process that can bring material and emotional security. It needs nurturing. Continue to give whatever effort you can give it.

  • Leo Leo

    Think of how much each of us discards on a regular basis. We have no problem with parting with whatever we believe plays no part in assisting us in the future yet we cling to aspects of our past we know it's in our best interests to let go of. You're being encouraged in more than one way and for more than one reason to release outdated attitudes, opinions and methodologies. Try to connect with feelings of excitement and optimism the cosmos is offering by doing so.

  • Virgo Virgo

    'Let's keep moving, we must keep moving…' Such words are often said in films where characters are weary, disoriented and unsure which direction they should be heading toward. Whilst moving any direction can sometimes cause more problems than solutions, it can be the most sensible option. Moving in some way can often be better than no movement at all. What matters now is your ability to resist doing nothing where action, any action, will prove helpful.

  • Libra Libra

    You have options in a particular area of your world. That's good news. You might believe you have too many though and this is making a dilemma or need to make a particular decision trickier. This is all being fueled by unknown or unfamiliar territory you find yourself in or are very aware you're heading toward. In truth, what you believe to be uncertain is very clear. Allow yourself to trust where you're heading and that your best interests are being looked after.

  • Scorpio Scorpio

    Are there 101 reasons why a plan you'd love to see come to fruition could fail? If you had the time and inclination to identify 101 reasons, then you'd probably find them. Does it not take one inspiring reason to make pursuing it worthwhile though? If you identified that one reason, you'd soon push aside the others. A plan is more feasible than you currently believe it to be. Just a little bit of effort made its direction could encourage you to focus only on that one reason!

  • Sagittarius Sagittarius

    Before you offer support or assistance in some way, take a moment to assess if either or both are really needed and if you're actually going to be doing more harm than good by coming to someone's rescue. It might suit them to demand attention but might a possibility exist that they're doing so out of habit? Maybe even because they know you're likely to come running to provide it? Making yourself a bit less available could help both them and you now.

  • Capricorn Capricorn

    Asking ourselves 'what we have to lose' by pursuing a particular plan is a negative way of assessing it, in the first instance, anyway. It's natural we should assess a potential downside to any undertaking but you're being encouraged to ask yourself what you have to lose by embarking upon a plan now only in a way intended to inspire you. You have everything to gain by taking a risk and giving time and attention to what motivates you. A plan really does has great potential.

  • Aquarius Aquarius

    Might someone have a valid point? Where you could feel inclined to be dismissive of advice or a suggestion coming your way, take a moment to truly digest what you're being told. It might represent an unorthodox approach or be encouraging you to steer away from what's tried and tested but allow that to appeal to the part of you that delights in doing things differently. If anyone can connect with why a less obvious approach is needed in some way now, it's you.

  • Pisces Pisces

    Ask yourself what might be possible where you sense possibility could be overridden by doubt. Once you spot the nugget of possibility in one area, ask yourself what else might be possible were you to make effort in another way. This train of thought could go on indefinitely and as futile as you might believe it to be, it's what can bring you closer to a long-held dream. Focus only on what inspires and motivates you and a fantastic and potentially magical process can begin.