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  • Aries Aries Horoscope - Thursday, October 30 2014 Like This

    One successful person would say that success is measured by sums of money in bank accounts. Another would say it is measured by how much we love what we do on a daily basis. Others would say there is balance to be met between the two. Where your material security is concerned, take a moment to look at what has changed and is still very new. Give a very positive and rewarding process more time. Reassurance that you made a right choice is imminent. Talk to a Live Psychic Today

  • Taurus Taurus Horoscope - Thursday, October 30 2014 Like This

    Magical things rarely happen where predictability exists. For us to experience magic, we have to be willing to invite levels of volatility or unpredictability. With that in mind, consider what is volatile or unpredictable in your world now. Consider also the process underway that holds so much promise. You can feel potential that exists in what's unfolding now. To allow it to manifest, you need to allow magic to form part of the process. If you can embrace what's uncertain, it will. Talk to a Live Psychic Today

  • Gemini Gemini Horoscope - Thursday, October 30 2014 Like This

    Newspapers, magazines and websites are full of offers to be seized within certain timescales. 'This offer closes tomorrow' or 'Act now, this amazing deal won't last forever' are words we're used to reading. We know any organization that offers such offers will do so again and if we miss one 'amazing' deal, we know there will be more to consider before long. You're being given a second chance in some way. Timing to seize a previously missed opportunity is perfect. Talk to a Live Psychic Today

  • Cancer Cancer Horoscope - Thursday, October 30 2014 Like This

    'Your call is important and you are in a queue, a representative will be with you shortly'. We hear such words when waiting for customer service people to take our calls. We accept others are calling for assistance but sometimes find ourselves growing impatient whilst waiting and this influences how we deal with individuals prepared to assist us. You may have reason to feel weary but don't overlook willingness on the part of certain people who want to help you in some way. Talk to a Live Psychic Today

  • Leo Leo Horoscope - Thursday, October 30 2014 Like This

    When televisions became common in households throughout the world, people were fascinated with them. They looked behind their TV sets, wondering how images appeared on screens. They were both puzzled and intrigued by this fascinating invention. Now, many children are able to explain how digital or satellite systems work. What puzzles yet fascinates you now is not only about to become integral to your world, it is much more easily explained than it appears. Talk to a Live Psychic Today

  • Virgo Virgo Horoscope - Thursday, October 30 2014 Like This

    When we're in the throes of a drama or experiencing what unprecedented levels of insecurity or uncertainty, the last thing we want to hear in an astrologer telling us to relax. It's fair to think 'this person clearly has no idea what I'm experiencing and their advice is obviously aimed at someone having an easier time than I am right now'. Ok, I won't tell you to relax, if that helps. I will tell you that comfort that is about to replace uncertainty will do much to help you to feel more optimistic. Talk to a Live Psychic Today

  • Libra Libra Horoscope - Thursday, October 30 2014 Like This

    What criteria do we measure relationships against? Each of us has at least a few guidelines surrounding what we expect from those closest to us even if they aren't always immediately apparent. Should we feel we don't have any need to do so, this is often due to complacency that might have set in with regard to interactions with certain people. It appears you are keen to introduce a breath of fresh air into one particular relationship and this is bound to prove helpful. Talk to a Live Psychic Today

  • Scorpio Scorpio Horoscope - Thursday, October 30 2014 Like This

    Phoenixes are known to emerge from ashes. We also know dark clouds often contain silver linings. When we're caught up in dramas and unable to see past what's happening here and now, we fail to see opportunities hidden within dramas and seemingly negative developments. Recent events might have given reason for concern but a fantastic opportunity exists now to transform a situation that has been less than ideal into something that offers hope on numerous levels. Talk to a Live Psychic Today

  • Sagittarius Sagittarius Horoscope - Thursday, October 30 2014 Like This

    What would you like to see change? Perhaps, you don't crave change in any way. Maybe you're happy with the way things are in various areas of your world and don't want to instigate change for the sake of it. But, let's suppose there is something you want to change. Let's also assume you feel a particular situation is unlikely to change and you've grown used to that being the case. There is something you can change now, if you wish to do so. It's definitely worth considering. Talk to a Live Psychic Today

  • Capricorn Capricorn Horoscope - Thursday, October 30 2014 Like This

    If you take facts surrounding a confusing situation at face value, then an answer appears clear. If you delve a bit deeper and look closely at what you're feeling, well, that's where things appear to become more confusing. Part of you appears willing to accept limitations surrounding an arrangement you wish was more flexible. Another part of you knows how to make it so, but fears the repercussions of doing so. That's why it's time to take a calculated risk now. Talk to a Live Psychic Today

  • Aquarius Aquarius Horoscope - Thursday, October 30 2014 Like This

    We know animals possess amazing abilities to sense hidden tension or aggression within humans. Cats, for example, are known to climb comfortably into the laps of those they know have little time for them. We underestimate how clear and strong the message we send out can be sometimes, and you're about to be enlightened regarding the clear message you're sending out to certain people – and one in particular. A chance to improve and strengthen it is coming. Talk to a Live Psychic Today

  • Pisces Pisces Horoscope - Thursday, October 30 2014 Like This

    You've heard something many times before. You know what a certain person feels or thinks and can't help but be aware of the size of the point they appear to be missing. They seem to have one idea of how a situation should be and are struggling with accepting how you see it. Is it a case of 'agreeing to disagree?' Or might they actually have a point you hadn't considered? It might be time to consider that someone really is able to bring fresh perspective to a tired situation. Talk to a Live Psychic Today