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  • Aries Aries Horoscope - Friday, October 24 2014 Like This

    We know we rarely get second chances to make first impressions. People are quick to draw conclusions based on those made instantly and often unconsciously. With that in mind, give thought to certain conclusions you're drawing now. Do they feel right? Do you feel there is no need to question them? Chances are, your intuition is not letting you down now, so trust it to help you to see and feel something that goes beyond the obvious. Talk to a Live Psychic Today

  • Taurus Taurus Horoscope - Friday, October 24 2014 Like This

    Everyone has a list of what would make them happier. We all have needs, material or otherwise, that we believe being fulfilled or met would solve many problems. We tend to overlook though how feeling better about ourselves can play a big part of much of what we need being made available to us. Prepare to see for yourself how a 'feel good factor' can work on your behalf. Trust as well that you won't have to summon this without help or for a very good reason. Talk to a Live Psychic Today

  • Gemini Gemini Horoscope - Friday, October 24 2014 Like This

    People are sometimes too quick to declare themselves 'unlucky'. They become aware of circumstances that appear to have been plotting secretly against them for some time and with the sole intention of bringing about a negative result. Don't believe the cosmos has a similar agenda now. What might appear to be a setback is about to prove a very helpful blessing in disguise. A particular development contains a very helpful opportunity. You won't struggle to see it. Talk to a Live Psychic Today

  • Cancer Cancer Horoscope - Friday, October 24 2014 Like This

    Is there something that must be said? Is there something you're finding difficult to keep quiet about? It is difficult to not say something when we know we must speak up and make a point, especially when we know it could cause confrontation or upset. You have a right to say what you believe needs to be said and are likely to gain more respect than criticism from doing so. Don't fear a certain point has been labored enough already. Resolution is likely this time around. Talk to a Live Psychic Today

  • Leo Leo Horoscope - Friday, October 24 2014 Like This

    You've invested effort, put forth a strong argument to defend why you want what you want but it appears someone's choosing not to respond in a way you wish they would. This could be because you're overlooking a grander gesture being made. Someone intends to get your attention in another, much lovelier way. Just be patient for a bit longer. There's something you need to connect with and, once done. It will shed reassuring light on a currently confusing picture. Talk to a Live Psychic Today

  • Virgo Virgo Horoscope - Friday, October 24 2014 Like This

    One of many interesting things about opportunities is, they often appear at the end of cycles. It's usually when we feel we have no options or been backed into a corner in some way that we fail to see the opportunity waiting in the wings in the hope we seize it with both hands. Don't focus on what's seemingly negative in a situation now. Look closely at why you ought to be hopeful. A certain situation is far from resolved but it's important to see how helpful that is now. Talk to a Live Psychic Today

  • Libra Libra Horoscope - Friday, October 24 2014 Like This

    'Life is what we make it'. Such words adorn many posters and social media images. The words are a bit vague though, aren't they? And what about someone who's giving a plan all they've got only to find their life isn't reflective of how they wish they were making it? You can influence an outcome now, in ways you probably believe you can. Decide what you want to make happen and then be prepared to demonstrate your commitment to it. You're armed with everything you need. Talk to a Live Psychic Today

  • Scorpio Scorpio Horoscope - Friday, October 24 2014 Like This

    If asked what is 'empty' or 'missing' from your world, you'd probably answer such a question quite quickly. Despite effort in more than one area, shortfall exists. What you want and need to see happen doesn't appear to be forthcoming. The cosmos is taking longer to provide support you need but have faith in the fact support is underway. A situation has taken time to settle to the point where a way forward has become clear. Soon, you'll feel more reassured and secure. Talk to a Live Psychic Today

  • Sagittarius Sagittarius Horoscope - Friday, October 24 2014 Like This

    When a child presents us with a picture they've drawn, a wise adult will never ask what the picture is of. To the child, it couldn't be more obvious. They often become disappointed or hurt with explaining their artistic creation to someone they believed would see straight away what was intended to be seen. You might feel you've reason to question something offered to you now. You risk diluting magic it contains through requiring an explanation. Simply accept it. Talk to a Live Psychic Today

  • Capricorn Capricorn Horoscope - Friday, October 24 2014 Like This

    Somewhere in your world, an opinion needs to shift. An attitude needs to be adjusted. What you've believed or held dear for a long time is starting to show signs of being no longer relevant or appropriate. Therein lies the problem. Part of you wants to cling to what is familiar yet you know, in your heart, it's no longer so. Be brave and accept that a new way of thinking is needed. That needn't mean abandoning a plan. It need only involve accepting it needs modifying. Talk to a Live Psychic Today

  • Aquarius Aquarius Horoscope - Friday, October 24 2014 Like This

    We spend considerable time during our brief lifetimes looking for or wanting something that is much closer and within reach than we believed. This is usually due to us convincing ourselves that, if something really was accessible to us, we wouldn't need to invest time finding it. You can reduce much worry and frustration by looking a bit nearer than further afield for a solution now. You needn't invest time and effort searching for something immediately available to you. Talk to a Live Psychic Today

  • Pisces Pisces Horoscope - Friday, October 24 2014 Like This

    Fine wines and cheeses mature with age. Before something can be deemed exquisite, it might need to be left alone for some time. There's a lot to be said for leaving some things – and some situations – to develop in their own way and time. The same can be said about a situation you believe needs constant attention now. Step back and give it a bit of time and space. It will improve and there is much you can do to accelerate the process by distancing yourself from it. Talk to a Live Psychic Today