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  • Aries Aries Horoscope - Tuesday, April 21 2015 Like This

    For as long as uncertainty forms part of a particular scenario, you are at the mercy of information finding its way to you. You could, of course, make effort yourself to find out more about what you need to know but that would be a bit like pursuing a waiter or waitress to bring your meal more quickly. Trust that a process is place that fully intends to provide what you need when ready to do so. Your wait really will be shorter than you probably think. Talk to a Live Psychic Today

  • Taurus Taurus Horoscope - Tuesday, April 21 2015 Like This

    History is full of individuals who set off to pursue a quest, not really having a clue about where they ought to start. They started at the very beginning, at a place that felt like it was the best place to begin and set off in a particular direction from there. We do the same regularly where certain problems are concerned. We identify the problem but are often unsure where the best place to look for a solution might be. A solution you seek now is practically under your nose. Talk to a Live Psychic Today

  • Gemini Gemini Horoscope - Tuesday, April 21 2015 Like This

    We tend to love protocols and formalities. The ways we greet or interact with each other clear indication of how we are supposed to behave on planet Earth. If one person breaks from such formalities and protocols, it is often met with surprise or scorn. In an area of your world, certain 'niceties' can be removed. You can afford to lose an unnecessarily formal approach in favor of one that is more genuine and to the point. Talk to a Live Psychic Today

  • Cancer Cancer Horoscope - Tuesday, April 21 2015 Like This

    'Who, me?' I suspect you read those words in the way many people ask them. You might have even visualized someone pointing their finger at themselves whilst asking them. You could be saying or at least thinking such words where taking on a commitment or obligation is concerned. You might have reservations about doing so too, but are right to believe what you're considering is an unprecedented and exciting opportunity that will ensure you learn much about yourself. Talk to a Live Psychic Today

  • Leo Leo Horoscope - Tuesday, April 21 2015 Like This

    We know all about the need to look at 'the bright side of life'. We also know why looking directly into brightness can encourage us to protect ourselves in some ways. We approach brightness with some level of caution and recognize the need for our eyes to adjust to it. If you're not yet aware of beckoning brightness, then you will be soon. The only adjustment you'll need to make surrounds trusting that it is real and not fleeting or imaginary. Talk to a Live Psychic Today

  • Virgo Virgo Horoscope - Tuesday, April 21 2015 Like This

    Why do we enjoy some films or music and not others – only to discover that, in time and despite drawing conclusions about why we disliked either, we find we eventually do? The films or music haven't changed. Both remain the same as they were when we disregarded them yet there are times when something 'clicks' that didn't previously and causes us to reassess our reasons for disliking something. That's precisely what you can expect now in an area of your world. Talk to a Live Psychic Today

  • Libra Libra Horoscope - Tuesday, April 21 2015 Like This

    Life often presents us with the 'Nearly Syndrome'. We say and hear others say, 'I nearly did this' or 'I was nearly able to accomplish that'. 'Nearly' making something happen is neither cause for consolation nor celebration. We should use the fact that we came so close to making something happen to spur us on to try again in the firm belief we will succeed. You are so very close to making real, tangible and delightful progress in some way. Don't stop now. Talk to a Live Psychic Today

  • Scorpio Scorpio Horoscope - Tuesday, April 21 2015 Like This

    When life presents us with restrictions, we deem them unfair and unhelpful. When we impose them, we deem them necessary. Even if we create our own restrictions, rarely do we actually enjoy them. Sometimes, we convince ourselves that we're doing so before life does! We feel more in control that way. Be careful that you don't end up painting yourself into a proverbial corner through diligently creating levels of unnecessary restriction in an area of your world now. Talk to a Live Psychic Today

  • Sagittarius Sagittarius Horoscope - Tuesday, April 21 2015 Like This

    The tale of the Tortoise and the Hare is a good one to remind us about the disbenefits of complacency. We often believe we buy ourselves time when we achieve success. Something we thought would take a particular period of time ends up taking less and we use extra time to celebrate or rest on our laurels when we could be looking further ahead. Success coming your way is deserved. See it as a stepping stone to further success that will need immediate attention. Talk to a Live Psychic Today

  • Capricorn Capricorn Horoscope - Tuesday, April 21 2015 Like This

    When we believe something no longer has a helpful part to play in our lives, we sometimes go to great and unnecessary lengths to remove or banish it. This happens frequently with our past when we feel a clear and distinct line needs drawing between it and the present or future. As keen as you might be to banish something - or someone - from your present or future, consider how they or it remain in your world for a very positive, helpful and potentially delightful reason. Talk to a Live Psychic Today

  • Aquarius Aquarius Horoscope - Tuesday, April 21 2015 Like This

    The urge to criticize, condemn or complain grows strongest when we believe we're having to tolerate incompetency or perceived foolishness. We fight an urge to make a point or highlight how someone is wrong about something that is frustrating or inconveniencing us. Where you might believe someone has missed a valuable or essential point, curb desire to highlight this. They could become aware in their own way and one that will benefit you more through saying nothing. Talk to a Live Psychic Today

  • Pisces Pisces Horoscope - Tuesday, April 21 2015 Like This

    Would you prefer a 'quick fix solution' that will allay concerns temporarily or a longer-term solution that might prolong an issue for a bit longer but will ensure you won't need to deal with or face it again? There's an interesting question put to you by the cosmos now. If you want immediate but temporary relief, then it's available. But do you not want to resolve an issue permanently? If so, tolerate it for a little while longer and a way to solve it for good will appear before long. Talk to a Live Psychic Today