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  • Aries Aries Horoscope - Sunday, May 24 2015 Like This

    In the 1970s, many of us were glued to a popular TV show called 'The Incredible Hulk'. Based on the Marvel Comics character and an intriguing pilot film, each episode ended with the central character (with clothes intact) heading off into the world alone to experience his next adventure. He struggled to receive support and understanding where he wanted and needed it. In your world, you have plenty of both now and are not as alone as you might believe yourself to be. Talk to a Live Psychic Today

  • Taurus Taurus Horoscope - Sunday, May 24 2015 Like This

    Within options, there is always something known as an Easy Option. It sits examining its nails in the knowledge we know it's there and are most likely to choose it over others clambering for attention. When we choose the Easy Option, it wonders what took us so long. Yet, we know Easy Options don't always have so much to smug about. Don't do yourself a disservice by believing the Easy Option in front of you is deserving of as much attention as it thinks it is. Talk to a Live Psychic Today

  • Gemini Gemini Horoscope - Sunday, May 24 2015 Like This

    An increasingly common belief surrounds the cure for any ailment we experience being found in some form within a very short distance of wherever we're sat. What we need is available to us yet we often have no idea what we need is so nearby. When we're aware of something missing from our lives, we sometimes believe finding or attaining it will require a vast amount of patience and effort. The sky insists now that something you truly need is so much closer to you than you think. Talk to a Live Psychic Today

  • Cancer Cancer Horoscope - Sunday, May 24 2015 Like This

    How does it feel to know you have the ability to surprise yourself? There you were, thinking only others have the ability to do something you might never have an opportunity or even a need to do yourself and, lo and behold, you discover you're able to do what you believed you'd never do. Sometimes, we need to find ourselves in certain situations that test our abilities. The test you've passed recently is about to reassure you in many ways. A superb precedent has been set. Talk to a Live Psychic Today

  • Leo Leo Horoscope - Sunday, May 24 2015 Like This

    If something's worth doing, it's obviously worth doing well and, well, chances are, you believe it needs to be done by you. It's not uncommon for people born under your sign to want recognition of achievement coming one direction only. Yet, you are likely aware of how the tiniest bit of assistance – or cooperation – from a certain person could make achieving something infinitely easier. Be willing to receive help and cooperation now and it will come to you. Talk to a Live Psychic Today

  • Virgo Virgo Horoscope - Sunday, May 24 2015 Like This

    In some way now, you're able to smile confidently and might be struggling with saying the words, 'I told you so.' For the time being, keep whatever knowledge or information you have about a particular matter to yourself. For as long as you keep whatever it is you know to yourself, you will retain the upper hand in a situation in which someone else believes they have an advantage. You'll know when the time is perfect to reveal what you know. You won't be waiting long. Talk to a Live Psychic Today

  • Libra Libra Horoscope - Sunday, May 24 2015 Like This

    In some way, in an area of your world, timing is crucial. When you choose to strike or seize and opportunity will determine whether or not you benefit from doing so. For some time, you've been aware of a need to time an action or decision perfectly or choose your moment precisely but you needn't fear getting this wrong. Circumstances will dictate when the perfect time has arisen. For now, keep your idea or plan waiting to be launched on the proverbial back burner. Talk to a Live Psychic Today

  • Scorpio Scorpio Horoscope - Sunday, May 24 2015 Like This

    Sometimes, our greatest and most pivotal ideas appear as annoying distractions. We can't, at first, see what possible relevance they have and this usually occurs when we've convinced ourselves we know all we need to know about what we must do or when we must do it. Avoid a need to question or dismiss an idea that begs for attention over and above one you have your heart set on. It likely represents a much better and considerably more appropriate option. Talk to a Live Psychic Today

  • Sagittarius Sagittarius Horoscope - Sunday, May 24 2015 Like This

    What is it they say about 'watched pots'? We're told they never boil yet know otherwise. We can choose to bore ourselves by watching a pot of water come to the boil if we've nothing else to do but regardless of whether or not we choose to watch the process, it will occur provided all necessary conditions are right. In a similar way, something in your world doesn't need to be monitored as closely as you believe. Trust that all conditions are right for what needs to happen. Talk to a Live Psychic Today

  • Capricorn Capricorn Horoscope - Sunday, May 24 2015 Like This

    Some people believe that, to appear concerned about a particular matter, we must be serious and moody. That way, those observing us will be reassured we're taking a matter as seriously as we ought to be taking it. After all, if something is serious and needs serious attention, then the last thing they want to see is us acting positively and optimistically. It is a positive and optimistic attitude that will bring your best result now. Ignore pressure to act any other way. Talk to a Live Psychic Today

  • Aquarius Aquarius Horoscope - Sunday, May 24 2015 Like This

    Is it a case of bettering a particular Devil you know? One option available to you appears enticing yet playing it safe in some way with regard to another option appears more appealing. You could be loath to upset an equilibrium – or a particular person – by taking a risk. This, in turn, involves following your heart. You owe it to yourself to explore what's on offer by a least favorable option now. It will bring upheaval but, in many ways, that's precisely what's needed. Talk to a Live Psychic Today

  • Pisces Pisces Horoscope - Sunday, May 24 2015 Like This

    Resentment is a heavy thing to carry around. We can't see it. We can only feel it. We know it's there and are equally aware of how much energy it is capable of sapping from us yet we struggle for some reason to let go of it. To move forward in ways you know you must now, you will need to release yourself from resentment you've been carrying. This negative influence has never truly served a purpose and it serves no purpose now. Let go of what needs letting go of. Talk to a Live Psychic Today