Yesterdays's Horoscopes

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  • Aries Aries Horoscope for Yesterday

    Writers and filmmakers are keen for us to suspend disbelief if we are to appreciate what they've created. Even if what they've created is factual, we're still required to allow ourselves to be guided by them within a world they've invited us to enter. We don't need convincing about how beneficial it can be to open our minds and be more receptive to absorbing new information. If you are willing to treat certain information coming to light now with an open mind, then you stand to gain something wonderful and long-lasting.

  • Taurus Taurus Horoscope for Yesterday

    Doom mongers have predicted for thousands of years that the end of the world is nigh. It is true that our planet will cease to exist when the Sun's hydrogen fuel becomes depleted. In the last 4 billion years, it has used about half of its supply, which means it's good for another 4.5 billion years or so. Now that we've confirmed the worst possible scenario Mankind could ever experience is going to occur, how worried do you feel? Good! Neither should you be focusing so intently on something else that simply doesn't deserve such attention.

  • Gemini Gemini Horoscope for Yesterday

    The key word is 'collaboration'. That's what needs discussing and, better still, putting into place. You might believe that you can single-handedly take on a project or task and see it through to completion and nobody is saying you're incapable of doing so. However, the sky insists that teamwork in some way will bring a much better result. You're very close to a breakthrough of some kind now. When it happens, it will be clear how a collective effort played a part in it so now is a perfect time to start putting your team together.

  • Cancer Cancer Horoscope for Yesterday

    Many people have agendas. Many peoples' agendas are very transparent and it is helpful when we can see through them. This puts us in a position of power in some ways and we need to decide whether we lay proverbial cards on the table and make clear what we see clearly. You're about to gain control of a relationship or agreement in a similar way. What someone is saying doesn't mirror their actions. It's clear they want more from the arrangement than they're letting on. Trust your Cancerian intuition to know when best to make your move and gain the upper hand.

  • Leo Leo Horoscope for Yesterday

    If we ask for something we want or need and are reassured that whoever we're asking is actually in a position to provide it, then we know we have to ask in a specific way. This usually involves asking positively and enthusiastically. We don't always get everything we ask for but we at least recognize that our chances increase significantly if we show signs that we care about whether or not it is granted to us. Bear this in mind now where a nonchalant attitude could be playing a part in delaying something that, in your heart, you know you want.

  • Virgo Virgo Horoscope for Yesterday

    At this time of year, people around the world are adopting open minds regarding what might be granted to them. Wish Lists have been updated numerous times and hope is being pinned on the attainment of a special gift of some kind. Optimism is rife and with good reason, too. Many doing the wishing have learned that history indicates optimism at this time of year is rarely misplaced. Let's ignore for the time being the seasonal implications to what I'm talking about. You have a good and justified reason to feel hopeful now. Hold that thought and remain optimistic.

  • Libra Libra Horoscope for Yesterday

    Many people look at what others are experiencing in the belief that good things only happen to others. And what do people who are the recipients of good fortune do? They look at others in the belief that good things only happen to others, too! Sometimes, we fail to see what we are experiencing is a 'good' thing. If a development doesn't manifest in a way we thought it would or brings only part of what we were expecting or need, then we feel shortchanged. Something very good is unfolding in your world now and it's long overdue. Stop to see how beneficial it really is.

  • Scorpio Scorpio Horoscope for Yesterday

    Think back, if you can, to a time when you rehearsed, word-for-word, what you were going to say to a particular person. The importance of what was being said justified a need to ensure that what was said was done so as succinctly and honestly as possible. Then, when the crucial moment presented itself, everything rehearsed went straight out the window in favor of just opening your mouth and letting whatever came out, come out. What you feel necessary to say to a certain person now will be far more meaningful and effective if you simply let your heart do the talking.

  • Sagittarius Sagittarius Horoscope for Yesterday

    We have no problem with understanding the concept that we outgrow clothes. What was appropriate once becomes obsolete or outdated later on. We then tend to have no problem with recognizing the need to replace such items. In a similar way, it's time to give your mind a clear out. It appears time has come to replace a few outdated ideas and opinions that have served you well until now. You were right to support them when they had a role to play. Now, it's time to replace aspects of your thinking and beliefs with something much more appropriate and relevant.

  • Capricorn Capricorn Horoscope for Yesterday

    How might a pianist react to discovering a new key was to be added to their piano? Or a guitarist discovering a seventh string was now required to play the instrument? How dare anyone suggest that something was far from perfect and a new 'rule' must be put in place to improve it. How could logic that has existed for so long simply be ignored in favor of an apparent 'better' way of doing something? You might feel similarly about a new level of enforcement in your world. What suits someone else probably won't suit you. You can afford to stick with what you know to be best.

  • Aquarius Aquarius Horoscope for Yesterday

    Sometimes, it's what someone doesn't say that is the most powerful. Someone can talk the hind legs off a donkey and still say nothing meaningful yet the words could be concealing a much deeper, greater need. There might be something they're hoping someone else will pick up on and pursue. That makes it easier to say what's difficult to say. Don't be too dismissive now of a barrage of words coming your direction from a certain person. If you're willing to look a bit deeper into what's being said, then a much more important message is likely to be found.

  • Pisces Pisces Horoscope for Yesterday

    What makes something 'priceless'? Take, for example, the Mona Lisa. It was painted on canvas and with very basic oils. It probably cost Leonardo next to nothing to create yet has evolved in perceived value significantly. Anyone wishing they owned it would want to do so because of the kudos and reputation attached to it, not because it comprises anything of value. Something in your world might appear meaningless or insignificant yet holds massive potential in terms of providing you with necessary inspiration. Expect soon, to see how priceless that is.