Yesterdays's Horoscopes

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  • Aries Aries Horoscope for Yesterday

    Restrictions often have 'enforcing' qualities about them. They appear, make clear what we can and can't do in some way and we're expected to nod and accept what has been dictated. You, however, have the planet of rebellion itself, Uranus, in your sign and it's encouraging you to be less accepting of a certain restriction. Where you have felt hampered and hindered in some way, expect soon to find a very helpful and convenient loophole!

  • Taurus Taurus Horoscope for Yesterday

    In any decision-making process, we always know what feels 'right' and when we're compromising principles or beliefs to accommodate someone else's. You might be surrounded by people who believe they know what's best for you and can provide answers to what you require answers to. Yet, you might be equally aware of how better placed you are to know what's right for you. Smile and be appreciative of guidance others are offering whilst sticking with what you know is best.

  • Gemini Gemini Horoscope for Yesterday

    You needn't view what's unfolding in your world now as new or unexplored previously. In fact, you might even be aware of how history might be repeating itself in some way and how able you are to make connections with what's occurring in the present with the past. This should do much to offer some level of reassurance or comfort, even if what you're now dealing with is something you had managed to put behind you previously. Try to extrapolate the valuable lesson on offer.

  • Cancer Cancer Horoscope for Yesterday

    It appears you're holding something that resembles a towel. It also appears as if you're close to throwing it a particular direction. Before you consider severing a certain tie or giving up on a certain situation or arrangement, try to spot the flicker of life within it. As tempting as it might be to detach yourself from something you've invested much time and effort toward, all that might be needed is a gentle poke of embers to revive a flame. Don't give up quite yet.

  • Leo Leo Horoscope for Yesterday

    A particular vision you have of the future isn't misplaced. It's not a pipedream you conjured one day that brought comfort to what seemed uncomfortable or unattainable at the time. It might appear something you yearn for or to achieve is being dangled in front of you but the good news is, whatever-it-is isn't likely to become a mirage that has you clasping air every time you reach for it. At some point, very soon, you're going to have a firm grasp and it won't escape a second time.

  • Virgo Virgo Horoscope for Yesterday

    It would be helpful if a certain situation or arrangement made more sense than it appears to. You're having to fill in gaps and connect proverbial dots to create a realistic and accurate picture yet assumption is playing an integral part in trying to make sense of what you see. For now, trust what you see as a realistic overview. Soon, a few integral pieces of the puzzle will arrive in the form of information missing until now. Then, you'll know precisely where you stand.

  • Libra Libra Horoscope for Yesterday

    Much occurring in your world could be traced back to the Jupiter/Sun conjunction in your sign at the end of September. It's as if these two heavyweights gave their orders surrounding you feeling more reassured and optimistic back then and it's taken a bit of time for foot soldiers to carry them out. The sky speaks of a real, tangible ability on your part to feel buoyant and optimistic now. If you're not yet feeling either, then allow some finishing touches to be done!

  • Scorpio Scorpio Horoscope for Yesterday

    When awakened from a dream-filled sleep, we can sometimes need a bit of time to adjust and acclimatize to our surroundings. It doesn't usually take long for us to return to reality, even if a dream continues to play itself out momentarily in our heads. We can either be grateful for the return to reality or disappointed by it. Whatever it is that's bringing you back to Earth with a gentle bump, expect soon to be grateful for clarity that is coming as a result.

  • Sagittarius Sagittarius Horoscope for Yesterday

    One person's idea of justice can often differ from someone else's. Much depends on how 'morally right' one person is in what they believe to fair and just. There are times when someone's idea of both surrounds what they believe to be best for them and them alone. You might need to stand up for yourself in some way – and possibly against someone who believes themselves to be right. You have fairness on your side as long as you're prepared to defend what you know to be right.

  • Capricorn Capricorn Horoscope for Yesterday

    A situation needs to be seen realistically and it's possible you've not had a chance to do this through being so focused on what needs to be achieved in a finite timeframe. In the same way a construction site Foreperson needs to watch those working from a distance lest they put a shovel through a water or electrical main through being too close to a situation, you can gain valuable perspective by detaching yourself briefly. You have reasons to be both proud – and reassured.

  • Aquarius Aquarius Horoscope for Yesterday

    I met someone recently who, as a hobby, kept a blog of restaurants they had dined in and amassed many critiques that encouraged restaurants to contact her to dine in theirs. It was clear she knew what she was talking about and had inadvertently made herself seen as an expert. You could be more of an expert in some way than you're giving yourself credit for being. Push aside modesty and blow a trumpet about something you know yourself to be knowledgeable about!

  • Pisces Pisces Horoscope for Yesterday

    It's possible you're watching a situation from a distance and wondering what you can do to improve or bring closure to it. This would be much easier if you were more directly involved yet you can see what needs to be done in ways those involved directly cannot see. Your strategy might even involve bringing more sensitivity, compassion and understanding to what has grown tense. Soon, you'll see such improvements without having to get involved.