5 Ways to Guarantee a Successful Relationship with a Sagittarius

It is very difficult to make any relationship work, but when you are dating a Sagittarius there are some tips that will help you be more successful. While it may not always work in your favor, failing to put these tips into play will definitely doom your relationship, so you have nothing to lose.

Do not attempt to force a Sagittarius to do anything he does not want to do.

The key to a successful relationship with a Sagittarius is making sure you do not put pressure on him to give more than he is willing to give. It is very difficult to get this sign to commit even if he admits he or she falls in love with you, so you must allow them space and the room to make decisions when they are ready.

Sagittarius is not the kind of person who will easily commit, and even if he falls in love with you, he may not be ready to commit to any kind of long-term of permanent relationship. You must allow him to make the decision in his own time because if you attempt to force him to make a decision, he will pull away from you.

Allow your Sagittarius to explore his mind.

Sagittarius has a very active mind and needs to always be doing something. Even when it comes to a vacation, the Archer must be doing something. If you take him to a deserted island, he will have to search for the ways to reach land or to survive on the desert island. If you take him to a third world country which would please him immensely he would have to take the time to explore the land and its surroundings in order to learn why the land and its people are so poor.

Accept the Sagittarius at face value.

While they are certainly honest people, you also have to under what you see on the surface is the real person. In addition, Sagittarius is happy and upbeat and likes for everyone around him to be the same. Even if you attempt to be sad (or are unhappy about something) Sagittarius will cheer you up with his smile and joviality.

Allow the Sagittarius to stay in control of his own destiny.

Sagittarius does not like to be controlled, and if you attempt to do so he will quickly lose interest. He doesn’t feel he needs to have someone in his life, and he certainly doesn’t want a partner who is clingy and insecure. Allow your Sagittarius to be in control rather than attempting to control him, and you will achieve a successful relationship.

Give your Sagittarius the freedom he needs.

Sagittarius does not like to be kept on a leash, and if you attempt he will walk away and quite possibly jeopardize any chance you have with other partners by telling his friends the kind of person you are.

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