Getting to know your Sagittarius Woman

The Sagittarius woman is very enterprising and resourceful. She is always on the look' for ways she can fulfill her dreams. She is also very adventurous with an abundance of creative fire and the need for excitement and different ways to widen her horizons. She also loves to travel and will have a very difficult time staying still. Basically the Sagittarius woman can be defined as one who seeks to reach a particular goal and once she accomplishes that she will work toward accomplishing another goal in her life.

The biggest problem the Sagittarius woman will face is being able to balance reality with ideology in order to work toward accepting the current state of the responsibilities in her life. This is necessary in order for her to be able to build a solid future for herself, but she will find it extremely difficult. This fits in well with her need to expand her knowledge, but she will need to be able to balance the two of them in order to succeed in meeting her lifes goals.

The Sagittarius woman loves to learn new things and to teach others those things she learns. This can sometimes create a problem because the Sagittarius woman is sometimes overconfident and believes she has mastered a skill when she still has a great deal left to learn. This overconfidence in the knowledge she possesses can create adverse situations when she tries to teach others ab' a topic in which she is not fully knowledgeable. While she can also be visionary and even somewhat farsighted, she lacks the patience necessary to create perfection within herself in the reality of every day life. In spite of these shortcomings, she will always manage to survive and even prosper.

When it comes to money matters, the Sagittarius woman is not one who possesses the ability to adhere to the constraints of a budget. She cares very little ab' minor details such as the price tag on an item or the credit limit on a charge card; this often causes her to spend more money than she can actually afford. This sense of irresponsibility can often cause many financial difficulties because she possesses an optimistic nature that allows her to mistakenly believe that tomorrow will take care of today. She is drawn to games of speculation as well as gambling and sometimes does quite well.

The Sagittarius woman is an adventurer is all aspects of her life including love and romance. The sign of Sagittarius is often called The bachelor sign and often causes the Sagittarius woman to experience some difficult times when she is in a committed relationship. She needs a great deal of personal freedom and is happiest in a relationship with a partner who is willing to allow the Centaur the room she needs to move and roam.

The Sagittarius woman is usually attracted to those she feels are in distress because this allows her to provide help to someone else and help that person resolve their emotional problems while the Sagittarius woman provides the love she feels they need.

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