Getting to know your Sagittarius Man

If you're interested in developing a friendship or love relationship with a Sagittarius man you first want to learn some things about him. One of the first things and maybe one of the best about this man is The Archer tends to be very fun-loving and happy, the kind of person you enjoying being around. He always tends to be very upbeat and wants everyone he comes into contact with to be the same way. If you are sad and unhappy he will successfully manage to cheer you up with his witticisms and joking ways. He has a need for adventure and exploration and as such will never be boring.

The Sagittarius man is a very honest individual and will always be willing to tell you his true feelings. One thing to remember is to never ask him a question unless you want the complete and unabbreviated truth. He doesn't do it in order to be hurtful, but he is a very poor liar even during those times when a little white lie might save you some hurt. Of course, the same holds true for compliments: if a Sagittarius complements you on anything, you don't have to worry about whether he is being sincere or just trying to spare your feelings. He will never tell you he loves you unless he really means it, but at the same time he may never say those words. Unfortunately even if he does fall in love with you, he may still have a problem making a commitment to marriage or even a long-term relationship.

Because of the Archer's love of all of the creatures on earth you might find him at a dog show, horse show, zoo, animal shelter or even a wildlife preserve. He has an abundance of compassion for other human beings which might lead him to volunteer at soup kitchens, homeless shelters or nursing homes. His competitive nature may also lead him into various types of sports as well. He loves to travel, so you are likely to find the Sagittarius man working in careers within the travel industry such as for travel agencies, airlines or even on a cruise ship. They are not content with just ordinary localities but prefer to travel to exotic locations and even third world countries.

It isn't very difficult for a woman to get the attention of a Sagittarius man since he finds almost everyone interesting in one way or the other. The problem is not with getting his attention but keeping him interested since he bores quickly and has a difficult time with commitment. Many Sagittarius men feel they experience a variety of women instead of focusing their energies on one special person. That means you must always strive to prevent boredom in your relationship because if he becomes bored he will look other places for excitement. This holds true not only of every day life but also in the bedroom. Prevent boredom by keeping him interested and you will not have to worry about losing your Sagittarius man once you are lucky enough to win his heart.

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