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> Daily Archives: December 8, 2013

Tips on how to save money for the Sagittarians

Sagittarians are the fun loving sorts who act at the spur of the moment. They are also known for being a compulsive buyer, so much so, that he or she sometimes would walk into a store and pick up something expensive without even looking at the price tag. They are the big spenders of all the zodiacs, be it for oneself or for a charity. Have money, will spend – that is the life motto of Sagittarians. Sagittarians are also considered to be the luckiest of all the zodiacs. This also means that they know that even if they splurge they can always make more money. Thus, you will hardly find a Sagittarian fretting and complaining about money matters. If you see a Sagittarian over-spending, do know that at the back of his head he is also ticking off the fact that he knows from where more money will come in again.

Sagittarians are by nature people who would go out of their way to favor someone they prefer. Thus, they may loan some money to someone and would most likely forget that he has ever at all lent that money. Thus, the bottom line for Sagittarians when it comes to money is that they love money and everything that money can buy for them. Sagittarians’ luck with money helps them in their splurge, though it is also true that they believe that they deserve it all anyway.

The flip side to it all is that there is always the need to keep a check of the spending. Otherwise the Sag would not have even noticed that it is overdraft time! Sagittarians are good at spending but not so much on keeping a tab on their expenses. Thus, with all the money that keeps coming in, it is advisable that a Sagittarian must hire a personal accountant.

However, it is not like Sagittarians like to spend it all on themselves. They equally like to spend their money on others as well. They love to lend out, especially to friends, eventually turning them all into gifts. At the same time, it is very dicey to lend money to a Sagittarian for they are bound to spend it all and most of the time without noticing – which also means that you are most likely not going to get your money back.

Thus, keep track of the money that comes in as well as that goes out. If you cannot then make sure you have someone who does it – hire an accountant. You are not someone who keeps track of where your money goes and how you spend it, so beware when you choose friends. There will be many and more who would not lose this opportunity to go piggy-backing on your money. In general, as a Sagittarian you should realize the fact that the best things in life come free. So, for you when it comes at a price, it is time to understand that you have cut yourself a very bad deal.

Christmas celebration tips for Sagittarians

December is the month for Sagittarians, up until the 22nd of the month. What is even better is that it clubs with the Christmas celebrations that are just around the corner. On this occasion of your birthday, you will be surrounded by energy to start afresh. Sagittarians are full of energy, versatility and enterprise and have a positive outlook towards life. They are thrilled at the prospect of extending their experiences beyond the physically familiar.

Sagittarians are the ones who love to travel. Traveling and exploration are always a big hit among Sagittarians as they are constantly bombarded with opportunities to bombard their minds with new dimensions of thought. Traveling is therefore in their stars. Thus, one of the best ways to celebrate Christmas would be to travel somewhere exciting where you have not been or have been waiting and dying for an opportunity to go to. Hiking and adventure is surely something that ought to be kept on your cards. Choose a location that will give you the opportunity to explore something new. It is a well known fact Sagittarians are turned on by the sheer thrill of exploring something new, discovering something unknown. Since Sagittarians are also known to be fiercely freedom-loving plan for a solo trek; maybe combine it with a photo walk if you are the photography enthusiast. Sagittarians are good leaders. Take this opportunity of planning a short trek with a group of like-minded individuals, taking up the reins and heading the team and the entire trip. It will just be another means of exploring what generally misses the ordinary eye. Sagittarians are also known to be modest and often religious. So the more spiritually oriented can take this opportunity to go for a spiritual-religious pilgrimage of sorts. The occasion also adds to the significance of it all.

Fire is the element that is associated with Sagittarians. Like fire they can move very quickly and sometimes even uncontrollably, flitting from one thing to the next. Thus, for the Sag-born, it is all about adventure and travel and action. They are often found to be athletic and are full of stamina. They love to lead a full life and therefore their lives are full of experiences, thanks to the incessant traveling that they are always pushing themselves for. It is this streak for adventure, exploration and thrill that should make a Sagittarian plan this Christmas for the ultimate adventure trip that he or she has been longing for all their life.

Sagittarians are strong-willed and are known to be good at organizing. Thus, this Christmas take this opportunity to organize a Christmas party that will also give an opportunity to meet new people and engage in interesting conversations. Also, Sagittarians are those who consider themselves the modern counterparts of the intellectuals of ancient Rome. They are highly opinionated and like it when others agree with their well-thought-out point of view. What better way to pamper yourself with such than throwing your own Christmas party bash!