Each person is faced with having to handle a variety of different people when they go to work. Sometimes the experience is positive and sometime barely acceptable. Even those who do not believe in the force of the stars for determining personality traits are likely to see the differences in the workplace. Each astrological sign has specific work-related traits, and Sagittarius is no different. For one thing Sagittarius is a traveler, and as such see every day as a new challenge. The cheerful and spontaneous nature of Sagittarius is one that will provide any workplace with a morale boost.

The Sagittarius has a great sense of humor and doesn’t possess even a single malicious bone in his or her body. On the down side you are likely to discover that this sign is more likely to provide a honest assessment of a situation when exercising a little bit of tact would have been a better solution to the problem. This can also cause some inner conflict with co-workers because the Sagittarius may walk away from the situation without giving a thought to the effect his negativity may have on others.

Friends and co-workers may not see the Sagittarius as being particularly deep, but in reality he is a deep thinking individual who gives a great deal of thought to the “big picture” including an analysis of why he or she is here and where he or she might be going from this point—this also includes the ability to frequently see the end results with a great deal of accuracy. The role of Sagittarians is to always seek more knowledge than they currently possess, so those born under this sign are more likely than not very well read in a variety of subjects and have a highly defined personal philosophy. Sagittarians will never lose their child-like qualities and will always see the glass as half-full rather than half-empty. They will also never be completely serious about their daily lives and always allow for a little bit of childish behavior.

Sagittarius is also very self-confident, positive, enthusiastic and easy-going. You’re likely to find this sign with a map on the wall and push pins indicating all the places he wishes to go in his lifetime. He is also likely to be way ahead of everyone else when it comes to the future of the company and its overall picture. The Archer will aim high at work, which will allow him to achieve high goals (or occasionally extreme failures).
Fortunately the success rate of the Sagittarius will outweigh any failures, so you can feel safe in relying on his hunches to increase company profitability.

Sagittarius will have no problems getting along with co-workers in spite of his tendencies to be very blunt and tactless. This is partly due to the fact he has a need to know everything and therefore becomes a fountain of information for others in the company. The Sagittarius may also seem frivolous at times, but when you need someone to jump in to pitch in, Sagittarius will be the first one to volunteer.