Why Are Sagittarius Considered Lucky

Sagittarians are said to be lucky. They usually get what they want and are almost always seem happy about how their lives turn out and of the choices they make. You may hear of how a lot of the more successful or well to do people in different parts of the world are born under this sign. Whether it's because of their ruling planet or it's just written on stars is not clear. 

If you examine a Sagittarius' personality, though, you would know that they are the type to make their own destinies. Archers never take things sitting down. Probably the most useful trait a person can possess is knowing how crucial it is to take opportunities and a Sagittarius is big on this. Sagittarius people are one of the biggest risk takers there is. Not that they don't do any careful planning and analysis. They do. They just know it doesn't stop on careful planning and analysis. Sags like to try things out before deciding whether they like it or not and this is what they do when they invest on something. They try it out to see of it's worth investing on or not.
Out with the old, in the with new. Sagittarius people also know not to hang on to something too much. Sagittarius are not sentimental and are rarely attached. Although this may seem cold and callous in a personal relationship, it does them good in business and life in general. If a business, education or any kind of opportunity would take them traveling and leaving friends and family behind they would take it with a promise to keep in touch and visit when they can. If a new lucrative investment comes, they would consider letting go of an old one that hardly makes any money like it used to. 
Taking the plunge into something new also takes courage and positive thinking. Archers believe in themselves. They are confident in their choices. That these choices will lead them to greener pastures ... or at least give them fun during the process. This trait is a big push to their goals. Even if a person has a full proof plan but doesn't have the confidence to act on it, they won't go far. If you're in a conference with a solid presentation but are nervous and keeps stammering the board would have little confidence themselves to invest in you.
Their confidence and positive thinking are infectious. They can attract people because of this attitude and when you attract more people, you attract more opportunities. Sags are generous to the people they meet. They invest time and effort to make sure they accommodate the needs of the people around them so they tend to do the same for them. without realizing it, a Sag's natural social ability is building him not just a network of friends but acquaintances that could give him a lot of benefits in the long run.
A Sagittarius won't take the easy way because he likes the challege. He likes to test his limit and push the boundaries. It takes hard work before a person gets to their goal, and it is said that if a goal isn't hard enough then it's not worth much.

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