How to attract a sexy Sagittarius man!

This ebook is your guide to eternal love & happiness

So, you’ve found a Sagittarius guy and you’ve decided that you just have to have him. Or, maybe you just want the chance to get to know him better and see where it leads. Or, maybe you even already have a Sagittarius guy but you’ve realized that you’ve got to go the extra mile to keep him. Whatever the case may be, let’s face it girls, an Archer man is not quite like any other guy out there. There’s something about him that keeps women knocking at his door. Is it that zest for life or is it the way that he knows just how to charm a girl? Is it the way he makes you feel like you’re the only woman on the face of the earth or is it the excitement you feel when he talks about all of his adventures? It’s likely a combination of all of the above. But as much as you want this guy, others do as well, and you’re going to have to work hard to get him and keep him…and that’s what this book is for. You’ll find out everything you need to know about the Sagittarius man to keep him coming back to YOU.


Do you ache for an archer?

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Sagittarius men love women – no one will deny that. The trick is getting him to realize that you are the one woman that truly understands him and that you’re the one he should be with. But before you can get him to that point, you really do need to understand him because as much as you might think that you know men in general, the Centaur is a different kind of man. He’s not going to fall for the usual lines and he’s not going to stick around for typical womanly wiles. He needs so much more because he is more. If you can accept him for what he is he makes a great partner in life and if you can learn to understand who he is he’ll make your life very happy.

Here’s a sample of what you’ll learn in this ebook...

» How to get inside the head of a Sagittarius Man and be the only thing on his mind!
» What is the Sagittarius man looking for in a woman? and How to be this woman!
» Good characteristics of the Centaur man
» The not-so-good characteristics (because no man is perfect)
» What the Sagittarius guy wants in a woman
» How to get his attention
» How to KEEP his attention
» How to prevent him from getting bored
» What is your sexual Compatibility with a Sagittarius? Learn how to blow his socks off in the sack!
» Great ideas for dates with an Archer man
» How to keep him entertained
» What you need to know if you want to be in a real relationship with him
» How to keep him from straying
» Free Consultation with Relationship and Dating Expert Bryce Harris (limited Offer)

Get the Man and be the Envy of many Women

Remember girls, you’re not the only one that has tried to get a Sagittarius guy and most that have come before you have failed or have failed to keep him. Why? Well, it’s not because he’s a difficult guy to be around, that’s for sure. That’s actually the reason why so many women want to be with him. The Centaur man has very specific expectations. He has goals and dreams and he expects of lot of himself so he’ll expect the same of you. He’s not going to waste any time with someone that doesn’t measure up in his eyes. He’s got a life to live and if you want to live it with him you’d better learn as much as you can about him so that you know what to expect. Without learning about him you’re going to struggle and a Sagittarius guy is not going to sit around in a relationship that is struggling. We teach you how to keep a relationship with a sagittarius interesting because we specialize in Sagittarius men and I promise they will never refer to you as boring or predictable.... EVER


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