What happens when 1 sagittarius gets together with another sagittarius? Read and find out.

General Compatibility:

Lots and lots of fun and excitement await a Sagittarius couple. They have a lot in common which will fuel up the fire. Both love to travel, party, meet new people and go on new adventures. Having the same interests they will also share the same optimistic view in life. If they partner up in business, they will reach things they never even thought of. Sagittarians being philosophical people likes challenges and puzzles. The harder it is to figure out something the more drawn they get to it. They won’t stop until they figure their way out of it. One thing that might hold them back is their care-free nature. They need to get serious about what they are trying to achieve. A lot of times, Sagittarius people focus on “living their life to the fullest” they forget to work on the other necessary things. Adventure and fun can overwhelm the Archer so they need to keep their feet planted firm on the ground. Another similarity is their temperament. Sagittarius people are not emotional or the moody type. They are known to be blunt to the point of tactlessness. Often times they say innocent and honest things and end up hurting the feelings of who they are talking to. They, however, have a very long patience and, to be blunt, a bit “thick skinned” so they don’t normally take offense on a random comment or criticism.

Romantic Compatibility:

The best thing about these two being together is that they love to meet new people and interact with members of both sexes. Therefore, there will be little or no jealousy in a relationship between two Sagittarians. They will have fun together or on their own with their own set of friends. They can count on giving each other enough space to have fun. As with business though, these two need to get serious at one point if they want this relationship to work. Having fun, meeting and hanging out with new people can be overwhelming so they need to remember that they should put restrictions on the freedom that they give each other or that the other gives them. The word “restriction” might not sound very appealing to an Archer but it’s merely drawing the line somewhere. Sagittarians are naturally flirt for example, so one might say, “Fine you can flirt, you can look, but you can’t touch. And I’m going to do the same.” In the end, they will have to sit down and talk about more serious matters if they want to end up hearing wedding bells together.


Sex between two Sagittarians is one of the best. These two are ready to try different things at least once. Therefore there will almost be no boundaries. They will not always be interested in the whole foreplay thing. They are very much full of life when it comes to sex and may not have the patience for “romantic” gestures. Pulling each other in an empty cubicle in the bathroom of a packed club for a quickie might sound lewd for other people but it might just be the best scenario for them.