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Gifts for the Sagittarius man

Sagittarius men are outspoken and lively by nature. They like to look at the brighter side of things. This makes choosing a gift for the Sagittarius man a rewarding experience. Sagittarians are explorers by nature. Those born under this sun sign are restless and always in search of new horizons. Thus, what can be the best gift for him other than a vacation to a completely new place, somewhere he has never been before and which would give him ample opportunity to explore. Wait before you rush get those flight tickets. Make sure it is not a tame beach holiday or a cruise where he is mostly stuck indoors. Nothing would enthuse a Sagittarius guy than a white water rafting holiday or a hike through a mountain forest trail. You can also go for travel gears if not the actual travel plan – like a rucksack, or a good quality shaving kit with all the grooming essentials that fit perfectly into his minimal luggage. Go crazy and gift him travel boots and even a money belt too. You can also gift him annual subscription of his favorite travel magazine or a travel book for the next destination on his travel plans.

Just as their thirst for exploring new places makes them the ardent traveler, it is this same sense of wanting to know more about the world that makes the Sagittarius man also enjoy a good book. It is like a window to another world – something that would add to his collective knowledge about the many wonders of the world. They enjoy a whole range of books – from travel, history and culture to philosophy, politics, autobiographies and even fiction. Something on the more glamorous side would be fancy coffee table books about foreign countries and cultures with some glossy pages and great photographs.

Another great way to make his day special would be by giving him an opportunity to participate in some adventure sports. Horse-riding, sky diving, scuba diving or snorkeling should be at the top of your list. The Sagittarius man loves to stretch the limits of his physical strength and stamina. This risk-taking personality of the Sagittarius man is also something that makes it easy to win his heart with a little bit of gaming activities. If you can trust your Sagittarius man to keep his head on his shoulder then arrange for him to spend an evening at a casino. It will be one of the best experiences that you can offer him. However, if you do not want to be the Eve to lure your Adam to the potentially dangerous habits, there is also the option of gifting him gaming software – how about an XBOX or the latest FIFA gaming software.

Sagittarian men are never short of humor. They are a fun-loving lot and so a gift with a touch of humor would be a great success with him – from a funky T-shirt with a witty message to a classic collection of Charlie Chaplin films. The Sagittarius man is the best partner to share a laugh with; what can be better than giving him something that would tickle his funny bone.

How not to offend a Sagittarius woman

A Sagittarian woman is ruled by the planet Jupiter and her element is fire. Well, these two factors play a very decisive role in the nature of a Sagittarian lady. She is a true representation of her element fire. This fiery lady is full of energy with an infectiously outgoing nature. She loves to live on the edge and believes living life to the extreme. She is a complete outdoor person. One thing that would definitely offend her is trying to keep her indoors. She loves adventure and would naturally be inclined towards any activity which gives her an adrenaline rush. She would love to go hiking around the mountains, trekking, camping, swimming or even bungee jumping. So it goes without saying that she wouldn’t enjoy with a person who does not share the same spirit like hers.

So if you don’t want to offend her than please take her outdoors and let her enjoy the adrenaline rush that she absolutely loves. Saying things like “Let’s be home and enjoy watching TV” would for sure offend her. She is a person who needs a lot of space and believes in her independence. A lot of nagging activities and do’s and don’ts might not go down too well with her. If her partner is too possessive of her and keeps a watch on whatever she does, that might offend her and may also draw her away from the relationship.

This archer lady is a people’s person and would always enjoy company of like-minded people. She would always be surrounded by people and because of her outgoing nature lot of people are attracted to her naturally. What might offend her here is if you try to be very protective and possessive and ask her not to be with people other than you. She will fail to understand your concern, because in her world it’s perfectly alright to be with lot of people around. So the best thing to do here is to mingle in her group and enjoy being her partner. She is fiercely loyal and would never cheat if you give her her space.

A Sagittarian woman gets bored of things very quickly. So if you take her to the same place over and over again or keep doing the same adventure activity always she will definitely get bored. She enjoys variety. With her unending energy she can do a lot of things in one night than most people can’t even think of. So if you don’t want to offend her treat her to novelty every now and then.  She seeks excitement in everything and if she knows well in advance what is in store for her then she will lose interest in you.

Your archer lady will get offended if you want to tie her down, keep her indoors or even keep doing the same things. Stay away from doing these things and you will have the best woman with you. She is great the way she is.

How not to offend a Sagittarius man

A Sagittarian man could be a dream man for a lot of women. They are this perfect example of powerful male magnetism. They have the ability to attract the toughest of the toughest women. A Sagittarian man isn’t very hard to please. He appreciates simple pleasures of life and has a sharp eye for beauty and art. He believes in a happy existence for everyone around him and one would generally find him jovial and cheerful most of the time around people. Another very striking fact about a Sagittarian is his optimism. He can always see a silver lining around the darkest cloud and the most amazing thing about him is that he truly believes in his optimism. If you can feel a lot of positive vibes around you while talking to someone then know for sure that he is a Sagittarian.

But all said and done, there are certain things that you need to take care of while being with a Sagittarian man. He isn’t that kind who would get offended at the slightest of things; however there are some things that might scare him away from you. He wouldn’t appreciate much negative thoughts and talk around him. As he is a very optimistic person, too much negativity might not go down too well with him. He cannot see a reason why people need to have negative thoughts; probably that’s why if you bask in a lot of self-defeating negative thoughts he might get offended.

Be very versatile and free from any kind of prejudices when you are with a Sagittarian man. He would not like too many prejudiced comments on anything. He is a happy go lucky kind of person and would love to explore things himself rather than being told about what to do and what not to. Another thing that can hugely offend a Sagittarian man is trying to cage him down. He cannot be tied to one thing or one person. He has his own will and his own way of doing things. Too much nagging and telling him what to do and what not to do would definitely offend him. And there might be chances that he starts avoiding your company. If he comes to know that he has been pursued very hard that will again make him stray away from that person. He might get annoyed. The best way not to get him offended is to just let things unfold on its own rather than pushing too hard. He is like sand, more you try to keep it in your hands more it will slip away from your fingers.

A Sagittarian is a beautiful human being and a true man. But small things need to be taken care of so as to not offend him. He appreciates people who have a high self esteem and would want to be surrounded by people like that. He might get offended by people who would want to bring him down on grounds of his optimism and self belief.

Interested in dating a sagittarius woman?

A Sagittarius woman is full of life and possibilities. This fiery archer has a mind of her own and is an avid explorer. Every day with her can turn into an adventurous ride with her never ending thirst for venturing into something new. If you are dating a Sagittarian woman you should know that you are with an extremely sensitive person who has a unique way of looking into things. She is a palette of vibrant colours with which you can paint your own canvas. She would value an intellectual conversation more than anything else. So to woo her you need to be well aware of many topics and have an analytical mind that can pull off any conversation. She can surprise you any moment with her spark and vivacity. Her soul is calm and the exuberance that she portrays is to keep fuelling her soul with varied experiences. It’s definitely a very special feeling to date a Sagittarian woman as she can help you strive to see the best of life and stay motivated. Her radiance will attract you to her and she would want a partner who is equally fun to hand around with, who has a zeal for the knowing the unknown, who can stimulate her in an interesting way and most importantly who can keep the spark on. She is definitely not the one who can be tamed in a cage. She needs to fly high and keep exploring and she would want a partner who can like the wind help her flight. The chemistry with a Sagittarian woman can be both romantic and yet fiery at the same time. She can be as calm and as wild as the sea. Her idea of life is very vast and you can soak completely in her never ending romantic tales of life.

This archer is a very interesting company in any social gatherings and people can feel an instant connection with her. She can be the centre of attraction and the apple of the eye very easily. Each one of your date with a Sagittarian woman can be the best of roller coaster ride that you have ever come across. More the time you spend with her the more you will understand her philosophy and start loving her for reasons beyond her looks. She would want a deep passionate relationship with a person who has a mind of his own and is extremely loyal and faithful, because she values loyalty above all. As she cannot be tamed so giving her own space becomes very imperative, however you need not worry as she is very loyal and would never cheat. A Sagittarian’s favorite colour is mostly Turquoise and she can be a little materialistic, so be very careful in deciding a gift for her. A romantic holiday on an unexplored terrain might be an interesting gift to woo her than handing her some random flowers and chocolates.

She can gel well with person’s of any zodiac sign because of her spontaneous nature, however a fellow Sagittarian male or a Leo male are known to be the ideal match for this fiery archer.

A Day In The Life of a Sagittarius

Must be exciting, eh? A Sagittarius being one of the most social and fun zodiacs, one would surely expect adventure and parties left and right, day and night, and round the clock. Right? Wrong, actually.

Some Sags find adventure and enough risks at work. Particularly in the boardroom. They can be fierce in handling business deals the same way as they are in life. A lot of Sagittarius can be successful once they learned to sort out their priorities. Once they strip off their suits and ties then the better-known Sagittarius party begins. Sags like rewarding themselves for the hard work they do. I mean, who else would? Adults usually find self-gratification the best way to end the day. It could be a drink or two or an out of town trip over the weekend to sky dive with friends. You never know with these Sags. They can be workaholics but they would know how to have a good time.

Now, as cliches go, no two people are alike and there are always exceptions so don’t expect the same things from every Sagittarius you know. For one, Sags like being unique and strive for a certain … err … uniqueness. But although we know the mighty archer to be active in everything they do (especially those they really put their heart into), don’t be surprised if you meet one who spends the whole day sleeping. Or, okay, half of the day sleeping. It’s not for naught. There’s a story behind the lazy Sunday mornings. Or Saturday mornings. People who says Sagittarius won’t “waste” their day sleeping has, obviously, never partied with a Sagittarius. Since Sags are known party goers they probably spent the whole night clubbing or bar hopping with friends (or new found friends and strangers, really). They’d start drinking at 5 in the afternoon and won’t stop until they see the sun rising again … actually, scratch that. Some won’t stop until they run out of drinks or get thrown out of the bar. Therefore, they have a perfectly good excuse to stay in bed as long as they want (which is usually until they have to get up to party again the night after). Somewhere in between the sleeping and partying, the Sag would also make sure they do things if only to break the monotony. Of course there are errands to do down to the smallest item on their grocery list. This type of Sag would eat only when they get hungry. They’d much rather spend their time finishing off things on their regular to-do list so they can make sure they don’t have to worry about anything when they go meet friends that night.

There are a lot of day to day things that can separate a Sagittarius’ life from others’.  Sags are usually seen as people who never sits idle but that’s because they have a lot of interests and they try to keep up with everything. Again, no two people are the same so although Sags have the same characteristics, they may have different interests the like to pursue.

Sagittarius Career Advice (Part 2)

A lot of people have been leaving comments discussing what career a Sagittarius should pick on the blog Best and Worst Careers for A Sagittarius. Despite numerous advice and a long time of analyzing and contemplating, Sags still have a hard time deciding what career is best for them. If you are one of those Sags that are still looking for THE career you may want to regroup and look at things in a different light.

Landing your ideal career doesn’t always mean you’re going to end up happy doing it. There are various factors to consider when deciding what is ideal. For some it could be something that suits their personality, something that challenges them, and something they love. For others, however, it could just be something that pays good. Of course the best type is still a job that gives you all of the above. In the real world, people mostly pick something with a competitive pay and benefits, even if it makes them miserable. There are ways to avoid this from happening, though. The miserable part, I mean.

The answer? When choosing a career, always pick two. A career doesn’t have to be a job. It could be a hobby that you make a career out of. Again, there are different factors in this. If you already have a job that classifies you as a desk jock and you hate being a desk jock (you’re a Sag for crying out loud!) then pick a hobby you can do on your spare time. Don’t even start to say you don’t have spare time, make some! Again, you’re a Sag, you are known for your ingenuity. If you want to do it, you’ll find a way. Even very busy CEOs find time to sail their boats and go on family trips.

A former co worker who is  a Sag loves to surf and goes to a surf resort not far from the city, he eventually came up with the idea of organizing weekend retreats to the surf resort and offers  a package which includes transportation, accommodations, meals, a tour of the area and a couple hours surf lessons or surf board rental for enthusiasts.

It doesn’t have to be a grand idea. You may start small. It’s all up to you. You like making your own accessories? Make some more and sell it online. You can even sell it to your co workers. Your fellow desk jocks. Alone, this might not make as much as you make working an 8-hour shift but it’s a diversion. You work as a technical writer but finds it boring? Write freelance blogs or try for a novel on your spare time. Who knows? It could be the next NY Times best seller.

Bear in mind that not everyone lands their career of choice. We all have ideal jobs but sometimes it’s a matter of how you look into it. Make your own career. If there’s something a Sag is proud of, it’s grabbing life and knowing how to make the most of it.

Places For A Sagittarius To Travel To In 2013

If there’s one thing that Sags love to do, it’s traveling. You might notice how a lot of Sagittarius people are cultured and wise. These traits are normally attributed to their sign being ruled by the planet Jupiter which is associated with philosophy and the search for truth. But Jupiter is also the planet of freedom and exploration. Traveling gives a person the opportunity to experience different traditions, meet new people of different backgrounds, learn of other’s cultures and, yes, soul-search in the process. Travel helps a Sag develop and mature.

Now, the new year has come and it’s time to make new travel plans but which part of the map will the Archer thrust its arrow? Here’s a list of places we’d recommend you to consider visiting this year … or whenever you’re free, really.

Croatia. Irish playwright George Bernard Shaw once wrote: Those who seek paradise on Earth must come to Dubrovnik. This is a city within Croatia’s Dalmatia region. It is famous for the wall that runs around that city which is almost 2 kilometers and was made to protect the city. Centuries of heritage has given this beautiful city a character of its own. From the rule of the Eastern Roman Empire, to becoming the Republic of Ragusa, to surrendering to the Napoleonic Army and eventually being part of the Nazi’s Independent State of Croatia, Dubrovnik is now nicknamed “The Pearl of the Adriatic”. But if you’re not the type to dwell on history and fancy names, you can just always hang out at the beach and enjoy the weather, food and view that they have to offer. It might be a good idea to go there during its famous Dubrovnik Annual Summer festival that lasts for 45 days and is filled with music, food, concerts and other fun activities, not only for the locals but the tourists as well.  It is held every year between the 10th of July and the 25th of August.

Barbados. Other than the fact that Rihanna is once again the ambassador for tourism for her home country Barbados, it’s really a nice place to visit. It’s mostly famous for the beach resorts but the country also has a number of parks, museums and underground pools and caves that are worth seeing.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. In case you want to beat the tourist rush for the 2014 FIFA World Cup and the 2016 Summer Olympics and Paralympics. Make this year the year you visit the famous city.

Vietnam and Thailand. You can either stay in one of their more expensive resorts or backpack and travel from one country to the other by train. Unlike Hong Kong (which is mostly a huge mall) and Singapore (which is mostly a huge theme park), Vietnam and Thailand has some of the most historical and culture-rich sites and friendliest locals to make your stay even better. If you’re adventurous enough you can also try their famous cheap street eats.

Trujillo, Peru or the Dominican Republic. If you’ve read the book “The Brief and Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao” you’d know about these places’ political history. But their heritage is full of even more amazing finds. In Peru they hold the Trujillo Marinera Festival during January so you might want to pack your bags soon. They also have those Moche and Inca ruins that would be great for landscape photography. As for the Dominican Republic, they have great beaches and resorts if you’re tired of Mexico and Cuba. :)

No matter where you decide to go this year, just make sure you try to experience whatever place you go to in the real sense of the word. Don’t just stay within the confines of the hotel or the resort. Go out and meet the people. Eat what the locals eat, where the locals eat. Live their lives (at least as much as you can). This way you don’t only get a relaxing vacation or an unforgettable adventure. You also get to keep memories that staying indoors won’t give you.

New Year’s Resolution a Sagittarius might want to Consider for 2013

It is now December 29, 2012. The world didn’t end as the rabidly fanatics said. The Mayan’s didn’t predict the end of the world. They either simply ran out of material to write on, got lazy to update their calendar, or some other reason that doesn’t have anything to do with the end of the world. Now another year is about to end. This is the season when people mentally writes a list of things they won’t do, or at least avoid to do, in the up and coming new year. Have you made your New Year’s resolution yet? Specifically, you’re the only one who can pinpoint the exact things you need to change (or alter a bit) about yourself but if you need help, here’s what we have to say.

Lay off on the booze. Okay – okay, you don’t have to lay off ’em completely. It’s nice to have a drink or two especially when catching up with friends or just hanging out with co-workers after a long week of hard to beat deadlines in the office. But it’s easy to say “I won’t drink too much tonight” at the beginning of the party than when you’re in the middle of a nice conversation or the dance floor. Sagittarius are big on parties and parties are usually equipped with alcohol. Give yourself a limit of how much you’ll drink at a party. Also, make sure you go on detox once a month. This is important for the younger party goers who drink almost every night. Health studies show that detoxing for a few days once a month is better than doing it in longer periods like laying off the alcohol two months in a row every year.

Pick up on your exercise routine. You may be active and always on the go but all the food and alcohol in the parties you go to will catch up on you eventually. Make sure you hit the gym or do a healthy physical activity at least once a week. Run, take up dance classes, yoga or anything that might interest you. If you’re too busy you can try walk and walk and walk. Also, use the stairs rather than the elevator if you’re only going two or three flights of stairs. Walk, instead of driving if the place you’re going to is only three or four blocks from where you are. It’s good cardio and will help burn calories.

Bring extra tact with you. We’re not saying Sags are tactless but they are known to be blunt and sarcastic and they have the tendency to tell the truth outright. While this is a trait that might help in a lot of circumstances, you might want to consider a person’s feelings and attitude first before you blurt things out. Especially if you don’t know the person that much. You like meeting new people and having friends, right? Well, you can’t keep them if you’re not careful.

There’s always room for a little improvement for the next year but it doesn’t have to be anything drastic. We’re not saying you should change yourself because that’s who you are. Just make sure that whatever you do, you have to try to have fun with it and make sure no one gets hurt in the process. Happy New Year! :)

Your Sagittarius Friend

You’ll find yourself lucky if you land yourself a Sagittarius friend. More than being fun people to hang out with, they have a lot of positive traits that anyone can ever wish for in a friend and a companion.

For one, they are very honest so you can count on them to tell you the truth and not say things just to make you feel better. Most Sags believe that it’s better to bite the bullet now. They will expect the same from you, of course. If they think the dress is ugly or the chick your dating is way out of your league they will say so not to bring you down but to make sure you don’t bad or make a fool out of yourself. You can always prove them wrong and they won’t feel bad about it. They will even feel happy for you and laugh at the fact that they were proven wrong.

They are also great conversationalist so watch out because they may be able to talk you into doing something really naughty just for the heck of it. They like doing fun, spontaneous and crazy things and they like doing these with fun, spontaneous and crazy people.

Sagittarius friends are very supportive of a person’s dreams, projects or any random ideas. If they see you have the passion for it (and Sags can be very passionate people), they will push you and even help you achieve your goal. They are enthusiastic and will plan each step with you. Their lively spirit and enthusiasm can be very infectious and you will need that from a friend when trying to achieve something. They will not stop your plans as they are not jealous people and won’t stop you just so you don’t leave them behind. The way the Archer lifts you up can take you a long way. When you’re feeling down, the Sag will go out of their ways to cheer you up. They’ll bring you to parties, introduce you to people and even do a little retail therapy with you.

For all of these, a Sag doesn’t expect anything in return. They are idealistic people and just like living in a better environment with a better atmosphere. They avoid pressure as much as possible so they try to have fun as much as possible and they can’t do that if the people around them are problematic and gloomy. That and they just generally like to help. They love the feeling of making people smile and helping people. It’s a good feeling that can lift a person up.

In a way, they can be overbearing too. There are Sags who doesn’t just like to listen and cheer you up, there are also those who tend to want to fix it all. Some Sags would take matters in their own hands. If you’re a Sag, keep in mind that not everyone wants this. Sometimes, all you need is a patient ear who listens and a shoulder to cry on. Understand that although this does not solve a problem, there are just problems that aren’t yours to solve and that sometimes, letting a person talk and rant and pour out all their emotions can help them ease their mind and hearts.

How to Communicate With A Sagittarius Woman

When talking to a Sagittarius woman, don’t beat around the bush. Although they’re good with flowery words (both giving and receiving) they like to get the facts about an issue straight. Especially if it’s an important one that needs to be resolved. Most women likes to talk but a lot of them would hold back and hesitate when sharing sensitive issues. Some may even think they’re doing it for the good of their partner or whoever they’re talking to. A Sag girl has always been straight forward and has the “hey here’s the deal, what do we do about it” attitude.

There’s really no problem communicating with a Sagittarius woman. She is very open and vocal about her ideas, her opinions and her feelings. She likes to be heard and would also listen intently if you need an audience. That being said, it’s confusing how they are often misinterpreted even by their partners. That’s because the problem lies on interpretation. Not only of her words but also her actions.

A Sag girl values her independence so, as much as possible, she would do what she wants and she will tell you that. This attitude makes her look selfish and leads one to think that the Sag won’t listen to your reasoning or suggestions. Keep in mind that they are not completely fickle. These independent, come-what-may individuals are the same philosophical and open-minded bunch that wouldn’t hesitate to put their feet in other people’s shoes in order to understand the current situation.

They just have a stubborn streak that makes them think what they’re doing is right or their idea is the right one. But really, who doesn’t? Just tell them outright that the matter is serious and needs to be talked about and thought about thoroughly and she will listen. Sag women are highly intelligent and understands the whole world doesn’t revolve around her.

Also, they don’t like feeling caged in so they don’t like being told what to do. Don’t make her feel that way. Make sure you give her the chance to contemplate on the issue and figure it out on her own. Don’t push your ideas on her. You can say “this is what I think about it” or “this is how i feel about it, what about you?” Value her opinions and feelings and make sure she knows that you do.  Trust that she knows what to do in times of crisis because most of the times, she would. Do not underestimate a Sagittarius’ capability to handle stress and problems. She has a clear mind and keeps a level head most of the time. A matured and developed Sag woman will surprise you with how she can think of a solution that is feasible.

Another thing that may be worthy of note when a guy has issues with his Sag partner. Most women would take offense on this no matter how you put it but for the Sagittarius woman, as long as you are within reason and puts it nicely and sincerely. Hear her out and she will hear you.