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Sagittarius women as mothers

Sagittarius adults in general make warm, open-minded and vivacious parents; thanks to their natural optimism that gives them faith in their offspring. It is this very particular nature of theirs that enable them to guide their children in the right direction. They have an innate capacity to explain things clearly and that makes them natural teachers, a characteristic that is a must among parents. While Sagittarian men take a little while to actually let the fact sink in that he has entered parenthood the women take to parenthood quite naturally. However, once a Sagittarian, always a Sagittarian. Thus, a Sag mother is never seen to slow down, but is forever seen to be taking risks and trying out new things just for the sake of the experience. Thus, kids of Sag mothers are gifted with a potpourri of experiences and are extensive travelers as well.

She is otherwise lenient and prefers to give her children the freedom to mould themselves in their own way, let them figure out what they want through their personal experience rather than giving them lectures and being authoritative. They know how much they themselves value freedom and they are considerate enough towards their children as well about this. However, this does not mean that she showers her children with any less love or care or compassion. She keeps a discreet eye out for their welfare and makes sure they do not go the wrong way. She would prefer to be a friend to her kids than a mother, for she understands that it is but natural human instinct that a child will not be able to open up to a parent unless he or she assumes that the parent is his or her friend. For you, children are much smarter than their parents and therefore respect what they have to say. This makes the kid grow up feeling all confident about oneself without an iota of doubt creeping into them.

It has been a general observation that Sagittarian mothers are more inclined towards their sons and that they often do not get along so well with their daughters. However, that still remains a speculation as there have been aberrations to this so called generalization as well. So do not start over thinking about this.

There is also reason to be warned about their over enthusiasm regarding their children’s mental and physical development. Do not become enthusiastic or start expecting more than what is necessary with regards to your children’s intellectual capacity. You should start noticing the signs when you catch yourself giving them books to read that are far beyond their level of understanding or in other words, far too advanced. There is a completely opposite side of the Sagittarius mother to this. If her child does not fare well in school, she does not become paranoid or over-react. She remains calm and takes it all in her stride. This is because for the Sagittarius mother their children’s happiness is the only thing that they are concerned about.

Sagittarian men as fathers

The Sagittarian man makes the archetypal reluctant father. They take time to settle down to the fact that they are going to be fathers. Let that not deter you. Sagittarians take time to mature and add to that, men by nature take longer to mature than their female counterparts. That does not however, mean that it is the end of the road for you as a father, because your natural enthusiasm for everything that life has to offer and your zest for life will automatically make you an ideal parent. It is this natural acceptance of what life has to offer that makes the switch to parenthood smooth. Soon you will learn that this father child relationship was the ultimate relationship that the Sagittarian man was waiting for all his life. You are sentimental and caring and like an ideal parent you are ready to make the sacrifices once you have decided to take the plunge. Sagittarian men make those perfect fathers who are a lot of fun. They take their role as father very seriously and that is the key to their success. You bring warmth into your children’s lives with your optimism and good humor. You let your explorer’s self rub on to your children and teach them to expect the unexpected in life. Since you prize freedom in your life, you will recognize the need to give that space to your child as well. Thus, a Sagittarian male will provide a very relaxed companionship to the child. You will not like to impose your will upon your little one but let him explore and find out his truth by himself. Thus, they know how to show their kids how to have a good time and they will be loved for that.

There is also a flip side to the overenthusiastic nature of the Sagittarian men. You will be fascinated by each and every development of your child; so much so, it makes you demanding of your children. Your restless nature might also bore you of your toddler’s limited conversation capacity.

Sagittarian men love exploring new things. He will try to find out ways to teach his kids outside the school curricula. However, do remember that while it is good to share your personal experience with your kids, let it not come across as preachy and that you have all the answers in the world. The Aries daughter makes the favorite child of the Sagittarian father. Both are crowd pullers, ambitious and straightforward in their own right. They inspire each other and are impressed by one another’s natural instincts. The initial reluctance of the Sagittarian gives way to him being the ideal father who would want to spend as much time as possible with his children. While they give space to their children, they also know when to draw the line and instill some good values in their children.

Sagittarius men change over time with circumstances. So do not judge by what they are initially. Parenting is a big responsibility and with time they realize that and smoothly get into the act.

2014 for Sagittarius woman

The year 2014 comes with a lot of hope for the Sagittarian woman. The year sees Pluto and Uranus coming closer and hence brings in a lot of optimism in the archer lady’s life. The year comes with a blend of uphill task and sweet luck. Even though one might feel that she is stuck in a problem, however solutions will pop up from nowhere. The year will need a lot of hard work but all the hard work pays off at the end. Luck plays an integral part in the Sagittarian lady’s life in 2014. She will be blessed with unexpected surprises and gifts. A lot of dreams that took a setback in the past years may come true. However you may need to work a little harder for it and might even need to start from the basics. The year is a beautiful roller coaster ride of good luck, hard work and achievements.

In the career front the Sagittarian lady will achieve some very coveted feats. It’s the best time to start something new and take that much anticipated risk in career. Results will be positive in most cases. As luck plays a very vital part in 2014, it’s advisable to jump into the unconventional career lines. But you will need to give a lot of commitment towards your work and cannot take things for granted as you did in the bygone years. You need to be a little focused, organized and disciplined.

Health wise this year seems to be a fantastic one. You will have more energy and would want to get more out of life. You will feel more positive and would want to be involved in a lot of physical activity. However be a little careful with your food habits and digestion. You might face problems with indigestion and general stomach ailments. But with a good food habit it can be cured. This year seems to be a good time to try your hand in some sports. You will be physically fit also and at the same time it will help you socialize and have a good time.

The year also brings good news for all those who are in a relationship. You will take your relationships more seriously and could be able to give it a long term perspective. You would want to settle down and take a breather. You will be able to understand your partner better and can even talk about unresolved issues. If you are single, there are high chances that you will meet someone this year since this is the year of love and stability for you.

Financially you need to act a little smarter. You need to keep a check on your expenses as this year might not be a very good year financially for you. As you may shift jobs or start something of your own, your constant regular income might be erratic. Hence proper planning is advised. But less money in no way suggests that you will have an unhappy year. Happiness is guaranteed throughout the year.

2014 for Sagittarius men

Sagittarians are bright, outgoing and jovial beings who look at life with ‘rose-tinted’ spectacles.  Full of humor and optimism, they look forward to live a ‘king-size’ life. Both Sagittarius men and women radiate the warmth of their persona wherever they go and touch the hearts of whoever they meet. We now analyze specifically how life will treat Sagittarius men in 2014 in matters concerning relationships, career, health and money.

Relationship & Love :    Those who have been single for quite some time can keep their fingers crossed and be hopeful about love blooming in their lives. Sagittarian men will be ready for commitment and wedlock this year. Those who are already married are likely to pamper their wives and make them feel special. An encounter with exes will revive old love saga again as chances are there that ex-girlfriends or ex-wives can retreat back into your life. Sagittarius men marked by their humor and wit will be very popular among the opposite sex this year and grab their attention.

Career : This year will prove as a comeback for you as career will take you to a higher level since long awaited work gets done. 2014 will offer you plenty of opportunities to showcase and channelize your potential into yielding fruitful results. Work will demand consistency and complete focus; failing to do so shall bring forth chaos resulting in stress and woes. There would be plenty of projects coming your way which will keep you engaged enough to have no time for melancholy or depression. Due to the planetary positions of your stars impending tasks seem to kick off at once with your endeavors.

Money:   Jupiter, Sagittarian’s ruling planet, appears to be smiling at them with good fortune and financial strength. Sagittarius men will receive a good fortune in inheritance or will. Those who had financial crunches over the past few years, will breathe a sigh of relief because money seems to be pouring in. If you have not tried your luck at the stock market you can take this risk and can expect to earn a pretty handsome amount. Men out there will become spendthrift as more income will tempt them to splurge into an extravaganza. You got to control your expenses.

Health: Work pressure seem to take a toll on you; inconsistency and under performance in professional life will create mental stress and anxiety. You need to be calm and not let worries pull down your spirits. You must be careful about what are you eating as stomach related ailments can disturb you a bit.

Those playful Sagittarians out there must pull their socks up, and be ready to face the hard and complicated life of professionalism. It’s time for them to give up the life of a free spirit and restrain their merry making to a limit. Invest your positive energy into productivity and reap the fruit of hard work and consistency. A very good year to tie the knot. Overall, the year will be an overwhelming and fruitful one, so keep that radiance intact!

Tips on how to save money for the Sagittarians

Sagittarians are the fun loving sorts who act at the spur of the moment. They are also known for being a compulsive buyer, so much so, that he or she sometimes would walk into a store and pick up something expensive without even looking at the price tag. They are the big spenders of all the zodiacs, be it for oneself or for a charity. Have money, will spend – that is the life motto of Sagittarians. Sagittarians are also considered to be the luckiest of all the zodiacs. This also means that they know that even if they splurge they can always make more money. Thus, you will hardly find a Sagittarian fretting and complaining about money matters. If you see a Sagittarian over-spending, do know that at the back of his head he is also ticking off the fact that he knows from where more money will come in again.

Sagittarians are by nature people who would go out of their way to favor someone they prefer. Thus, they may loan some money to someone and would most likely forget that he has ever at all lent that money. Thus, the bottom line for Sagittarians when it comes to money is that they love money and everything that money can buy for them. Sagittarians’ luck with money helps them in their splurge, though it is also true that they believe that they deserve it all anyway.

The flip side to it all is that there is always the need to keep a check of the spending. Otherwise the Sag would not have even noticed that it is overdraft time! Sagittarians are good at spending but not so much on keeping a tab on their expenses. Thus, with all the money that keeps coming in, it is advisable that a Sagittarian must hire a personal accountant.

However, it is not like Sagittarians like to spend it all on themselves. They equally like to spend their money on others as well. They love to lend out, especially to friends, eventually turning them all into gifts. At the same time, it is very dicey to lend money to a Sagittarian for they are bound to spend it all and most of the time without noticing – which also means that you are most likely not going to get your money back.

Thus, keep track of the money that comes in as well as that goes out. If you cannot then make sure you have someone who does it – hire an accountant. You are not someone who keeps track of where your money goes and how you spend it, so beware when you choose friends. There will be many and more who would not lose this opportunity to go piggy-backing on your money. In general, as a Sagittarian you should realize the fact that the best things in life come free. So, for you when it comes at a price, it is time to understand that you have cut yourself a very bad deal.

Christmas celebration tips for Sagittarians

December is the month for Sagittarians, up until the 22nd of the month. What is even better is that it clubs with the Christmas celebrations that are just around the corner. On this occasion of your birthday, you will be surrounded by energy to start afresh. Sagittarians are full of energy, versatility and enterprise and have a positive outlook towards life. They are thrilled at the prospect of extending their experiences beyond the physically familiar.

Sagittarians are the ones who love to travel. Traveling and exploration are always a big hit among Sagittarians as they are constantly bombarded with opportunities to bombard their minds with new dimensions of thought. Traveling is therefore in their stars. Thus, one of the best ways to celebrate Christmas would be to travel somewhere exciting where you have not been or have been waiting and dying for an opportunity to go to. Hiking and adventure is surely something that ought to be kept on your cards. Choose a location that will give you the opportunity to explore something new. It is a well known fact Sagittarians are turned on by the sheer thrill of exploring something new, discovering something unknown. Since Sagittarians are also known to be fiercely freedom-loving plan for a solo trek; maybe combine it with a photo walk if you are the photography enthusiast. Sagittarians are good leaders. Take this opportunity of planning a short trek with a group of like-minded individuals, taking up the reins and heading the team and the entire trip. It will just be another means of exploring what generally misses the ordinary eye. Sagittarians are also known to be modest and often religious. So the more spiritually oriented can take this opportunity to go for a spiritual-religious pilgrimage of sorts. The occasion also adds to the significance of it all.

Fire is the element that is associated with Sagittarians. Like fire they can move very quickly and sometimes even uncontrollably, flitting from one thing to the next. Thus, for the Sag-born, it is all about adventure and travel and action. They are often found to be athletic and are full of stamina. They love to lead a full life and therefore their lives are full of experiences, thanks to the incessant traveling that they are always pushing themselves for. It is this streak for adventure, exploration and thrill that should make a Sagittarian plan this Christmas for the ultimate adventure trip that he or she has been longing for all their life.

Sagittarians are strong-willed and are known to be good at organizing. Thus, this Christmas take this opportunity to organize a Christmas party that will also give an opportunity to meet new people and engage in interesting conversations. Also, Sagittarians are those who consider themselves the modern counterparts of the intellectuals of ancient Rome. They are highly opinionated and like it when others agree with their well-thought-out point of view. What better way to pamper yourself with such than throwing your own Christmas party bash!

Famous Sagittarius celebrities across the world

Energetic, versatile, superficial and restless, that’s the Sagittarius for you!  They are usually honorable, truthful and sincere. But like every sun sign they have their own negatives too. Sagittarius is known for impatience. Their anger is quick to flare at the slightest reason not to forget their boasting and extravagance in their private lives. Having known their positives and negatives, we will now take a look at some of the famous Sagittarius celebrities and check if their traits show who they are!



The country singer who sweeps awards at ceremonies is a perfect Sagittarius. Taylor Swift displays the ambitious trait of her sun sign and of course her hate songs dedicated to her broken relationships sure shows the anger in her!



Controversy queen Britney Spears is a famous Sagittarius. The other traits might go unnoticed but her impatience is a clear proof of her sun sign. Freedom loving Britney was also very jovial. She, just like her sun sign has many faces to live by. Restless is another clear trait of her.



Which girl does not remember the heart throb Damon Salvatore of the famous Vampire Diaries? Well, Vampire or not, he sure is a Sagittarius. He might be the one who displays the ‘playboy’ characteristic of this sun sign. After all, with so many girls in line, he sure has his hands full!



Better known as Max from the popular kids show ‘Wizards of Waverly Place’, Jake touched a lot of hearts. Known for his spontaneous and witty humor, he sure is a Sagittarius. Ambitious and popular, Jake is a true Sagittarius.



Every kid owes his childhood to this man. If it wasn’t for him, childhood would never have been so much fun. The perfect example of a versatile Sagittarius, Walt was an animator, voice actor, and producer and of course the founder of Walt Disney company. He was also the one to create the famous animated icon Mickey Mouse. We all love him and will always.



The man who brought fame to martial arts; Bruce Lee also belonged to the zodiac sign Sagittarius. Another versatile personality, Bruce was an actor and a filmmaker too. He was also awarded the Founders Award this year. Bruce shows the ideal Sagittarius trait of optimism and ambition.



The famous Moneyball star Brad Pitt is another jewel among the famous Sagittarius celebrities. Not just his looks, but his talents also never fail to amaze his fans. Brad is also a Golden Globe winning actor, producer and icon. He also won five Best Actor awards for his performance in Moneyball.



Hip-hop artist who shot to fame with her famous album Pink Friday is also a Sagittarius. She had seven singles reach the Billboard’s Hot 100 at the same time. Now that’s some Sagittarius trait in her!

The list doesn’t end here. There are many more Sagittarius celebrities who have won a lot of hearts around the globe.

Gifts for the Sagittarius man

Sagittarius men are outspoken and lively by nature. They like to look at the brighter side of things. This makes choosing a gift for the Sagittarius man a rewarding experience. Sagittarians are explorers by nature. Those born under this sun sign are restless and always in search of new horizons. Thus, what can be the best gift for him other than a vacation to a completely new place, somewhere he has never been before and which would give him ample opportunity to explore. Wait before you rush get those flight tickets. Make sure it is not a tame beach holiday or a cruise where he is mostly stuck indoors. Nothing would enthuse a Sagittarius guy than a white water rafting holiday or a hike through a mountain forest trail. You can also go for travel gears if not the actual travel plan – like a rucksack, or a good quality shaving kit with all the grooming essentials that fit perfectly into his minimal luggage. Go crazy and gift him travel boots and even a money belt too. You can also gift him annual subscription of his favorite travel magazine or a travel book for the next destination on his travel plans.

Just as their thirst for exploring new places makes them the ardent traveler, it is this same sense of wanting to know more about the world that makes the Sagittarius man also enjoy a good book. It is like a window to another world – something that would add to his collective knowledge about the many wonders of the world. They enjoy a whole range of books – from travel, history and culture to philosophy, politics, autobiographies and even fiction. Something on the more glamorous side would be fancy coffee table books about foreign countries and cultures with some glossy pages and great photographs.

Another great way to make his day special would be by giving him an opportunity to participate in some adventure sports. Horse-riding, sky diving, scuba diving or snorkeling should be at the top of your list. The Sagittarius man loves to stretch the limits of his physical strength and stamina. This risk-taking personality of the Sagittarius man is also something that makes it easy to win his heart with a little bit of gaming activities. If you can trust your Sagittarius man to keep his head on his shoulder then arrange for him to spend an evening at a casino. It will be one of the best experiences that you can offer him. However, if you do not want to be the Eve to lure your Adam to the potentially dangerous habits, there is also the option of gifting him gaming software – how about an XBOX or the latest FIFA gaming software.

Sagittarian men are never short of humor. They are a fun-loving lot and so a gift with a touch of humor would be a great success with him – from a funky T-shirt with a witty message to a classic collection of Charlie Chaplin films. The Sagittarius man is the best partner to share a laugh with; what can be better than giving him something that would tickle his funny bone.

How not to offend a Sagittarius woman

A Sagittarian woman is ruled by the planet Jupiter and her element is fire. Well, these two factors play a very decisive role in the nature of a Sagittarian lady. She is a true representation of her element fire. This fiery lady is full of energy with an infectiously outgoing nature. She loves to live on the edge and believes living life to the extreme. She is a complete outdoor person. One thing that would definitely offend her is trying to keep her indoors. She loves adventure and would naturally be inclined towards any activity which gives her an adrenaline rush. She would love to go hiking around the mountains, trekking, camping, swimming or even bungee jumping. So it goes without saying that she wouldn’t enjoy with a person who does not share the same spirit like hers.

So if you don’t want to offend her than please take her outdoors and let her enjoy the adrenaline rush that she absolutely loves. Saying things like “Let’s be home and enjoy watching TV” would for sure offend her. She is a person who needs a lot of space and believes in her independence. A lot of nagging activities and do’s and don’ts might not go down too well with her. If her partner is too possessive of her and keeps a watch on whatever she does, that might offend her and may also draw her away from the relationship.

This archer lady is a people’s person and would always enjoy company of like-minded people. She would always be surrounded by people and because of her outgoing nature lot of people are attracted to her naturally. What might offend her here is if you try to be very protective and possessive and ask her not to be with people other than you. She will fail to understand your concern, because in her world it’s perfectly alright to be with lot of people around. So the best thing to do here is to mingle in her group and enjoy being her partner. She is fiercely loyal and would never cheat if you give her her space.

A Sagittarian woman gets bored of things very quickly. So if you take her to the same place over and over again or keep doing the same adventure activity always she will definitely get bored. She enjoys variety. With her unending energy she can do a lot of things in one night than most people can’t even think of. So if you don’t want to offend her treat her to novelty every now and then.  She seeks excitement in everything and if she knows well in advance what is in store for her then she will lose interest in you.

Your archer lady will get offended if you want to tie her down, keep her indoors or even keep doing the same things. Stay away from doing these things and you will have the best woman with you. She is great the way she is.

How not to offend a Sagittarius man

A Sagittarian man could be a dream man for a lot of women. They are this perfect example of powerful male magnetism. They have the ability to attract the toughest of the toughest women. A Sagittarian man isn’t very hard to please. He appreciates simple pleasures of life and has a sharp eye for beauty and art. He believes in a happy existence for everyone around him and one would generally find him jovial and cheerful most of the time around people. Another very striking fact about a Sagittarian is his optimism. He can always see a silver lining around the darkest cloud and the most amazing thing about him is that he truly believes in his optimism. If you can feel a lot of positive vibes around you while talking to someone then know for sure that he is a Sagittarian.

But all said and done, there are certain things that you need to take care of while being with a Sagittarian man. He isn’t that kind who would get offended at the slightest of things; however there are some things that might scare him away from you. He wouldn’t appreciate much negative thoughts and talk around him. As he is a very optimistic person, too much negativity might not go down too well with him. He cannot see a reason why people need to have negative thoughts; probably that’s why if you bask in a lot of self-defeating negative thoughts he might get offended.

Be very versatile and free from any kind of prejudices when you are with a Sagittarian man. He would not like too many prejudiced comments on anything. He is a happy go lucky kind of person and would love to explore things himself rather than being told about what to do and what not to. Another thing that can hugely offend a Sagittarian man is trying to cage him down. He cannot be tied to one thing or one person. He has his own will and his own way of doing things. Too much nagging and telling him what to do and what not to do would definitely offend him. And there might be chances that he starts avoiding your company. If he comes to know that he has been pursued very hard that will again make him stray away from that person. He might get annoyed. The best way not to get him offended is to just let things unfold on its own rather than pushing too hard. He is like sand, more you try to keep it in your hands more it will slip away from your fingers.

A Sagittarian is a beautiful human being and a true man. But small things need to be taken care of so as to not offend him. He appreciates people who have a high self esteem and would want to be surrounded by people like that. He might get offended by people who would want to bring him down on grounds of his optimism and self belief.