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Bad habits of a Sagittarian

It would be hard to describe a Sagittarian in a single word as they possess a mixture of amazing qualities which make them unique individuals. They are never drained of their energy and remain high spirited even in the most trying times. They are achievers and accomplish their tasks with an undying zeal. However certain attributes of a Sagittarian can be unacceptable and can be of concern to the people around them.

Sagittarians are straight forward sometimes up to the point of being blunt that their remarks or statements can evoke displeasure or hurt in others. The Sagittarian will not be aware of this as he thinks he is being true to himself by mincing no words.  A lesson or two on dealing things deftly will definitely help a Sagittarian. Drawing the line on what not to talk is a skill that a Sagittarian is weak in.

Sagittarians are game for taking risks and often take the leap without thinking of the consequences only to find themselves neck deep in trouble later. This careless attitude often places them at the centre of controversies and troubles but the Sagittarian will never reconsider his or her option in spite of landing in trouble in the past. Their careless attitude also makes them take things for granted and in the event be at the end of receiving flak from people around them.

The abundance of energy in them can go awry if it is not properly directed or focussed on a particular goal. As a result the Sagittarian will find himself making poor decisions and expending his or her energy in things unwanted and sometimes detrimental to their life. Sagittarians at times lack the skill to make calculated decision and being wise is not an option for them even in the most crucial situation. To aggravate things the Sagittarian can also get restless and impatient in situations which demand patience and intellection.

Outward appearances are of prime importance to Sagittarians. Not only would they spend time in grooming themselves immaculately but also will judge and make predictions about others on account of their external appearance. If all is well on the outside the Sagittarian will spend no time in getting to the heart of things or people.

One thing that is utmost negative in a Sagittarian is their incapacity to stay put with things. They are finicky and keep changing their interests and act according to their whims with no thought on the future effects. A Sagittarian is not a person to put on a job from which consistent performance is expected.

Taking risks is something natural to a Sagittarian who seeks adventure in all walks of life, be it work or love. But the risk taker can also be over- confident and spoil the broth which he or she is cooking. They think of themselves as error free and invulnerable to committing mistakes. Owing to their over-confidence and their self proclaimed immunity to mistakes they end up erring a lot. They do not learn from their past mistakes either.

How to cope with a divorce for a Sagittarian

People with Sagittarius sign are probably the easiest to get along with as they never pretend and they show their true face always. They are very honest and make effort to make others laugh and be happy all the time. At times, they go out of their way to accommodate others and they are surely easy going people. It is very difficult for a Sagittarian to get angry and create differences with others. They have very good sense of humour which is their biggest asset, because of which they do not let misunderstandings crop up with others neither are they sarcastic. They take a lot of time to understand the feelings of others and most of the time you may have to spell it out to make them understand. When someone says that a Sagittarian is an easy going person and has good sense of humour, it doesn’t mean that he or she is not serious. They know how to get serious in life; they just don’t like getting stressed all the time because of which they make an effort to keep themselves happy. They are not sensitive people who get hurt easily for simple things, which is why they go a long way in a relationship and never get hurt unless the matter is very serious. Even though they get hurt sometimes they do not dwell on negative things that happen to them. This is one of the biggest strengths of the Archer.

When it comes to relationships, Sagittarius men are most compatible with Leo, Aries, Libra, Aquarius and Sagittarius and least compatible with Gemini, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpion, Capricorn and Pisces. Sagittarian men most often marry Aries and Sagittarius women, and most often divorce Gemini and Leos. They are least likely to marry Capricorn and Pisces women and least likely to divorce Aries and Aquarius. Sagittarians tend to spread their attention among different people so they generally move apart from Leo women easily. Aries and Sagittarius both enjoy life, socialize and get excited about things that come with some degree of risk; hence they get along very well. Both tend to be frank, honest and optimistic in life.

Sagittarian women are mostly to marry Sagittarian men as they are most likely to stay married and least likely to divorce. They share certain aspects like travelling, enjoying life, happiness and socializing which help them keep their unity for long. Both will remain honest and faithful in life which helps them keep their relationship strong. If the relationship becomes stale they are prone to have odd casual affairs outside their marriage. When a Sagittarian looks for love, he/she wants the real love for life. They are very committed in relationships so they would never like to go out of one. If they wish for a divorce in a relationship it is often the decision of their partner rather than their own as it is very difficult for them to cope. Sagittarians demand truth in relationships and want freedom and affection from their partner; and when they fail to get it then they prefer moving out of the relationship. Sagittarian is the person to teach you that love is honest and are always patient. Divorce is not the word a Sagittarian likes in a relationship.


Best colours suited for Sagittarians

Basic traits: Sagittarians are fiery, adventurous, aggressive, honest, outspoken and like challenges in every aspect; be it their work or love and romance. The colours which are best suited for them are also related to their characteristics, some colours are recommended which help them in various aspects of their life, while some colours match their characteristics and their likes.

The lucky colours for this zodiac sign are: Rich purple, red, maroon, violet and pink, as Sagittarians are very moody. They do not need bright colours or accessories to draw attention as they are very outspoken. So these vivid colours work very much for them. Sagittarians would generally wear the colours which are calm are relaxing. Sagittarius women will be generally spotted in light colours like beige, peach and white in their routine wear.

Purple: The Sagittarians are generally the happiest in the world. They are very outspoken, and do not care about anything more than what would draw the attention of others towards them. One of the most popular colours worn by Sagittarians is purple. They would like to appear simple and clean.  While for a night out, Sagittarians would be spotted in solid colours like dark purple, dark blue or another dark colour. Purple and shades of blue are considered to be lucky colours for Sagittarians. It suits them as the colour makes them feel calm and relaxed and also bring them in a good mood as they are perceived as highly moody people.

Red: Sagittarians would like to keep red shirts and pants in their wardrobe. This colour also matches with their characteristic as they are always hyperactive, passionate and aggressive. Red is considered to be a fiery colour, the colour of passion, action and power. It also matches with their craving of independence and their love to be on their own.

Orange and Yellow: Their restlessness nature can produce instability in their relationships and can also bring lack of commitment. Stability is a kind of restriction for them and they make heavy demands in personal relationships. So these colours can help them in promotion of love and romance in their life. It is best suited for those Sagittarians who lack stability and are willing to make a long term relationship or commitments.

Indigo and black: Sagittarians are gifted with instincts of recognising perfect opportunities and making the best use of them but it also involves risk of losses. Their vision helps them guarantee success and they can easily tackle ups and downs. These colours increase their earning potential in whatever field they are.

Recommended colours for use: They can try using yellow for their success and growth. But because of their duality in nature, they need to calm their restlessness because of their tendency to be hyperactive every time. And for that, pink and light purple would work best for them. These colours would help them soothe and relax. Whatever they wear in the aspect of fashion, they always look good because of their carefree attitude.

Best areas to expand in 2014 for Sagittarians

The year 2014 is an opportunity and success filled year for the Sagittarians. This year will bring forth innovative aspects for the people of this sign. The year is a combination of name and fame. It has been predicted that the financial status of the Sagittarians will be shifting towards the higher side and the sign shows that the year 2014 will be bringing in tremendous growth and success for the Sagittarians.

Development is written in the hands of the Sagittarians for the year 2014. Few areas, where they will find more scope of growing and gaining success, are:
· Working as partners: Working in partnership with someone will reap good fruits for a Sagittarian. He will succeed by being partners and working with a friend or relative in whatever field he would be working into but obviously by putting in lots of effort.
· Gain from overseas work: Travelling overseas and working with foreign clients will be of major benefit for the Sagittarians. Dealing with them will help them go a step closer to growth and expansion.
· Creative work: Sagittarians are very creative and skillful at their work. This creativity of theirs will help them achieve bigger in life and so, they should work hard towards enhancing their creativity and imagination.
· Service and business: It is predicted by the astrologers that the people who are into business have a lot of scope for expansion. They will gain accomplishment in the work they take up.
· Working as a consultant, dealer or supervisor: Working as any of these in any good organization will lead a Sagittarian to earning a very good package and a good working experience.
In the year 2014, the probability of work transfers of the Sagittarians is comparatively low and even if it happens they will be transferred to a place of their choice. When you take a look at what the astrologers are predicting about the future of the Sagittarians, you will find that 2014 has many doors of success open for them. But in this year the initial 6 months, which is from January to June, are comparatively more beneficial as to the remaining 6 months.
The year is eventually going to be a good one for the Sagittarians, but they also have to be a little cautious while working. They are very hard working but they have to be careful that they focus their hard work on things where they can make good profit. They should also follow their intuitions at times. If they are unsure about something even if it is a very profitable venture they should avoid doing it. They should focus on what they want to do and what they need to do.
It is predicted that 2014 is going to be a year which will be full of gains and achievements for the Sagittarians as compared to the other signs. Good luck is surely there with them, they just need to add in their skills and knowledge and ascend towards attaining their goals.

Ailments affecting Sagittarians and ways to overcome them

Sagittarians are known as the adventurer and they have to deal with a lot with travelling, sports and foreign cultures. They are joyful people and display a great like for the above activities. They are also fiery. Hence they are an inspiration to all.

Health summary:

They are prone to diseases, disorders and injuries of the hips, thighs, liver, gall bladder and the iliac arteries.  As the sign is called a fiery sign, complaints of fever are also observed. They are likely to be affected by more of

  1. High blood pressure
  2. Jaundice
  3. Hip disease
  4. Liver disease
  5. Spinal cord disease
  6. Hepatitis

They also can experience injuries related to falling from horse, sport related illnesses, burns and sprains, as they act rashly. Even ailments related to obesity, lower back problems related to spinal cord, and gallstones are common among them to suffer. Liver is their sensitive area as they can be affected to hepatitis and jaundice.

Hip pains and problems: Generally, female Sagittarians are more prone to hips and thigh related diseases and inappropriate body structures. As the Sagittarians are adventurous and sporty, they are more inclined to have athletics related injuries. Due to their heavy consumption of rich food and drinks, they suffer arthritic pain in the hips. Sometimes muscle-spasms can be a huge problem for Sagittarians as it can occur frequently or even daily and it can be much painful.

Backache: Back related problems are associated heavily with this sign. Sciatic nerve problems are mostly seen in this sign.

How to overcome the diseases:

They should avoid excessive consumption of alcohol and cigarette to ensure a healthy and fit body. Daily walks are recommended for them and even stretching exercises can help them a lot. Stretching exercise is mostly recommended after performing any kind of physical activity.

Free soul: They require adequate of amount of fresh air and leg exercises. They yearn for independence and freedom and also they like to be active all the time. They will get suffocated indoors, inside closed rooms. So they can suffer illness if they are not given enough room, space and air to breathe openly. They need to travel and wander around and are incomplete without that. So if you restrict Sagittarians from travel and movement, they will not be happy and sadness will cause harm to their health. Mental stimulation is an essential part for Sagittarians.

Active: Their health will receive a great benefit if they remain active. If they feel restless, they may act rashly and do things which can cause them injuries and which will mostly affect their hips or lower body. They need to get enough rest at night.

Recommended diet: Foods which are preferable for Sagittarians are bananas, berries, oats, wheat and barley.

Sagittarians are normally seen as healthy human beings as long as their blood pressure is controlled and proper body posture is maintained. Otherwise, they usually enjoy a healthy life because of their positive attitude and lively nature.

Perfect sexual chemistry with a Sagittarian

The Sagittarians are explicitly fun to be with and are a bundle of life and energy. Life will get more interesting and you will surely feel some thrill and adventure with them. For a Sagittarian, loving someone or being with someone is not necessarily a person who is quite like him. He can be with a person who is a complete opposite. Sagittarians have a quest for learning and understanding new things. Also with their partner they would wish to learn and explore something new and interesting. They have a hunger for knowledge.

Talking about a sexual chemistry with a Sagittarian, for these people a sexual relation alone does not hold much appeal. There has to be something deeper and a meeting of the minds with the other person. Let’s have a glance at how the relationship and sexual chemistry of a Sagittarian would be with the other star signs:

Sagittarius with Aries is said to be a perfect combination; they are full of energy and enthusiasm. They can share crazy times together and their sex life would be passionate and exciting.

Sagittarius with Taurus is an odd combination since both are quite different from each other. They can work it out but will have to adapt to each other’s differences. Taurus is more practical about life which is not too appealing for the adventurous Sagittarian.

Sagittarius with Gemini is not a great match because of their personality differences. But they do have a few strong similarities. They have a good sexual potential and a Gemini can seduced by a Sagittarian’s sex appeal.

Sagittarius with Cancer is a little different and challenging. The frankness and insensitivity of a Sagittarian might wound a Cancerian’s feelings. If this pair has to be worked out then they need to learn to let go of a few things. They might have a good sexual chemistry but a long term affair may possibly not happen.

Sagittarius with Leo is said to be a perfect match. They are attracted to each other’s passion and enthusiasm. They also share an interesting and fun sexual chemistry.

Sagittarius with Virgo is a little challenging love match. Their approach towards romance and love is different. If they accept each other’s differences they can work it out to be together. But when in relationship they will be quite a romantic couple.

Sagittarius with Libra is a good astrological love match; they love life, are flexible and adaptable towards things and love to interact with people. They have a good potential for sex and can have exciting and adventurous experiences together.

Sagittarius with Scorpio is again a good astrological love match. Both are passionate and optimistic and do not fear taking risks. They can be either best friends or worst enemies. Better for them to be friends and not get into a sexual relation if they are not really in love.

Sagittarius with Sagittarius is an excellent astrological love match. Both are very similar and honest in their relationships. They will have a good sexual relationship which will get them to come back to each other.

Sagittarius with Capricorn is a difficult match since both quite opposite to each other. Sagittarius is bold and daring while a Capricorn is shy and reserved. But if they accept each other’s differences they’ll make a good pair. Family and friendship will keep them sexually well bonded.

Sagittarius with Aquarius is a delightful match because both love excitement, adventure and socializing. They are not afraid to show their feelings to each other and their relationship will be full of fun and laughter. They can make good friends, with an exciting sex life.

Sagittarius with Pisces is not usually an ideal astrological love match. They are complete opposites of each other. If they have to work out a relationship they have to accept, understand and respect each other’s differences. It’ll be a romantic love story if it lasts though they’ll have to make a lot of effort for it to last.

A Sagittarian lover is skilled and thoughtful in love making. He will completely satisfy all the desires of his partner, pamper them and give them care and attention.

How not to offend a Sagittarius woman

A Sagittarian woman is ruled by the planet Jupiter and her element is fire. Well, these two factors play a very decisive role in the nature of a Sagittarian lady. She is a true representation of her element fire. This fiery lady is full of energy with an infectiously outgoing nature. She loves to live on the edge and believes living life to the extreme. She is a complete outdoor person. One thing that would definitely offend her is trying to keep her indoors. She loves adventure and would naturally be inclined towards any activity which gives her an adrenaline rush. She would love to go hiking around the mountains, trekking, camping, swimming or even bungee jumping. So it goes without saying that she wouldn’t enjoy with a person who does not share the same spirit like hers.

So if you don’t want to offend her than please take her outdoors and let her enjoy the adrenaline rush that she absolutely loves. Saying things like “Let’s be home and enjoy watching TV” would for sure offend her. She is a person who needs a lot of space and believes in her independence. A lot of nagging activities and do’s and don’ts might not go down too well with her. If her partner is too possessive of her and keeps a watch on whatever she does, that might offend her and may also draw her away from the relationship.

This archer lady is a people’s person and would always enjoy company of like-minded people. She would always be surrounded by people and because of her outgoing nature lot of people are attracted to her naturally. What might offend her here is if you try to be very protective and possessive and ask her not to be with people other than you. She will fail to understand your concern, because in her world it’s perfectly alright to be with lot of people around. So the best thing to do here is to mingle in her group and enjoy being her partner. She is fiercely loyal and would never cheat if you give her her space.

A Sagittarian woman gets bored of things very quickly. So if you take her to the same place over and over again or keep doing the same adventure activity always she will definitely get bored. She enjoys variety. With her unending energy she can do a lot of things in one night than most people can’t even think of. So if you don’t want to offend her treat her to novelty every now and then.  She seeks excitement in everything and if she knows well in advance what is in store for her then she will lose interest in you.

Your archer lady will get offended if you want to tie her down, keep her indoors or even keep doing the same things. Stay away from doing these things and you will have the best woman with you. She is great the way she is.

How not to offend a Sagittarius man

A Sagittarian man could be a dream man for a lot of women. They are this perfect example of powerful male magnetism. They have the ability to attract the toughest of the toughest women. A Sagittarian man isn’t very hard to please. He appreciates simple pleasures of life and has a sharp eye for beauty and art. He believes in a happy existence for everyone around him and one would generally find him jovial and cheerful most of the time around people. Another very striking fact about a Sagittarian is his optimism. He can always see a silver lining around the darkest cloud and the most amazing thing about him is that he truly believes in his optimism. If you can feel a lot of positive vibes around you while talking to someone then know for sure that he is a Sagittarian.

But all said and done, there are certain things that you need to take care of while being with a Sagittarian man. He isn’t that kind who would get offended at the slightest of things; however there are some things that might scare him away from you. He wouldn’t appreciate much negative thoughts and talk around him. As he is a very optimistic person, too much negativity might not go down too well with him. He cannot see a reason why people need to have negative thoughts; probably that’s why if you bask in a lot of self-defeating negative thoughts he might get offended.

Be very versatile and free from any kind of prejudices when you are with a Sagittarian man. He would not like too many prejudiced comments on anything. He is a happy go lucky kind of person and would love to explore things himself rather than being told about what to do and what not to. Another thing that can hugely offend a Sagittarian man is trying to cage him down. He cannot be tied to one thing or one person. He has his own will and his own way of doing things. Too much nagging and telling him what to do and what not to do would definitely offend him. And there might be chances that he starts avoiding your company. If he comes to know that he has been pursued very hard that will again make him stray away from that person. He might get annoyed. The best way not to get him offended is to just let things unfold on its own rather than pushing too hard. He is like sand, more you try to keep it in your hands more it will slip away from your fingers.

A Sagittarian is a beautiful human being and a true man. But small things need to be taken care of so as to not offend him. He appreciates people who have a high self esteem and would want to be surrounded by people like that. He might get offended by people who would want to bring him down on grounds of his optimism and self belief.

Interested in dating a sagittarius woman?

A Sagittarius woman is full of life and possibilities. This fiery archer has a mind of her own and is an avid explorer. Every day with her can turn into an adventurous ride with her never ending thirst for venturing into something new. If you are dating a Sagittarian woman you should know that you are with an extremely sensitive person who has a unique way of looking into things. She is a palette of vibrant colours with which you can paint your own canvas. She would value an intellectual conversation more than anything else. So to woo her you need to be well aware of many topics and have an analytical mind that can pull off any conversation. She can surprise you any moment with her spark and vivacity. Her soul is calm and the exuberance that she portrays is to keep fuelling her soul with varied experiences. It’s definitely a very special feeling to date a Sagittarian woman as she can help you strive to see the best of life and stay motivated. Her radiance will attract you to her and she would want a partner who is equally fun to hand around with, who has a zeal for the knowing the unknown, who can stimulate her in an interesting way and most importantly who can keep the spark on. She is definitely not the one who can be tamed in a cage. She needs to fly high and keep exploring and she would want a partner who can like the wind help her flight. The chemistry with a Sagittarian woman can be both romantic and yet fiery at the same time. She can be as calm and as wild as the sea. Her idea of life is very vast and you can soak completely in her never ending romantic tales of life.

This archer is a very interesting company in any social gatherings and people can feel an instant connection with her. She can be the centre of attraction and the apple of the eye very easily. Each one of your date with a Sagittarian woman can be the best of roller coaster ride that you have ever come across. More the time you spend with her the more you will understand her philosophy and start loving her for reasons beyond her looks. She would want a deep passionate relationship with a person who has a mind of his own and is extremely loyal and faithful, because she values loyalty above all. As she cannot be tamed so giving her own space becomes very imperative, however you need not worry as she is very loyal and would never cheat. A Sagittarian’s favorite colour is mostly Turquoise and she can be a little materialistic, so be very careful in deciding a gift for her. A romantic holiday on an unexplored terrain might be an interesting gift to woo her than handing her some random flowers and chocolates.

She can gel well with person’s of any zodiac sign because of her spontaneous nature, however a fellow Sagittarian male or a Leo male are known to be the ideal match for this fiery archer.

A Day In The Life of a Sagittarius

Must be exciting, eh? A Sagittarius being one of the most social and fun zodiacs, one would surely expect adventure and parties left and right, day and night, and round the clock. Right? Wrong, actually.

Some Sags find adventure and enough risks at work. Particularly in the boardroom. They can be fierce in handling business deals the same way as they are in life. A lot of Sagittarius can be successful once they learned to sort out their priorities. Once they strip off their suits and ties then the better-known Sagittarius party begins. Sags like rewarding themselves for the hard work they do. I mean, who else would? Adults usually find self-gratification the best way to end the day. It could be a drink or two or an out of town trip over the weekend to sky dive with friends. You never know with these Sags. They can be workaholics but they would know how to have a good time.

Now, as cliches go, no two people are alike and there are always exceptions so don’t expect the same things from every Sagittarius you know. For one, Sags like being unique and strive for a certain … err … uniqueness. But although we know the mighty archer to be active in everything they do (especially those they really put their heart into), don’t be surprised if you meet one who spends the whole day sleeping. Or, okay, half of the day sleeping. It’s not for naught. There’s a story behind the lazy Sunday mornings. Or Saturday mornings. People who says Sagittarius won’t “waste” their day sleeping has, obviously, never partied with a Sagittarius. Since Sags are known party goers they probably spent the whole night clubbing or bar hopping with friends (or new found friends and strangers, really). They’d start drinking at 5 in the afternoon and won’t stop until they see the sun rising again … actually, scratch that. Some won’t stop until they run out of drinks or get thrown out of the bar. Therefore, they have a perfectly good excuse to stay in bed as long as they want (which is usually until they have to get up to party again the night after). Somewhere in between the sleeping and partying, the Sag would also make sure they do things if only to break the monotony. Of course there are errands to do down to the smallest item on their grocery list. This type of Sag would eat only when they get hungry. They’d much rather spend their time finishing off things on their regular to-do list so they can make sure they don’t have to worry about anything when they go meet friends that night.

There are a lot of day to day things that can separate a Sagittarius’ life from others’.  Sags are usually seen as people who never sits idle but that’s because they have a lot of interests and they try to keep up with everything. Again, no two people are the same so although Sags have the same characteristics, they may have different interests the like to pursue.