The Sagittarian is firstly an archer, aiming his bow at something into the horizon. The image itself, or the constellation, implies a Sagittarian’s verve when it comes to his ability to concentrate on the task at hand. A centaur, which is half horse and half man, the creature of the myths from Rome and Greece, is highly regarded for their association with knowledge, literature, healing and philosophy. Chiron, one of the deities behind the sign can be held responsible for this view. Chiron, himself a philosopher, healer and scholar is believed to have tutored the Roman gods like Hercules, and Achilles the art of battle, philosophy and healing; and it is a trait believed to be possessed by all Sagittarians.

Sagittarians are born under the influence of the planet Jupiter, the supreme Roman god; and equivalent of Zeus, the Greek God of gods. A Sagittarian’s positives and negatives are both often attributed to that of Zeus. For example, Zeus being the supreme leader, ruler of the heavens, Sagittarians are believed to be made for greater things and set their goals accordingly. Even Zeus’ potency and fleeting ways are likened to the Sagittarian, in their manner of inability to promise commitments. However, a Sagittarian is honest in his or her dealings of other people. Sometimes they even have a foot in the mouth attitude, and can come off as arrogant and can be a turn off. However, it is how they are- brutally honest. They are champions of truth; and they stand their ground when it comes to voicing an opinion.

Sagittarians are not people who abandon a project in the middle of the task, may result from boredom or other work pressure. They see their work through to the end, when most others would have given up. They are focused like that; almost stubborn. They are fun loving individuals, and entertainers but they do not shirk work for the sake of having a good time. They are well balanced and know how to prioritize. They invest their heart and soul into any task they take up. There is no half hearted work. It is always a complete effort, or nothing.

The fire sign, thus, become very inspiring for other zodiac symbols. The fire, literally, burns inside every Sagittarian. It is on a spiritual level, that refuses to die down and forces a Sagittarian on the path of discovery and adventure; and they do not rest until its completion. They have no set bias or agenda that they must serve and make up plans as they go on the way; which is why they are open to influence and are capable of influencing others as well. They can be aggressive and impatient if the goal seems too distant, but that cannot waylay them. In terms of educating themselves as well,  Sagittarians prefer in-depth learning to surface learning; and are consistent with their areas of study before progressing on to another aspect of study.