A kind of personality being fickle or predictable cannot be said in a straight sentence. There are times and punches that make certain personalities behave fickle, while others may not respond unpredictable to similar situations at all. Understanding a Sagittarius being fickle or not needs the first thing to know about them as – What kind of general traits they possess? And why do such traits have any chances to make them tagged as ‘fickle’?


Why tag them ‘fickle’?

First thing to know about Sagittarians is that, they are very optimistic people. They are joyous fellows, who are born with the art to make the surroundings bright with their happy moods. Their being straightforward keeps people in their association with them for long time. But, added to these aspects is their nature of being slightly carefree, which gives an impression to the others that Sagittarians are careless. They are ideally unintentional towards any such careless or rude behaviour, but due to their being straightforward and upfront in terms of expression, they might be taken as rough personalities by others. Here is what starts creating a demarcation between being fickle and looking to be fickle. Some situations really make their fickle-face come up, while there are times when it just looks like that, but isn’t really.


How about relationships?

Coming to the situations that take out the fickle-face of a Sagittarius are a rich topic to analyze. Sagittarians ideally never betray in friendship. They feel safe in friendship and that feeling of security and freedom gets them a long way with friends. But, in terms of relationship, also talking precisely about Sagittarius men, they are not very quick and strong in terms of commitment. Ideally, a Sagittarius is seen avoiding being in a serious sort of a relationship. Tough statement to make, but they are ideally towards breaking hearts most of the times in their relationships.


The reasons are many, but to understand the psyche behind such an action is to understand that a Sagittarian is a social being with a lot of networks, and so is freedom-appreciating person. Hence, staying committed to one relationship doesn’t suit them very much, unless it ensures their personal space and privacy without interference. Similar applies to the women under this sun-sign as well. They tend to be loyal in relationship, but only till the time they are in one. As they move on, they don’t find it difficult to find new date without deep emotional traumas.


Honest, yet blunt would be an apt caption for Sagittarians in general. It is unendurable for a Sagittarian to be caught in an unhappy marriage or a relationship. If they get unsure about one relationship and enter into another one, they have a tendency to seek the previous shelter as soon as they see something unfavourable happening in the new one. By understanding the situations that match up with their personalities can do a good job in reducing the unpredictability factor from Sagittarians to a great extent.