High-spirited, noble and gregarious are the first terms that flash in the mind while talking about ‘Sagittarius’ personalities. When such personalities are composed and content, what leads to mood swings in them is an interesting point creating curiosity. This could be initiated by firstly getting quickly introduced to the generic traits a Sagittarius possesses.

If meeting a person spreads an aura of free-mindedness, optimism, leadership, trustworthy friendship, creativity and energetic-adventure, it’s surely a Sagittarius around. Popular for their high-spirits, this sun-sign with a half-horse-half-archer with an arrow aimed at the sky, symbolizes power and hunger for knowledge. Such personalities are light-focused and hence like getting involved into outdoor activities more. Interest in adventure, plus, energy in the spirit they posses, makes them a high-zoned personality, and such individuals are often sensitive to take dives of moods with introduction to small but specific triggers.

Sagittarius Mood Swings – Generic Reasons

A light push to the emotions, mental or physical peace, ends up boosting a Sagittarian’s performance efficiency. A minimal positive deviation shows great outcome in terms of performance of a Sagittarius-traited.

Presence of any insecurity around, fear of uncalculated or unpredictable event nearby causes loss of control on moods and leads to a sudden hitch to the energy level.

Boredom is a high-tension element here. It’s strictly a ‘No’ to boredom or monotone in order to keep a Sagittarius’ mood intact. And, a hurt Sagittarius is seen keeping himself/herself alone and distant.

Triggers to Mood Swings

If days look predictable and the schedule looks monotonous and flat, it’s a signal that a Sagittarius around is going to be seen in a bad and irked mood. Addition to a single different activity does help bring the mood in place.

There free-bird personalities are likely to stay in joyous and lively mood, until no limitations peep in. Any outbreak of unnecessary suggestive gestures, bars or constraints lead to steep plunge in a Sagittarius mood. The next action following to this trigger of mood swing is – running away. Fights, shouts and anger aren’t the initial reactions a Sagittarius shows in such circumstances.

Emotional distress is yet another factor very commonly making a Sagittarius mood take a dip. Keeping oneself away and not involving into spontaneous talks is the common result of followed by this behaviour. Another important aspect affecting the mood of a Sagittarian is the presence of other sun-signs. The energy that reflects from other directions and the atmosphere created due to contradictory conversations and actions lead to high fluctuation in mood of a Sagittarius personality.

It is not very tricky to get a bell rang, when a Sagittarius is likely to encounter mood swings. All one needs to do is keep an eye open, avoiding overlooking details and not taking hurried actions in return.