The perception about the general traits of a Sagittarius stands as the key idea to figure out how well a Sagittarius keeps his/her ears open to the suggestions coming in. Not to misunderstand the high-spirited nature of a Sagittarius with low level of maturity, as Sagittarians receive their personality richness through experiences, and they have a willingness to keep looking for new horizons.


An accepting Sagittarian and advices are two things that have a critical relationship with the suggestion-giver’s personality. The person suggesting something also belongs to a planet or sun-sign, with his/her individual set of traits, having a direct impact on whether or not the ‘archer’ Sagittarius would accept the suggestion, and if yes, to what extent. For example, with an artistic-angled, content and stable Virgo, Sagittarius might do meticulously odd while taking suggestions. With a Libra, personalities gel-up really well and hence the likeliness of being heard by a Sagittarius is high. Two Sagittarians exchanging suggestions surely are one of the few most compatible matches, due to the understanding – ‘what works with me works with the other as well.’ With an Aquarius and Pisces personality, the opposite traited Sagittarians still do pretty well in listening, which has a direct relation with being heard.


Due to the hunger of thrill and enchantment in life, the personality of a Sagittarius should be understood correctly in order to place an advice effectively. Not to mistake and forget, Sagittarians are freedom-loving people and hence, suggesting is a tricky and careful job. The piece of suggestion should go in line with the enthusiastic, lively and spontaneous ‘archer’, by preventing it from being tagged as a sermon or a preaching.


Sagittarius listens to suggestions? What circumstances?

A Sagittarius doesn’t appreciate monotone, and therefore, advices being passed in the form of useful and meaningful opportunities have a great chance of keeping a Sagittarius interested in listening to the advice been passed, without putting the mind-shutters down.


The art of mixing the experiences with suggestions in a way that it looks like an episode of mutual sharing rather than a suggestion being passed through, works magically. The more flexible other sun-sign is, better is the likeliness of being taken seriously and doing great with a Sagittarius.


Sagittarians do value the freedom and space of other sun-signs, hence they would not be majorly seen suggesting heavily, and so passing on the suggestion should be like a gift-wrap, that shines, catches attention, looks harmless, amuses and is finally taken up.