People born under the Sagittarius zodiac sign are known as “The Archers” as their symbol is a centaur aiming a bow. This says a lot about the Sagittarius people whose zodiac motto is ‘I expand’. They think big and aim for the stars. They are magnanimous, and kind and no amount of pessimism may weigh them down. Their intellectuality and pursuit of creativity is well known and this combined with their never say die attitude is bound to win over admirers. They are ruled by the planet Jupiter and the traditional name of Jupiter is ‘Jove’. Therefore, its goes without saying that Sagittarians are jovial people. Someone with as much of optimism in himself is a beacon of hope for those who are lost or unfocussed. The ways in which a Sagittarius can influence lives is either by leading them by example from their own life process or by touching someone’s life with their inherent kindness and optimism and altering their life course.

Astrologically speaking, due to the effects of the stars, a person under the influence of a Sagittarius tends to focus more. Their negativity turns into positivity. They also show a desire for popularity and friendship. All in all, just like a typical Sagittarius trait, the subject too starts believing that all evil can turn to good and there is nothing wrong in dreaming and trying to reach for the highest goal. They will never back down and start considering every event as a life lesson and a process of experimentation from wherein one can grow, learn and develop.

A Sagittarius always wants to be free and independent. The centaur of the Sagittarius expresses a conflict between mind and body. The purpose of a Sagittarius is to overcome this conflict. Once they have done so, they may guide others into overcoming their own hindrances and taking the step forward towards what makes them happy and makes them feel free. Their philosophy of life, idealism, love of adventure and travel is well known. These energies and exuberances when guided towards a specific source ensure that a person comes out of his/her own self and explores their inner diva. They may take decisions which they were scared to take before. Remember, a Sagittarius can envision the future irrespective of the present situation as is natural with their level of optimism. Similarly, a Sagittarius may use this beautiful life force of seeing the glass half full and instil the zeal of open minded actions and aspirations, and pursuit of adventure in a person they seek to influence or a person who is already under the vivacious spell of a Sagittarius.

Every zodiac sign has characteristics that can influence others, either directly or indirectly. It has been said that Sagittarius people are insanely optimistic, incredibly happy-go-lucky, exuberant and vibrant, disarmingly happy, enthusiastic and see the best in people. These were some traits that go a long way in building bridges, crossing hurdles and facing every difficulty with a smile. These characteristics can help people through when they really need someone and a Sagittarius is the right person to infuse the right amount of joviality in someone’s life. A Sagittarius also never holds grudges. Can we imagine how peaceful life would be if everyone else did the same. These are life lessons one can incorporate in life. Following or being influenced by a Sagittarius is a route to happiness and no one should part with that.