The year 2014 comes with a lot of hope for the Sagittarian woman. The year sees Pluto and Uranus coming closer and hence brings in a lot of optimism in the archer lady’s life. The year comes with a blend of uphill task and sweet luck. Even though one might feel that she is stuck in a problem, however solutions will pop up from nowhere. The year will need a lot of hard work but all the hard work pays off at the end. Luck plays an integral part in the Sagittarian lady’s life in 2014. She will be blessed with unexpected surprises and gifts. A lot of dreams that took a setback in the past years may come true. However you may need to work a little harder for it and might even need to start from the basics. The year is a beautiful roller coaster ride of good luck, hard work and achievements.

In the career front the Sagittarian lady will achieve some very coveted feats. It’s the best time to start something new and take that much anticipated risk in career. Results will be positive in most cases. As luck plays a very vital part in 2014, it’s advisable to jump into the unconventional career lines. But you will need to give a lot of commitment towards your work and cannot take things for granted as you did in the bygone years. You need to be a little focused, organized and disciplined.

Health wise this year seems to be a fantastic one. You will have more energy and would want to get more out of life. You will feel more positive and would want to be involved in a lot of physical activity. However be a little careful with your food habits and digestion. You might face problems with indigestion and general stomach ailments. But with a good food habit it can be cured. This year seems to be a good time to try your hand in some sports. You will be physically fit also and at the same time it will help you socialize and have a good time.

The year also brings good news for all those who are in a relationship. You will take your relationships more seriously and could be able to give it a long term perspective. You would want to settle down and take a breather. You will be able to understand your partner better and can even talk about unresolved issues. If you are single, there are high chances that you will meet someone this year since this is the year of love and stability for you.

Financially you need to act a little smarter. You need to keep a check on your expenses as this year might not be a very good year financially for you. As you may shift jobs or start something of your own, your constant regular income might be erratic. Hence proper planning is advised. But less money in no way suggests that you will have an unhappy year. Happiness is guaranteed throughout the year.