Sagittarians are bright, outgoing and jovial beings who look at life with ‘rose-tinted’ spectacles.  Full of humor and optimism, they look forward to live a ‘king-size’ life. Both Sagittarius men and women radiate the warmth of their persona wherever they go and touch the hearts of whoever they meet. We now analyze specifically how life will treat Sagittarius men in 2014 in matters concerning relationships, career, health and money.

Relationship & Love :    Those who have been single for quite some time can keep their fingers crossed and be hopeful about love blooming in their lives. Sagittarian men will be ready for commitment and wedlock this year. Those who are already married are likely to pamper their wives and make them feel special. An encounter with exes will revive old love saga again as chances are there that ex-girlfriends or ex-wives can retreat back into your life. Sagittarius men marked by their humor and wit will be very popular among the opposite sex this year and grab their attention.

Career : This year will prove as a comeback for you as career will take you to a higher level since long awaited work gets done. 2014 will offer you plenty of opportunities to showcase and channelize your potential into yielding fruitful results. Work will demand consistency and complete focus; failing to do so shall bring forth chaos resulting in stress and woes. There would be plenty of projects coming your way which will keep you engaged enough to have no time for melancholy or depression. Due to the planetary positions of your stars impending tasks seem to kick off at once with your endeavors.

Money:   Jupiter, Sagittarian’s ruling planet, appears to be smiling at them with good fortune and financial strength. Sagittarius men will receive a good fortune in inheritance or will. Those who had financial crunches over the past few years, will breathe a sigh of relief because money seems to be pouring in. If you have not tried your luck at the stock market you can take this risk and can expect to earn a pretty handsome amount. Men out there will become spendthrift as more income will tempt them to splurge into an extravaganza. You got to control your expenses.

Health: Work pressure seem to take a toll on you; inconsistency and under performance in professional life will create mental stress and anxiety. You need to be calm and not let worries pull down your spirits. You must be careful about what are you eating as stomach related ailments can disturb you a bit.

Those playful Sagittarians out there must pull their socks up, and be ready to face the hard and complicated life of professionalism. It’s time for them to give up the life of a free spirit and restrain their merry making to a limit. Invest your positive energy into productivity and reap the fruit of hard work and consistency. A very good year to tie the knot. Overall, the year will be an overwhelming and fruitful one, so keep that radiance intact!