If you’re wondering whether a Sagittarius can forgive, the straight up answer is yes. What you need to determine is the level of forgiveness the Sag is willing to give you. The question now becomes, there are levels of forgiveness? To which I answer, yes. The mighty archer is known to be very nonchalant and happy go lucky that most people thing they would just let things slide, whatever that is. But everyone has a boiling point.

I ran across a forum thread where this is a teenage girl’s dilemma. She tried to play games with a Sag guy she’s crushing on and although most people would find it off, the guy just laughed and said he found it funny and even cute. Her scheme worked because she got his attention and they even became friends. The second time she did this she turned the notch up that our Sag subject actually found it offensive but said “it’s ok, it’s done, let’s just forget about it” and they remained friends. The girl then, tried a prank again a third time, thinking it was okay but this time turned it up and tried to involve Sag guy’s new gf. He then got mad and started calling her out on her prank and asked her to leave him alone then eventually stopped talking to her or responding to her apologies.

There’s no real need to look at the situation to understand where things went wrong. The girl already established a connection the first time she tried this approach so there was no need to do it a second time but let’s humor her. Yes, Sagittarius is known to love puzzles so a brain boggling prank (or mind games, if you must) might be very appealing to him. The second time the girl tried a prank on him is where the “letting things slide” trait of the Sag comes in. He did get offended but there was no harm done so he just shrugged it off. The third time, though, was obviously a whole different level because one, it includes someone aside from himself and two, the prank could be something that could ruin his relationship with another girl he started dating.

A Sag can be a nice person yes but, again, he has limits. In general, he will forgive as long as there is no lasting (negative) effect from the incident. If there is he will also forgive in time but maybe not because he wants to. The mighty archer can be a righteous person and he knows that the right thing to do is to forgive so he will grant this pardon but he will continue sitting on his high horse. He will not forget.

If you want to ask forgiveness from a Sagittarius you need to be ready to argue your point much like a defense attorney does in a courtroom in front of the jury. Choose your words carefully and make sure your arguments are valid. The Sag will use his intellect to prove his point so you should be able to do the same. Trying to appeal to his righteous side might help a lot. Make him feel (forgiving) it’s the right thing to do and he will grant you that. If all else fails walk away with this experience and learn from it.