Who wouldn’t want to see this funny, adventurous and sophisticated woman walk through the aisle towards him in a beautiful gown on their wedding day? The Sagittarius becoming a bride is a dream come true for a lot of men so if you get this chance you might want to give it your best because you know she deserves it.

Weddings need a lot of work and exerted effort but for the Sagittarius bride, it should be the same as the rest of her life … sophisticated, fashionable and, as much as possible, with a hint of adventure. If you’re a Sag and wants your whole persona to show on your wedding day or if you’re planning a wedding for a Sag, you have to consider a few simple things about her character.

Sags are friendly so, naturally, they have a lot of acquaintances. The Sag is very accommodating and like being friends with people from different walks of life. On the wedding day, they might not have a long guest list but be sure to expect a variety of people. You need to think of a concept that will be suitable for everyone. Maybe something that will break the ice so people who just met that day can have something to start talking about other than the bride and groom.

In picking a motif, think of bright colors like sapphire or gold or a shade of amber. Something lively but not too shocking that it would hurt the eyes. Bright colors will bring out the energy and enthusiasm the Sag bride posses. Pick something buoyant and sophisticated. A Sag is well educated and classy and that should show on her wedding motif.

The Sag is a stickler for breaking rules. They like to push things to the limit starting with small things so while the bridal gown should be as beautiful and regal as she is, you might want to add a bit more spice to it. White gowns are classic but you could throw in a hint of whatever her motif is. Maybe a ribbon / belt around her waist or a floral head dress. If you want an all white gown you can make a contrast with a colorful bouquet instead. Try sunflowers or bright colored Gerbera rather than the usual roses and tulips. Gerbera comes in so many colors you’ll have a hard time picking and the sunflower just looks fun and may even shock the people attending.

Of course the wedding doesn’t stop at the church (or wherever you want it done) or the reception. Probably the most sought after part of that occasion is the beginning of the honeymoon. Sags are wanderlust people. An exotic place would be the best to take the Sag bride for a honeymoon. Jordan, Marrakech and Egypt are good if you want places with a rich culture. Asia is very exotic and fun. Head to Europe if you’re after the history of the place. Of course Maldives, Bahamas and Hawaii are always great destinations if you want to soak in the sun.