Do you know why most men – not just Sagittarius men but this really applies to them – stray? Because they are bored. They get tired of the monotony of doing the same thing day in and day out. Eating the same food, hanging out with the same couples, eating at the same restaurants – it will drive anyone nuts eventually. Women do not express their boredom in the same way but a man? He is going to go looking for something more exciting.

So, the key to keeping a Centaur man is to not leave room for boredom. And if you are boring he’ll get bored. Many couples fall into a lifestyle and sometimes that is mistake for having a life. It’s not the same thing. In fact, having a lifestyle can be pretty boring. A lifestyle is based on existing and getting through the days but a life…that’s another matter. If you are life is filled with yacht cruises and parties and impressive people and it is that way ALL THE TIME it is going to get boring. That’s when you need to start thinking outside the box. Break out of your lifestyle and start having a life.

The Archer will always be a sucker for a woman that has a great life filled with challenges. He loves and adores a woman that is learning new things and ready for some adventure. But do not wait for him to initiate it all the time. Even after you are a couple you should have your own life – not his life. You should be able to go off on your own and have a good time. If he asks to join you then welcome him but the chances are he’ll be thrilled because that means he can have his own life as well.

Having his own life is important to a Sagittarius. When people start to think of the two of you as “them” and not as individuals, he starts to feel caged. So make sure that he has the time he needs to do things on his own or with his buddies. He has friends that are just his friends and you should, too. Do not just have couple friends. Have single friends and do things with them. Belong to organizations and club and do activities with your girlfriends. Not only will this prevent him from feeling caged but knowing that you have a life – not just a lifestyle – will make you so much more attractive to him. You know how couples fall into this routine where they come home, have dinner, watch television, and never seem to have things to talk about? Well, that won’t happen to you if you have a life because you’ll be doing different things, on your own, and you’ll always have new things to talk about and experiences to share. One of the worst things you can do with a Sag man is become one of those couples who knows all of each others’ stories because you’ve heard them all before and you have no new stories since you became a couple. Create new stories and you’ll always have things to talk about and he won’t be bored by you.