Libra and Taurus Compatibility

This will be a good partnership generally. For starters both a Libra and a Taurus knows how to appreciate art, poetry and culture. They will enjoy fine dining, music, theater and a lot more together. These two can understand each other in so many levels. There will be characteristics that they will find hard to get by, though. For instance, it is in a Taurus’ nature to make long term goals. This person can’t help but to plan for things and life in general. A Libra on the other hand can be very indecisive and thus leave decisions and planning to others. A Taurus is very practical. They are, after all, governed by the element of the Earth. A Libra being ruled by the element of Air relies mostly on instinct and gut feel. They aren’t as intent and won’t want to be tied down doing just one thing. Sure they will make plans with the Taurus in decorating the house and will be very focused on it this week but don’t expect him to have the same enthusiasm and determination to finish the project the next week. The Libra is not the most routinary person in the world. It is said that this relationship is short-term at best so what these two needs is to have a long line of patience when dealing with each other’s differences. The biggest thing that will make this work out is the peace loving Libra’s patience for stubborn Taurus and Taurus’ guidance to help Libra overcome one of their greatest flaws which is indecisiveness.


This is the type of relationship that, at first, both Taurus and Libra won’t realize may lead to a romantic one. The first thing that usually draws the two together is the fact that they enjoy the same things. There is a big chance that this one can start from a great friendship. When time comes and they do realize that the partnership is getting shaped into a romantic one, these signs that are both governed by the planet Venus (goddess of love and beauty) will work together for a harmonious union. One of the biggest problems these two might encounter is the jealous of the Taurus that will come out when Libra starts to flirt. Librans are huge flirts but they mostly do it to gain confidence. A lot of times they don’t really plan on acting on it but the stubborn Taurus won’t listen to that. What’s good about it is that a Libra is almost always level headed and will hear Taurus out; he will use his diplomacy and try to work things out with his partner. He likes balance and peace so there is a big chance he is the one who always try to fix whatever is off in the relationship but only to a certain point.


This couple has a very strong physical attraction. That’s one of the reasons why the relationship works. Yes they do appreciate the same things and are the same intellectually but they also have strong differences in characteristics. Their sensual side, however, is one thing that keeps them together. They will be satisfied in this department since they both like the same things here.

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