Libra and Leo Compatibility

Compatible may not be a word that suits these two signs. Generally this is a relationship to avoid because of more than a few reasons. A Libra is peace loving but can handle a good argument; a healthy argument that is. They don’t mind exchanging opinions but only for the sake of exchanging it and learning from other’s ideas too. A Leo on the other hand would argue for the sake of argument. They are very opinionated and will not back down, especially since they’re the one who starts most arguments. Although you can’t say Libra’s are submissive, there’s no telling what this relationship might bring. Like a lion, this Zodiac also has an explosive temper which needs to get avoided or it might lead to abuse. Libra’s should be careful with their flirting too. They may consider it as harmless but a Leo has the tendency to be jealous to the point of being possessive.e Also, a Leo leaves decisions and judgment until it’s badly needed. This may be a big problem since a Libra is notoriously known for being indecisive. If this is the case, these two may not go anywhere. These two are prone to be lazy too. There will be instances where one or both of them will spend long periods of time lazing around and they might see this as a bad trait on their partner but not theirs.

On a more positive note, these two are situated separately on the Zodiac wheel so there will be balance in this relationship. A Libra for example will practice calm to soothe the Leo partner’s flame. Where a Leo can be crass, a Libra’s good manners and charm will be sufficient for both of them. What these two needs, is to establish balance in their relationship and in everything they do as a couple and everything should follow.


A Leo is ruled by the sun which represents fire; and Libra, of course, by the planet Venus; which means love. This is one positive thing about this relationship. Libra is concerned with the beauty of romance while Leo, with life-spreading warmth. Venus being feminine and the Sun being masculine will also give this relationship balance. If only these two can get passed all the differences and establish balance in their relationship, there is a big chance they stay together for a long time.


Both these signs exude warm feelings perfect for passionate love making. They’re also very energetic and they can endure each as far as energy goes. Libra which is an air sign can fuel Leo’s fire and make him burn with desire. They should consider what each other’s physical needs are, though. A Leo tends to take over everything including this field. A Libra has a come-what-may attitude but things will be more exciting and way better if they can experiment and have fun with a mutual understanding of each other’s desires. Again, these two should find a way to put differences aside and it might be hard but the long lasting relationship is definitely worth it.

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