Libra and Gemini Compatibility

Here’s one relationship that has a huge chance to succeed. These two are in the same level when it comes to intellect, emotions, character and attitude. Both signs value freedom a great deal. They like being able to do things on their own and will support each other generally. They also have very active lifestyles and has a lot of friends; common and individual. Librans and Gemini are under the same element; air. Those born under this element are spontaneous people so the Gemini won’t mind the Libra’s way of his using instinct and random ideas to get by everyday because they are the same. Together these two will share many great ideas to make everyday fun and exciting. They have their separate opinions as well but it won’t be a problem because both of them understand how intellectual freedom is important. This is also the type of relationship where we can say, what one lacks the other will fill. Intellectually, a Gemini is very good at coming up with ideas but lacks initiative to act on it. A Libra will help with that. These two make a great team.

A Libra will be entertained by the Gemini and the Gemini’s dual nature is fond of the Libra’s balance. A Gemini is ruled by the planet Mercury while a Libra, by the planet Venus. This means they have the tendency to get past disagreements easy because those two planets mean communication and love. If there’s anything troubling them they won’t hesitate to bring it up and talk about it like civilized people should.


It’s more likely that when these two meet sparks will just fly. A Libra can be almost always in love and a Gemini is the same. The Libra, however, loves wooing his partner and Gemini just loves that. He will show how much he is into his partner without a care with what’s around. Both of them are Air signs and they won’t mind a little flirting as long as it is harmless. Between the two though, Gemini has a more domesticated nature and in time may get jealous if they think their partner flirts more than they should and that will bring out the nagger in them. In this case Librans and Gemini should make sure they have enough patience to get over this little bump in the road. Gemini also has the tendency to just follow around because they are mutable signs. Libra is a cardinal sign, thus, he would likely take control of the relationship even to the smallest decision but Gemini will just be too happy to oblige.


When it comes to intimacy these two will find they don’t lack anything in this department. They have a very strong mental and physical connection that giving in to the sensual side of them is inevitable. These two wouldn’t mind experimenting as long as they believe it’s harmless. They will do it for the fun and to satisfy each other’s curiosity. They will be very open to each other about what they want and what they need. Communication is a very important thing to having a good sexual relationship and these two won’t have a hard time with that.

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