Libra and Cancer Compatibility

This is one of those relationships that will be difficult to handle. That or it might take time to figure out how it will work. On the bright side there are some characteristics these two share. For example, they both love the beautiful and luxurious things in life. They are also in touch with their emotions and are not afraid of showing it to each other. There will be more than a few bumps on the road though. A Cancer is a very domesticated person and we all know Librans hate anything that has something to do about routine and being confined to a thing (literally and figuratively). Librans are very sociable and active. They like being involved in a hundred different things at the same time and Cancer will have a hard time catching up. Although in general it is okay for the Cancer to wait home or go with whatever the Libra say and end up looking like a martyr it will catch up to him eventually and no doubt there will be some nagging done. Librans hate nagging and when they feel like they are being confined to something they might just head for the nearest exit.

What the Cancer needs to do is to broaden their understanding when it comes to what the Libra does for kicks. A Libra means no harm. He is for some a wild person but it doesn’t mean he’s incapable of becoming domesticated at all. When he finds the right combination where he feel he’s not trapped and not being forced to do it he will come on his own. What this couple needs is to be open and work with each other to reach a common goal so they can exercise how to use their energies together in a balanced and harmonious way.


Romantically, neither of them is shy about expressing their. When a Libra is sure about it his feelings there’s no doubt he will find a way to show how much and a Cancer is the same way. The big problem here is that Cancer’s domesticated nature will come out when the Libra starts flirting around. They will either nag or play the martyr which isn’t any good. A Cancer needs to brighten up a little and if they want this relationship to last, they should try and think (not to mention act) out of the box.


There are a lot of things a Cancer should learn to embrace if they want the relationship to work in this include the sexual side. On the physical aspect a Cancer is a bit on the conservative type and this won’t do for the Libra. There are certain things that may not be taboo for the Libra but will seem like perverted to a Cancer. The crab focuses more on emotions and intellectual turn-ons rather than the physical type. Libra should be a bit more patient with the Cancer and Cancer needs to broaden their understanding on their sensual side.

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