Free Horoscope for March 13, 2018

  • Aries Aries - March 13, 2018

    It's natural to believe that achieving an immediate result in some way requires an urgent approach. Your keenness to have something now could be so strong that you overlook a simple strategy to attain it. Throwing yourself into a certain plan in the hope that doing more than is necessary means you'll end up where you want to be eventually isn't the wisest option. Remember the story of the Tortoise and the Hare. Slow and steady will win the race. Ask 1 free question to a Psychic

  • Taurus Taurus - March 13, 2018

    Achieving an average result is easy. All we need to do is apply ourselves in a halfhearted way. There are times when we're happy to do so too. You, however, are unlikely to be happy with a lackluster performance. You know you could shine and offer something greater than an average result if only you felt more motivated or inspired to do so. That's something the cosmos is working to correct now. Ask 1 free question to a Psychic

  • Gemini Gemini - March 13, 2018

    Where your interactions with others are concerned, you could prefer to connect with or surround yourself with familiar faces and preferably in familiar places. You're probably not tempted with forming new connections, but that's fine. Bouncing ideas off of those you know well and also know are most likely to offer unbiased advice or input is a sensible strategy. Ask 1 free question to a Psychic

  • Cancer Cancer - March 13, 2018

    Knowing you and a certain person are on the same page with a certain plan could bring a wave of relief and reassurance. It seems you and they are finally focused on achieving the same outcome and any recent differences or differing opinions are falling by the wayside. You're right to believe that what gets put in place now has 'long-term' written all over it. Ask 1 free question to a Psychic

  • Leo Leo - March 13, 2018

    What might have been ticking along comfortably and predictably could experience a setback or two. However, this probably has more to do with a certain plan settling further before it commences than anything you haven't accounted for. You have a superb chance to take stock of where you're at in a certain area. Don't use this time to dwell on what's not going to plan or perceived - and unfounded - reasons to be doubtful. Ask 1 free question to a Psychic

  • Virgo Virgo - March 13, 2018

    'It's my life, it's now or never, I ain't gonna live forever, I just want to live while I'm alive.' So sang Bon Jovi. The words, however, might be relevant to you now. You're probably aware of new levels of obligations and responsibilities you're shouldering. You have an increasing number of people to placate. It could be time to accept that you owe it to yourself to focus more on your needs than others' needs, even briefly. Ask 1 free question to a Psychic

  • Libra Libra - March 13, 2018

    We can all be a bit too quick to resent knowing someone is talking about us behind our back, or even publicly. After all, the most successful people are the most talked about – and criticized. You could take something said about you to heart. You might also read more into what is said than was intended. However, be grateful for the fact that someone believes you're worthy of talking about. You're shining in some way now, and this makes it difficult for you to be ignored. Ask 1 free question to a Psychic

  • Scorpio Scorpio - March 13, 2018

    Some of the world's most amazing and life-changing inventions started off as seemingly insignificant thoughts or were created from something that appeared paltry or unimportant. It can be amazing what applying a bit of imagination can transform. In an area of your world, you can take something that appears unimportant or uninspiring and turn it into something truly special. You have the imagination. All that's needed is a balance of faith and effort. Ask 1 free question to a Psychic

  • Sagittarius Sagittarius - March 13, 2018

    When you take a keen interest in something, you can often go way beyond levels of depth others give the same interest to. If something truly captures your imagination, then you want to discover and learn as much about it as possible. It's this attitude and approach that can put you in a strong position now, especially if you're up against someone who believes themselves to an expert in a certain area. They have yet to discover how knowledgeable you are. Ask 1 free question to a Psychic

  • Capricorn Capricorn - March 13, 2018

    Personal and professional connections could be strained at this time, but if you sense it's necessary to step back and leave a partner or work colleague to their own devices, then that could be a sensible strategy. Rather than defend a point of view or point out where you think someone has missed a point, take the high road and let them get to grips with their attitude or behavior. Ask 1 free question to a Psychic

  • Aquarius Aquarius - March 13, 2018

    A career-related development could give you plenty to consider, especially if one door has opened that has appeared firmly closed previously. This is unlikely to be a quick or short-term 'fix,' and proper thought might be needed before you put any plans in motion. However, a new level of security could be on offer and what's unfolding or presenting itself now or shortly could take your professional life in a very new direction. Ask 1 free question to a Psychic

  • Pisces Pisces - March 13, 2018

    You might understandably be uncertain about or wary of an unexpected development, but this needn't throw you off course or balance in ways you believe it will. If anything, you're encouraged now to get to grips with a matter that needs more focus and attention than you've given it recently. This problem can be solved by you. Asking for others' advice might only create delays and further obstacles. Ask 1 free question to a Psychic

Sagittarius - The Archer (Nov 22 - Dec 21)


Sagittarius is the ninth astrological sign in the Zodiac, originating from the constellation of Sagittarius. In western astrology, the sign is now no longer aligned with the constellation as a result of the precession of the equinoxes. Sagittarius is considered a "masculine", positive (extrovert) sign. It is also considered a fire sign and one of the four mutable signs. Sagittarius is ruled by the planet Jupiter. Being the ninth sign of the zodiac, Sagittarius has been associated with the astrological ninth house.

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