Free Horoscope for March 08, 2017

  • Aries Aries - March 08, 2017

    Be careful how much additional responsibility you take on or what you promise to others. As confident or invincible as you might feel, you could be at risk of aiming too high and letting yourself or others down by being a bit too optimistic about what you can deliver in some way. If you exceed expectations by playing it safe, then there will only be praise coming your direction. Ask 1 free question to a Psychic

  • Taurus Taurus - March 08, 2017

    It's a case of less haste, more speed in some way now. Your determination to complete so much in a short time frame might result in you starting much but actually finishing little. If pressure is coming from someone else to achieve the impossible, then that might be a symptom of their inability to organize or prioritize, not yours. Ask 1 free question to a Psychic

  • Gemini Gemini - March 08, 2017

    We hear people talk about 'what looks good on paper' appearing very differently once a certain reality sets in and you could experience something similar as you agree to commit to something verbally that could soon appear differently once you've had a chance to think it through properly. Before you say the word, 'yes', give very considered though to what it is you're agreeing to! Ask 1 free question to a Psychic

  • Cancer Cancer - March 08, 2017

    You've no reason to feel despondent, inferior or uncertain. Neither do you need to pay attention to 'second thoughts' that could be creeping into your mind. As the Moon in your sign trines Mars in your professional sector, what you have is an exceptional opportunity. You can see a viable way forward or can go back and correct a situation without feeling a sense of inferiority or defeat. Ask 1 free question to a Psychic

  • Leo Leo - March 08, 2017

    Pledging support or agreeing to something might be done more out of a sense of duty or obligation rather than through your heart being in it. If you sense you're being coerced to agree to something that doesn't sit well with you, then you'd be doing yourself and someone else a favor by saying so. It's best they get let down gently now rather than with a massive bump later on. Ask 1 free question to a Psychic

  • Virgo Virgo - March 08, 2017

    Where you might feel if something is to be done properly, then it needs to be done by you, consider your reasons for shouldering such responsibility. You could regret taking on something that ought to be divvied up between you and others. If increased responsibility is to impress, then don't believe others aren't impressed already. They are, and any belief on your part otherwise is likely coming from you. Ask 1 free question to a Psychic

  • Libra Libra - March 08, 2017

    There are limits to how much information you can absorb and process. No matter how inspired you are to embark upon a learning process, you can't make it happen overnight. Break it up into manageable chunks. Get to grips with one chapter before flipping to the next. If something's truly worth learning or discovering, then time and patience need to be integral to the process. Ask 1 free question to a Psychic

  • Scorpio Scorpio - March 08, 2017

    Allowing yourself some escape time to lose yourself in a world of fantasy can be relaxing and therapeutic but Saturn is at hand to ensure the journey is short-lived. An issue related to your earnings could bring you back down to Earth with a bump but it appears you could be grateful for being able to resolve it swiftly. A valuable lesson can be learned and applied in the future. Ask 1 free question to a Psychic

  • Sagittarius Sagittarius - March 08, 2017

    You might feel jealous of how or where your time is being allocated and as much as one person or possibly a group of people believe you should be giving your all in one way, you might see reasons why a limit needs imposing. If this is the result of you identifying a better, more effective way of doing something, then that could encourage others to make more realistic demands of you. Ask 1 free question to a Psychic

  • Capricorn Capricorn - March 08, 2017

    You might need to send a courteous but firm message to others who believe you to be at their beck and call or willing to drop everything to assist them. Your reliability and practical approach could make you an easy target for those are struggling with something by approaching it erratically. By all means, show them where they're going wrong but their problem needn't become yours. Ask 1 free question to a Psychic

  • Aquarius Aquarius - March 08, 2017

    Progress where you want to experience it relies on your willingness to plant proverbial seeds in the minds of others rather than pushing a point firmly. An on/off approach might be more helpful, especially once others take your idea and make it their own. When your guidance and input is needed, it will be asked for. For now, accept limits surrounding how much you can steer or influence others' decisions. Ask 1 free question to a Psychic

  • Pisces Pisces - March 08, 2017

    The Moon in your solar sector of fun and spontaneity could make you the life and soul of the party but be aware of limits that exist in terms of how able you are to lighten the lives of others. Your feel-good factor or enthusiasm can be a breath of fresh air for some but don't feel obliged to go above the call of duty. You have your own needs to attend to and could be at risk of depriving yourself of these if you're not careful. Ask 1 free question to a Psychic

Sagittarius - The Archer (Nov 22 - Dec 21)


Sagittarius is the ninth astrological sign in the Zodiac, originating from the constellation of Sagittarius. In western astrology, the sign is now no longer aligned with the constellation as a result of the precession of the equinoxes. Sagittarius is considered a "masculine", positive (extrovert) sign. It is also considered a fire sign and one of the four mutable signs. Sagittarius is ruled by the planet Jupiter. Being the ninth sign of the zodiac, Sagittarius has been associated with the astrological ninth house.

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