Free Horoscope for December 16, 2017

  • Aries Aries - December 16, 2017

    Summoning modesty helps with taking you out of the proverbial spotlight or away from the scrutiny of others. You'll probably feel grateful for not having your every move watched or criticized. However, that doesn't mean you don't have an important point to make or contribution to offer, Even if you feel you're not ready to reveal a vision, plan or idea, don't become defensive if asked to do so. Whatever-it-is could be very warmly received. Ask 1 free question to a Psychic

  • Taurus Taurus - December 16, 2017

    A work-related conflict of interests encourages you to detach or withdraw yourself. However, you won't want to be removed from the game for long. You have impressive skills or an important contribution to make, so don't hold back. Approaching this tense scenario diplomatically helps to make clear why your involvement is essential. Ask 1 free question to a Psychic

  • Gemini Gemini - December 16, 2017

    You communicative skills come into their own at this time, especially if you're able to state clearly what others are struggling to convey. Whether this involves your local community, a social network or workgroup, others will nod in agreement at how you speak on their behalf. Although this puts you in the front line for criticism or negative responses, you have the support you need from those who believe in your communicative talents. Ask 1 free question to a Psychic

  • Cancer Cancer - December 16, 2017

    You can see the way forward with a cherished ambition, and it's becoming clear what your next move must be to progress it. You're not afraid to defend your aspiration vehemently with anyone who stands in your way, either. However, your belief levels in what you're pursuing speak for themselves. They might be strong enough to encourage anyone considering challenging you to think otherwise! Ask 1 free question to a Psychic

  • Leo Leo - December 16, 2017

    Balancing work and play might continue to be difficult, especially if you don't pay attention to ways your time and talents aren't being put to the best use. It could be easy to allow career obligations to keep moving up your Priority List and your need for downtime to be ignored in the process. Getting the work/play balance right relies on you being honest with yourself about how you're choosing to manage your time. Ask 1 free question to a Psychic

  • Virgo Virgo - December 16, 2017

    Even if your vision of your future is crystal clear, you might feel anxious when you measure where you stand presently against where you want to be. The gap between your future aspirations and the reality of your present scenario might appear to be canyon-like. However, remember that what's unfolding in the present was, at one time, a long-term goal. You should be optimistic about and proud of your current achievements. Proof of this is coming. Ask 1 free question to a Psychic

  • Libra Libra - December 16, 2017

    You might feel you're not receiving the support you expect from others, and certain important facts are withheld. However, perhaps you've contributed in some way to this frustrating scenario. If you've misinterpreted someone's message or behavior, then you have a chance to put this right. You can make your point with crystal clarity but be aware of how the clock is ticking to do so. Ask 1 free question to a Psychic

  • Scorpio Scorpio - December 16, 2017

    You might need to summon your diplomatic abilities to help resolve a developing conflict. Mars exerts a powerful influence in your clever sign, strengthening your ability to take charge. It's by seeing something in a situation that others cannot that helps you to resolve a crisis swiftly and before it fully emerges. Ask 1 free question to a Psychic

  • Sagittarius Sagittarius - December 16, 2017

    You know honesty is the best policy but might struggle to speak your mind clearly if you believe others don't want to hear the truth. However, even if there are consequences for saying what you know needs to be said, you're prepared to face them. This is not an act of selfishness on your part. You're right to believe that highlighting the truth helps others in the process. Ask 1 free question to a Psychic

  • Capricorn Capricorn - December 16, 2017

    Your moodiness could be legendary and knowing this encourages you to keep thoughts and feelings to yourself, especially if you believe others will find your moods too intense. However, you could be surprised at being asked for your opinion or advice on a sensitive matter. This could provide the perfect opportunity to reveal your sensitive side and banish any belief that you're unapproachable at this time. Ask 1 free question to a Psychic

  • Aquarius Aquarius - December 16, 2017

    The saying about 'talking the talk and walking the walk' comes to mind as words must be supported by actions if they're to have any lasting impact. Fortunately, you have the willingness and energy to deliver what you promise at this time. However, resist any tantalizing shortcuts to success. Your route is bound to contain unexpected twists and turns. Any obstacles should be seen as perfect opportunities to revise and improve your strategy. Ask 1 free question to a Psychic

  • Pisces Pisces - December 16, 2017

    Appearing confident is fine but being overconfident could cause others to wonder what you're hiding. Your self-esteem might be secretly diminishing due to you believing you're falling short of your own, very high expectations. There's no need to increase your efforts to impress anyone else. It's from within you that a greatest sense of pressure is being felt. Let yourself off the hook. Ask 1 free question to a Psychic

Sagittarius - The Archer (Nov 22 - Dec 21)


Sagittarius is the ninth astrological sign in the Zodiac, originating from the constellation of Sagittarius. In western astrology, the sign is now no longer aligned with the constellation as a result of the precession of the equinoxes. Sagittarius is considered a "masculine", positive (extrovert) sign. It is also considered a fire sign and one of the four mutable signs. Sagittarius is ruled by the planet Jupiter. Being the ninth sign of the zodiac, Sagittarius has been associated with the astrological ninth house.

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