Least Compatible sign with a sagittarius woman

A Sagittarian woman is like a magnet and can attract people by virtue of her indomitable spirit and a fiery attitude. Though people of most zodiac signs are in some way or other compatible with the archer woman, still the following signs are believed not to strike the right chord with the archer woman.

  • Taurus: A Taurian male is a diehard romantic lover. He is the one who would want his woman by his side all the time. This might not go down too well with a Sagittarian woman whose values her freedom and independence at the peak. A typical Taurian male would want to tame his lady with all the opulence and love in this world which our archer woman might totally despise and that might take her away from the relationship. The core values of both the signs are opposite and hence an association between them does not work out very well.
  • Cancer:  A Sagittarian woman is born to fly and explore the unknown. She cannot be restricted to a stable comfort zone of family and society. Though she is family oriented but she wouldn’t let the responsibilities pull her down and restrict her from her quests. On the contrary a Cancerian strives for a stable and steady life. He doesn’t want to venture into the unknown explore novelty. He would naturally want to settle down with his lady love and start a risk free family life. This difference in attitude towards life is what draws a Sagittarian woman away from a Cancerian woman.
  • Capricorn: A Sagittarian woman’s true beauty lies in the optimism that she carries everywhere with her. It’s one characteristic that she cannot part with. Though a Capricorn male can complement a Sagittarian woman in all possible ways but somewhere the pessimistic attitude of a Capricorn male can act as the devil in their relationship. This very opposite nature of both the signs does not let the association to bloom to the fullest. The carefree and doughty archer woman cannot bear any amount of pessimism around her.
  • Scorpio: Both the signs share a very passionate chemistry and physical bonding. They definitely make a hot pair on the bed; however they fail to understand each other’s characteristics. They both are equally dominant and fiery and have a distinct take on things. This might heat up things in their relationship and they both might find each other’s company to be very competitive to stand. They cannot gel well for very long because of their intrinsic nature for the need of very strong self expression.
  • Virgo: A Virgo male will fall in love with the archer lady as there is no tomorrow. However he will be critical and judgmental about Sagittarian women’s activities. He will have an opinion mostly negative about whatever the archer lady would want to do independently. She might fail to understand him completely and there are chances of distrust building up on either side. The Virgo male’s critical nature and the Sagittarian women’s carefree nature don’t let the relationship to work out smoothly.

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